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The Best LinkedIn CRM Integrations for your Ads Campaigns

By Hephzy Asaolu | No Comments | 18th February 2021

LinkedIn, with its massive 700 million active users is one of the best social media platforms for businesses. It was initially known to be a networking website for professionals, but it has now become a platform of choice to promote businesses, share industry thought leadership posts, and look for jobs.

LinkedIn is consistently adding new features to help marketers boost their businesses. In fact, its marketing solutions is one of its fastest-growing segments that grew 44 percent year over year in 2020 Q1. In fact, more than half of U.S marketers plan to use LinkedIn in 2021.


As of January 2020, 663.3 million of its audience have been reached by LinkedIn Ads. One great thing about LinkedIn is its ability to integrate with different third-party products.

In this article, you will learn about the best LinkedIn CRM integrations using two types of LinkedIn products –  LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and LinkedIn Matched Audiences.

Types of LinkedIn products available for integrations

There are two major LinkedIn features available for integrations – viz – LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and LinkedIn Matched Audiences.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms


LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are just like Facebook Lead Ads forms that help you to generate top-quality leads from your Sponsored Content Campaigns on LinkedIn. The Ads are effective because they are optimized for mobile devices. This is why 90% b2b marketers reduced their cost per lead with the form. With it, it is easy to generate leads with the aid of the pre-filled forms with users’ data right there on LinkedIn. Here is the link to a detailed post on LinkedIn Lead Gen forms – Everything you need to know on LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.

With Leadsbridge, it is possible to integrate LinkedIn Lead Gen forms with different CRM and third-party apps as shown below.

LInkedIn lead gen forms integrations

Below is a video showing how to integrate LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms with different CRM and third-party app available on Leadsbridge.

How to connect LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to | LeadsBridge

Below is what you can do with some integrations.

LinkedIn Matched Audiences

Linkedin matched audiences1
LinkedIn Matched Audiences is a tool you can use to build audiences from your email lists, website traffic, and high-value LinkedIn accounts.

With LinkedIn Matched Audiences you can upload a list of companies or contacts for targeting, retargeting, and also create a lookalike audience. This feature helps to accelerate the buyer’s journey from awareness to conversion. With it, you can retain your customers and also improved their lifetime value. Here is a detailed post on it – LinkedIn Matched Audiences: Improve the efficiency of your retargeting campaigns.

With Leadsbridge, it is possible to get the best LinkedIn CRM integrations with different CRM and third-party apps as shown below.


Below is a video showing how to integrate LinkedIn Matched Audiences with different CRM and third-party app available on Leadsbridge.

How to connect to LinkedIn Matched Audiences | LeadsBridge

Below is the list of the best CRM LinkedIn integrations.


7 Best LinkedIn CRM Integrations through Leadsbridge

1.   Salesforce LinkedIn Integrations

Linkedin salesforce

LinkedIn allows you to sync your Lead Gen Forms to Salesforce and also upload your list of contacts from Salesforce to create LinkedIn Matched Audiences.

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) used by businesses. With Leadsbridge, you can add LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to Salesforce. LinkedIn stores the leads coming from your forms in a CSV file and you have to manually download and upload them to your CRM like Salesforce to use it. With LinkedIn integration with Salesforce, you can automate the leads to go to Salesforce as they come in, so you can quickly nurture them before they get cold. This provides a seamless and smooth experience that will increase your conversions.

Below is a video showing how to integrate LinkedIn Lead Gen forms with Salesforce.

With Salesforce LinkedIn integration, you can also connect LinkedIn Matched Audiences to your Salesforce account. LinkedIn allows users to create audiences from emails sent from Salesforce and other CRMs. This is carried out through LinkedIn integrations with Salesforce using Leadsbridge.

This integration is especially good for large companies with high volume CRM segments. You can create audience segments and use them for your LinkedIn campaigns. It is also effective for scaling audience building through task automation. It helps to send email addresses as they come into your Salesforce account.

Here is a link that shows how to integrate LinkedIn matched audiences with Salesforce.

