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Lead Generation for digital marketing agencies: 7 tactics you need to use

Digital marketing agencies are pros at helping their clients expand their reach and attract new leads, but can often hit a stalemate when they’re trying to do the same for themselves.

This is due to the fact that attracting clients as an agency requires a completely different playbook than the standard practices already in place to help clients, even if those clients are in the B2B niche.

Here at LeadsBridge, we are pros at helping ad agencies run lead generation campaigns smoothly, in an automated and swift way, thanks to our 380+ integrations, that you can try for free.

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Keep reading, to take a close look at 7 ad agency lead generation strategies that can help you attract high-value clients.

How do digital marketing agencies find clients?

Before you go ahead and focus on finding clients for your digital marketing agency, you have to take a step back and define a crystal clear picture of who your customers are. Because if you don’t know exactly who you are targeting, how do you think you can go hunt for them?

Finding clients for digital marketing agencies requires the definition of a buyer persona, built according to specific parameters, such as geographical location, industry, company size, interests, personal information, and more.

Your buyer persona is the profile of your ideal potential customer, built by mixing the traits of your existing clients with the imaginary traits your potential customers should have. So, in order to paint a picture that is as clear as possible, you have to pay attention to details and describe your buyer persona as much as you can.

Here are a few tips that can help you with that:

  • Name your buyer persona. According to their specific traits, give them a name that reflects those traits to better identify them as a real, existing person.
  • Create more than one buyer persona. In order to better target different markets, you can create different personas and separate them by niche, size, and the product you offer.
  • Use the same parameters for all buyer personas. When building your personas, make sure to define them by the same set of parameters, for more accurate targeting.

Once you have built a clear picture of who your potential customers are, you can proceed with looking for leads. Keep reading to find out how to do lead generation for digital marketing agencies.

Finding clients for digital marketing agencies

1. Focus on high-quality lead magnets

There is, unfortunately, no shortage of agencies out there promising to drive outstanding results, but a lot of them lack experience, strategy, and the technical knowledge to deliver on those promises.

Therefore, creating strong, high-quality lead magnets is a powerful option when it comes to your ad agency lead generation strategies. Not only are you creating a path in the digital sales funnel that works as an incentive for users to get in touch and share their lead information, but you’re getting to showcase that you actually have the expertise that you claim.

Here are some of the most popular lead magnets:

  • Webinars that go in-depth with marketing strategies or detailed information your clients could benefit from;
  • Checklists that walk users through crucial marketing tasks, such as “Things to check before launching an ad”;
  • Ebooks, which can vary from 1000 words to 10,000+ words with actionable content;
  • Worksheets, to help you calculate your ideal ad budget or to develop buyer personas;
  • Templates, including templates for graphic designs or writing templates for copy or blogs.

Thrive Agency, for example, hosts fairly regular webinars on specific, timely topics that walk attendees through common issues such as how to address negative reviews online.

Thrive Agency uses webinars as lead generation magnets

Remember to have a simple, easy-to-use lead generation form for users to fill out in exchange for lead magnets. Keep it short, asking for their name, their email address, and something simple like company size. Users may not want to give out too much information upfront. Check out this blog for Lead Generation top tools and hacks to land more leads.

2. Use content marketing to showcase knowledge

There’s a good reason why so many agencies use content marketing: It works.

Content marketing is another way to showcase how much your agency knows and what you can offer to clients while you’re slowly building a relationship in a no-pressure environment. has an excellent blog geared towards their target audience: Personal injury attorneys.

Content marketing example of lead generation for digital marketing agencies

Potential clients can find resources you’ve created, come to trust your expertise, and reach out when they realize that marketing is just too technical and time-consuming to tackle on their own.

As an ad agency lead generation tool, a blog can really help you create and share optimized content for high-intent keywords that users may search for when they’re either actively looking for an agency or when they’re at the point of realizing they need one.

If someone is searching for something like “Facebook’s Business Manager advanced features”, they’re likely looking to set up these features themselves.

If, however, they’re searching for “Troubleshooting Facebook Ads” or “PPC copywriting tips”, then they’re actively looking for help to improve campaigns that may not be working. These are users who would be more likely to hire an agency if they see its value.

3. Implement account-based marketing strategies

Account-based marketing is the practice of pitching work and marketing directly to specific individuals or companies.

When you’re using account-based marketing strategies, the ball is really in your court. You can research these potential clients extensively, reviewing their audience, their existing marketing strategies, and their needs.

