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Everything you need to know on LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

By Mark Cirillo | No Comments | 2nd October 2019

LinkedIn, with its over 645 million users worldwide have become an established powerful tool for businesses to acquire qualified leads all over the world.

LinkedIn is a b2b goldmine. Do you know that it is the #1 channel b2b marketers used to distribute content? This is the reason 92% of b2b marketers include LinkedIn in their digital marketing mix.

linkedin lead gen forms

The truth is, 80% of b2b leads come from LinkedIn vs. 13% on Twitter and 7% on Facebook?

The LinkedIn lead gen forms is a winner. In fact, 90% of b2b marketers reduced cost per lead with LinkedIn generation forms. With its LinkedIn lead gen forms, generating quality leads has become easier.

To show you that LinkedIn lead gen forms work, Bynder – a software company used LinkedIn lead gen forms to increase leads from sponsored Content by 400% and achieved a 20% conversion rate.

Now, what is LinkedIn lead gen forms?

LinkedIn lead gen form is a free tool that you can incorporate into your sponsored content campaigns and inMail to acquire lead information. You can use it on new campaigns or add it to old ones. LinkedIn lead gen forms work with the different ads available on LinkedIn sponsored content and inMail. You can access it on both the mobile and the desktop.

How do LinkedIn lead gen forms work?

LinkedIn allows users to do in-app registration, download or click on any call to action you specify on your LinkedIn lead gen forms.

When a user clicks on your ads, a pre-filled form with information from their profile is shown to them. All they need do is to confirm the information and submit. Then, a record of the user including their name, email, company name, job title, location and any other information you specified in the LinkedIn lead gen forms will be sent to you.

Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 18.30.48



Next, they will see a thank you page with your message and a link back to your website or where you want to send the lead.

LinkedIn lead gen forms

Below are the benefits of using LinkedIn lead gen forms

Benefits of LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

  1. LinkedIn lead gen forms are designed specifically for mobile use, which is very important in marketing today. LinkedIn gets about 63 million unique mobile users monthly. That is huge! You can tap into this huge number by using LinkedIn lead gen forms.
  2. The LinkedIn lead gen forms make it easy for users to convert to leads by removing frictions. They need not fill long forms with lots of form fields. All they need is two clicks – click the call to action button and submit the information. This helps to generate lots of leads.
  3. With LinkedIn lead gen forms, you can ask for more information from users without reducing conversation rates. All you need is to design the right experience for completing the form for users and you can have as many data as you need. The information is pre-filled from the information on the users’ profile. So, it does not require them to fill the form manually.
  4. LinkedIn lead gen forms give you a double conversion. You have users email when they sign up or follow your call to action and then when they click your link on the thank you page; you lead them to your website where you can target them with another offer of your choice.

Below are best practices for LinkedIn lead gen forms

1. Linkedin lead gen forms best practice: Use a compelling headline and description

When designing your LinkedIn lead gen forms, use an attractive headline and a description that further explains the benefit of the headline. This helps users to take further action to complete the form. The headline should describe the offer you have for them. Then, use the description to explain what they will get by completing the form.

For example, in the LinkedIn lead gen forms above, the title is:

Customer relationships

The description is:

Learn how FixDex optimizes their business by building strong, driven relationships…

As you can see from the above example, the description provides an explanation on the topic. The second best practices for LinkedIn lead gen forms is to “Use few form fields”.

2. Linkedin lead gen forms best practice: Use few form fields

LinkedIn recommends using 3 to 4 form fields for your LinkedIn lead gen forms. Anything more than that can lead to having fewer leads or low conversion rates. The truth is less is more. If you notice that your click-through rates are high but the number of users completing the forms are low, it means you are using too many field forms.

The third best practices for LinkedIn lead gen forms is “Don’t use fields that need manual input”.

3. Linkedin lead gen forms best practice: Don’t use fields that need manual input

It takes extra effort and time on the part of users to fill forms manually. And you know what? Few people will do it. This can reduce your conversion rates. Ensure you request for only the information available on user profiles to make it easy for them to just confirm the information and submit. Fields that are not listed on users profiles such as the phone number or gender should be avoided. To increase your conversion rates, request for the information available on users’ profile.

The fourth best practices for LinkedIn lead gen forms is to “Use the ‘Thank you’ page for more conversions”

4. Linkedin lead gen forms best practice: Use the ‘Thank you’ page for more conversions

LinkedIn lead gen forms are designed to make users stay on its platform. However, LinkedIn lead gen forms offer an opportunity for double conversions. As users give you their email in the sign-up form, they will see your thank you message and a link to your website (as shown below). You can lead them to a web page where they can sign up to a webinar, register to an event, download an e-book, etc. Once, they follow up with your call to action; you get a double conversion.

The fifth best practices for LinkedIn lead gen forms is the “LinkedIn lead gen forms integration with third-party tools”

5. Linkedin lead gen forms best practice: LinkedIn lead gen forms integration with third-party tools

One good thing with the LinkedIn lead gen forms is that you can integrate it with a tremendous amount of third-party marketing tools through Leadsbridge.

LinkedIn gen form + Leadsbridge

LinkedIn store your leads from your LinkedIn lead gen forms in a simple downloadable CSV file. The problem with this method is that it is a difficult task. It is a manual download, a repetitive task and a waste of time. Most importantly, when users sign up to download a document or a demo on a LinkedIn lead gen form, they expect to get it immediately.

A study revealed that 74% of leads expect to receive a welcome email and subscribers who receive welcome emails show 33 percent more long-term brand engagement than those who don’t receive them.

The timing of the information is very important. You need a solution. This is where Leadsbridge comes in. Leadsbridge connects your favorite marketing tools with over 360 CRM and email marketing software. Leadsbridge sync the leads from LinkedIn lead gen forms with your favorite CRM and email software. This enables you to automatically populate your audiences on LinkedIn for CRM and email remarketing. It also helps you to quickly follow up with your leads from LinkedIn lead gen form, giving them a seamless and smooth experience.

With the integration through Leadsbridge, you can segment your incoming leads into different forms you create. Also, you will receive an email receipt of each lead coming in.

Here you can find a quick video tutorial on how to sync LinkedIn Lead Gen forms with your CRM/Email software:

Below there are some clear example of LinkedIn lead gen forms integration with Marketo and Salesforce through Leadsbridge.

LinkedIn lead gen forms integration with Marketo

LinkedIn lead gen forms

Integrate your LinkedIn lead gen forms through Leadsbridge with Marketo to enable you to insert and update leads in static leads and in the list.

LinkedIn lead gen forms integration with Salesforce

LinkedIn lead gen forms

You can also integrate Salesforce with LinkedIn lead gen forms through Leadsbridge. This will enable you to insert and update leads in lead sources, campaigns, list views, tags and in reports. Thus, helping you to generate more leads for your business.


LinkedIn lead gen form is a great way to generate tons of leads for your business. It is a free tool you can add to your inMail and LinkedIn sponsored content. With it, you can get double conversions by getting the emails of users and also leading them to take the desired action on your website.

Integrating LinkedIn Lead gen forms with third-party tools throughout Leadsbridge such as Salesforce and Marketo will help you to generate more quality leads for your business thanks to a perfect timing data syncronizazion in your marketing funnel. Check out our ad hoc feature!

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