2.   Hubspot LinkedIn integration

Linkedin Hubspot

LinkedIn allows you to sync your Lead Gen Forms to HubSpot and also upload your contacts from HubSpot to create LinkedIn matched Audiences. With Hubspot LinkedIn integration, you can connect your LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms with HubSpot through Leadsbridge. This helps to send leads coming from the form to your HubSpot CRM, where you can quickly and easily start nurturing them with emails. It will also help you convert them to customers before they get cold.

Second, you can connect LinkedIn Matched Audiences to Hubspot. This allows you to upload your audience’s lists to Hubspot. It can be a hard task to load the list manually into your Hubspot CRM. It takes time and is also prone to errors. With Leadsbridge, you can sync your lists from Hubspot to LinkedIn. Click here to learn how to connect Hubspot to LinkedIn Matched audiences through Leadsbridge.

3.   Mautic LinkedIn integration

LinkedIn Muatic

With LinkedIn, you can integrate with Mautic.  Mautic is an open-source email marketing automation tool. It helps you to integrate and personalize all your marketing properties and platforms into a smooth customer experience. With Mautic, you can deliver a high-performing campaign and content to achieve higher ROI.

LinkedIn allows you to integrate with Mautic using the Lead Gen forms and the Matched Audiences. Mautic LinkedIn integration is done through Leadsbridge. The Mautic and LinkedIn lead gen forms integration enables you to create and update new Mautic contacts in a segment with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. While the LinkedIn Matched Audience integration with Mautic helps you to sync LinkedIn matched audiences contacts from segments of Mautic to create LinkedIn campaigns.

4.   Zendesk LinkedIn Integration

Zendesk linkedin

Zendesk LinkedIn integration is done Leadsbridge. Zendesk is a customer engagement, support, and sales software for businesses. Zendesk automation tools help marketers to improve processes, productivity, and pipeline visibility.

The first integration is with LinkedIn Lead Gen Form through Leadsbridge. With this integration, you can automatically sync your leads from a LinkedIn form into a new Zendesk ticket (or support request) where you can easily communicate with them and build a long-lasting relationship. It will also notify you when a lead is added to your list.

The second integration is the LinkedIn Matched Audiences with Zendesk. The integration enables you to send your customer user base from Zendesk to LinkedIn Matched Audiences.

5.   LinkedIn Gmail integration

Linkedin Gmail

Gmail is one of the best free email providers associated with Google account. You can use it to send emails through browsers, android apps, or iOS apps. With it, you can email with up to 50 megabytes of attached files. It also allows you to organize your emails in different folders and tabs.

LinkedIn allows you to link your LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms to Gmail through Leadsbridge. This LinkedIn Gmail integration makes it possible for you to add LinkedIn leads from the Lead Gen Form to your Gmail list of contact. It will also notify you when a lead is added to your list.

6.   LinkedIn integration with Zoho CRM

Linkedin Zoho

Zoho CRM is a customer relationship management software that is an all-encompassing tool that has sales and marketing, email and collaboration, finance, IT and help desk, customer service, and custom solution apps to empower your marketing and support clients. With it, you can create automated follow-up and workflow for leads, automation rules, segment your audience, etc. Zoho CRM helps you to sell smarter and faster.

Leadsbridge makes LinkedIn integration with Zoho CRM possible. The first is integrating LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms with Zoho CRM. This means you can funnel the leads coming from your LinkedIn Lead Gen forms directly to your list of leads in Zoho CRM. where you can nurture them to convert. Second, you can integrate LinkedIn Matched Audiences with Zoho. This allows you to sync LinkedIn Matched Audience leads of Zoho CRM to your LinkedIn campaign.


LinkedIn allows businesses to integrate third-party apps with the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and LinkedIn Matched Audiences. Above are the best LinkedIn CRM integrations consisting of 6 (six) popular integrations of LinkedIn with Salesforce, Hubspot, Mautic, Zoho, Zendesk, and Gmail.

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