You can then create value-specific pitches based on what you think they need, reaching out to key decision-makers proactively. In many cases, they’re relatively easy to find on platforms like LinkedIn, where they’re simply a message away.

LinkedIn allows you to view a company profile and see employees who are listed as working for them

If you have an agency that specializes in the health and beauty industry, for example, you wouldn’t just run generic campaigns trying to reach “makeup businesses”. Instead, you’d create dedicated accounts for individual brands like Maybelline, Sephora, and Clinique if they were your target audience.

This is an outstanding lead generation for digital marketing agencies option when you want to reach qualified leads, because you’re essentially taking the first few steps to qualify them before you even connect.

4. Run PPC Lead Generation ads 

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads allow you to reach users with whom you may not have connected otherwise.

You can use platforms like Google Ads to show up in relevant searches when potential leads are seeking services like yours. You can also use discovery-based platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn to generate demand where there wasn’t any before, getting people excited about an agency even if they hadn’t been considering it.

When it comes to ad agency lead generation platforms, there are three that you should test: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and TikTok.

How to promote a digital marketing agency on social media

Social media are an ad agency lead generation goldmine, this is no secret. However, putting something out there on social media won’t necessarily make it go viral. There are specific ways to promote a digital marketing agency on social media that prove to be more successful than others. Below, you can find the best tools that will help you do that.

Best ad agency Lead Generation tools

Facebook Lead Ads

If you’re wondering how to promote digital marketing agencies on social media, Facebook Ads is a great option.

Facebook Lead Ads is a mobile-first ad format that allows you to collect lead information right on the platform without users ever having to go to an external landing page.

Facebook Lead Ads can take advantage of retargeting campaigns so that you can show ads to users who have visited your page recently but who haven’t actually converted. You can also use their targeting to show ads to users who work in certain industries.

Facebook Lead ads for digital marketing agencies

If you’d like to dive deep into how Facebook Lead Ads work, you can watch the recording of our webinar “How to master Facebook & Instagram Lead Ads for successful lead generation campaigns”. 

With LeadsBridge, you can easily connect Facebook Lead Ads to any of your marketing tools for immediate lead processing. With our integrations, leads flow from Facebook Lead Ads into a destination of your choice automatically and in real time, while always maintaining GDPR & CCPA compliance, so that you can get in touch with them right away.

Here are some of the most popular integrations for Facebook Lead Ads:

If you’d like to look for a specific integration with Facebook Lead Ads, all you have to do is type your desired destination below.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn has a lead generation ad format similar to Facebook’s, where users can fill out lead forms right there on the platform without having to navigate to a landing page off-site.

When it comes to lead generation for digital marketing agencies, LinkedIn Ads are highly effective. Since LinkedIn is a strong B2B advertising platform, people are automatically in a professional mindset when they’re browsing the site, which helps put them in the right headspace, increasing how receptive they’ll be to an ad from your agency.

LinkedIn lead generation ad for digital marketing agencies 

And as soon as those leads come in, you can use LeadsBridge automation to push the new lead information straight to your CRM in real-time.

Here are some of the most used integrations for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms:

If you’d like to search for a specific integration with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, all you have to do is type your desired destination below.

Whether you want to go for hyper-specific account-based marketing targeting strategies or you simply want to target key decision-makers in selected industries, LinkedIn’s job-centered targeting makes that very easy.

You can target users at certain companies, in specific industries, or who hold distinct job titles. This puts you more in control of who is seeing your ad, allowing you to reach relevant users more easily.

Google Ads lead form extensions

Facebook and LinkedIn are excellent PPC platforms when you want to reach out to users proactively. Google Ads can be used to capture people who are already searching for digital agencies.

digital agency

These are often incredibly high-intent users, and if you get that click early on and you’re a good fit, there’s a decent chance that you’ll snag the lead’s information.

When it comes to lead generation for digital marketing agencies, Google Ads lead form extensions are exceptionally useful.

Form Google

You can add targeting criteria to these ads, though since users are already searching for you, it’s not as crucial as other platforms. What you should do, however, is test out multiple different ad groups based on keywords.

An agency that focuses on social media marketing, for example, might test out the following keywords:

  • Social media marketing agency
  • Digital social media agency
  • Social media agency
  • Social media services for small business
  • Social media marketing
  • Social media management services

With LeadsBridge integrations, you can collect leads through Google Ads lead form extensions and send them straight into your CRM, email marketing software, autoresponder, or any other marketing tool automatically and in real time.

Take a look at our most popular integrations with Google Ads lead form extensions:

If you’d like to look for a specific integration with Google Ads lead form extensions, all you have to do is type your desired destination below.

TikTok Lead Generation

TikTok may not sound like the most obvious choice when it comes to ad agency lead generation strategies, but you’d be surprised at the number of successful conversions TikTok is generating for businesses of all kinds.

By the end of 2021, was the #1 most popular domain in the world – surpassing,, and – and with 1 billion monthly active users who spend more than 850 minutes per month on the app, this platform is proving to be the best when it comes to generating high audience engagement.

Just like the tools we already mentioned above, TikTok as well features an ad objective that is specifically dedicated to generating leads directly within the platform: Lead Generation.

The setup is really easy: all you have to do is set your target audience and bidding strategy, then select an instant form template and customize it. If you’d like to learn more about how TikTok Lead Generation works, you can take a look at this article from our blog or even check out the recording of our webinar with TikTok.

As an official TikTok partner, LeadsBridge integrates TikTok Lead Generation with all main marketing tools. With LeadsBridge integrations, leads collected through your instant forms in TikTok are moved to your desired CRM (or any other marketing platform) automatically and in real time, allowing you (and your clients) to get in touch with potential customers right away.

Here are a few of our most popular integrations with TikTok Lead Generation:

If you’d like to search for a specific integration with TikTok Lead Generation, all you have to do is type your desired destination below.

5. Work with the right influencers

When it comes to how to promote a digital marketing agency on social media, one more thing that can really make a difference is setting up an influencer marketing strategy. Influencer marketing has become extremely popular in recent years, especially for B2C markets, but it can be a great ad agency lead generation strategy as well.

The key is to find the right influencers to work with.

Since we’re talking about a B2B business, you have to focus on personalities such as speakers at trade events, industry journal contributors, or any other relevant, authoritative media personalities in your sector.

Once you have identified the best influencers to work with, you can then try to engage with them and convince them of the value that your agency can provide to both them and their community of followers.

6. Take advantage of marketing automation

Automation is a marketer’s best friend.

Marketing automation can help you improve your ad agency lead generation funnel while saving you a significant amount of time. It can automatically sync new users to your CRM, help with lightning-quick auto-responders, and continually show your ads to new users by updating ad lists.

LeadsBridge has extensive marketing automation tools that were designed to improve your lead generation process. We’ll help you make sure that your lead generation tactics and efforts aren’t wasted.

As soon as a new lead comes in, this will be automatically moved to your CRM or email marketing software in real time, thanks to LeadsBridge’s seamless integrations. Your sales team can be notified in CRMs like Hubspot, an autoresponder email can be sent out through platforms like MailChimp, and you’ll be well on your way to landing that client.

7. Use referral marketing

If your goal is to generate leads for marketing agencies at a low cost, you should take a look at referral marketing programs

Referral marketing can help you consistently attract high-value and long-retaining leads and clients. Referred customers typically have an LTV that’s around 16% higher than other customers, and B2B marketers said the average conversion rate was 11% for referrals. This shows that, when it comes to conversion rates, referrals beat all the other marketing channels by large margins.

Have an official referral program set up if possible, and display it prominently on your site.

If you don’t want to go that route, you can also honor a discount off their next invoice, a discounted month of service, or a free add-on when clients refer someone to you who converts.

Try ad agency lead generation tools for free

With LeadsBridge, you can make the best of your lead generation & automation tools for free. By connecting your ad platforms with your favorite ad agency lead generation tools – CRM, autoresponder, email marketing software, call center, and much more – you can move your newly acquired leads through your funnel in real time, as soon as they interact with your business, without having to manually move data across platforms.

The same can be applied to your clients: By making their marketing & advertising platforms communicate and share lead data with each other through an interconnected ecosystem, you can gather more accurate conversion data and show your clients the true impact of their campaigns, in real time.

With a marketing automation software for agencies, you can both save time and unlock more budget from your clients.

With our Free plan, you get to use LeadsBridge for free, forever.

Final Thoughts: Ad agency lead generation

Digital marketing agencies typically specialize in connecting their clients with leads, but it’s a whole new ball game trying to capture leads for their own business. With the right ad agency lead generation campaigns and the right automation tools in hand, however, the process becomes much more streamlined and effective.

Ready to streamline your lead generation funnel? Discover our automated lead generation solutions for digital marketing agencies.

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