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How to find your LinkedIn target audience: The complete guide

Navigating the vast virtual networking landscape of LinkedIn is like exploring a dense forest for a single desired species. Your target audience is out there, just waiting to connect and engage with your brand. However, identifying and establishing relationships with the right professionals and businesses can be as challenging as it is rewarding. In this guide, we’re equipping you with a compass to chart your course to your LinkedIn tribe, ensuring you optimize the impact of every post and interaction.

What is a LinkedIn target audience?

LinkedIn audience targeting is the ability to focus your marketing efforts on a specific set of LinkedIn users based on their profile data, job roles, interests, and more. This feature empowers you to create content and tailor your advertising that’s more likely to resonate with your intended audience, leading to greater ROI on your LinkedIn marketing activities. To start, let’s lay the groundwork by addressing what LinkedIn’s targeting options include and how they can serve your goals.

The art of audience profiling

Effective targeting begins with understanding who you’re looking for, and why. Audience profiling is the process of creating detailed profiles of the types of professionals most interested in your brand or offerings. It involves a deep dive into demographics, job titles, industry, and even what content they resonate with the most. To ensure your efforts are not in vain, ensure you can answer these profiling questions:

  • Who is your product or service designed for?
  • What are the specific attributes of your ideal customer?
  • Where are they in their professional journey, and what challenges do they face?
  • How can your business uniquely solve its problems?

Furthermore, by taking advantage of LinkedIn’s insight tag, you can learn more about your target audience’s activity and behaviors, and further tailor your marketing campaigns to fit their specific needs.

Deconstructing LinkedIn audience targeting

LinkedIn offers an array of powerful targeting options:

  • Location targeting helps you reach professionals in specific regions or cities.
  • Company targeting can narrow your focus to employees of certain organizations.
  • Job title targeting allows you to direct your content toward individuals with specific roles.
  • Industry targeting lets you aim for particular business sectors.
  • Interest and group targeting enables you to engage audiences with certain professional interests or affiliations.
  • Experience level targeting hones in on professionals at entry, intermediate, or senior levels of their careers.

These options are your toolkit; the more adept you are at wielding them, the more precise your targeting will be.

How to find your target audience on LinkedIn 

Audience targeting on LinkedIn


Armed with an understanding of the art of audience profiling and the tools offered by LinkedIn, it’s time to get specific and find your audience on the platform. Follow these tips to refine your search:

Tip 1: Leverage LinkedIn’s search filters

LinkedIn’s robust search filters are a great starting point. Use keyword search, location filters, and other criteria to get a list of potential connections and groups. Next, scrutinize profiles and group discussions to ensure they align with your brand.

Tip 2: Study your competitors

Your competitors are likely engaging your target audience. Analyze who follows them, who comments on their posts, and which groups they are active in. These insights can help you identify common connections and communities.

Tip 3: Employee and alumni networks

Leverage your company’s network on LinkedIn. Current and past employees, industry colleagues, and alumni groups can be treasure troves of mutually aligned professionals who may be interested in your content or offerings.

Tip 4: Content analytics

Engage your LinkedIn page analytics to understand who is interacting with your content. Insights on who views and engages with your posts can inform your targeting approach and help you learn more about the types of individuals who are interested in your brand.

Mastering LinkedIn Matched Audience targeting techniques

LinkedIn Matched Audiences logo


Matched Audiences on LinkedIn is a sophisticated targeting option that enables you to upload your list of contacts to the platform for targeted advertising. Once your list is uploaded and matched, you can engage these prospects with relevant content and retarget them with specific ads (special offers, timely discounts), further increasing your chances of conversion. Here’s how you can optimize this feature:

LeadsBridge Integrations

As an official partner of LinkedIn, LeadsBridge provides seamless integrations for various LinkedIn products, among them LinkedIn Matched Audience. By linking your CRM with LinkedIn Matched Audiences through LeadsBridge, you can effortlessly synchronize segmented lists with LinkedIn, ensuring that your matched audience is consistently updated and your targeting remains precise. 

Leveraging LeadsBridge’s CRM and LinkedIn Matched Audiences integrations allow you to utilize your first-party data effectively and retarget contacts already stored in your database, enhancing your marketing efforts and maximizing engagement opportunities. This can be a game-changer in your retargeting strategy on LinkedIn.

Custom Audience Lists

Segment your audience list on LinkedIn to ensure highly tailored advertising. You can create lists for different segments of your audience, based on where they are in the buyer’s journey or their interaction history with your business.

Lookalike Audiences

Once you’ve defined your matched audience, use lookalike audiences to broaden your reach. LinkedIn’s algorithms will find users with similarities to your matched audience, which can help you discover new prospects who are likely to be interested in your brand.

LinkedIn targeting options

LinkedIn targeting options


Once you’ve found your LinkedIn target audience, engagement is key. To build relationships and maximize the value of your LinkedIn connections, employ the following strategies:

Create and Share Valuable Content

High-quality content that addresses the needs of your audience can foster trust and establish your brand as a thought leader. Share industry insights, case studies, and best practices to provide real value.

Engage with Other Users’ Content

Be an active participant in the LinkedIn community. Comment on and share others’ posts, offer your insights, and start conversations. This engagement can help you attract the attention of your target audience and build your brand presence.

Join and Moderate Groups

Join LinkedIn groups that align with your industry and target audience. Actively participate in discussions, and consider moderating a group to further position yourself as a leader in your field.

Utilize LinkedIn Polls and Surveys

Use LinkedIn Polls to gather insights on industry trends, common challenges, and the opinions of your target audience. Sharing the results and providing your analysis can spark engagement and demonstrate your expertise.

Host Webinars and Live Events

Leverage LinkedIn Live or host webinars to engage with your audience in real time. These events can provide a platform for deeper discussions and Q&A sessions, humanizing your brand and building trust.

Run Targeted Ad Campaigns

LinkedIn’s robust ad platform allows you to craft targeted campaigns that speak directly to your audience. Tailor your messaging and creativity to the interests and needs of your audience to maximize engagement and conversions.

Personalize Outreaches

When reaching out to new connections, personalize your messages to show that you’ve done your research and genuinely want to connect. A personalized touch can make your brand more memorable and encourage a positive response.

Monitor and Respond to Interactions

Consistently monitor your LinkedIn notifications for likes, comments, and messages. Timely and thoughtful responses can help maintain engagement and further the conversation.

Final thoughts

Finding and engaging with your LinkedIn target audience is an art that requires a mix of data-driven tactics and authentic human interaction. By leveraging LinkedIn’s targeting tools, mastering Matched Audiences, and engaging with strategic intent, you can build meaningful connections and drive results for your brand. 

Remember, the digital networking journey is dynamic, so be open to using new features, adapting your strategies, and continually learning from your audience’s feedback. With the help of LeadsBridge automation to streamline your efforts, your LinkedIn tribe is within reach, waiting to be united by your brand’s vision. Discover LeadsBridge’s Matched Audience integration now to help your business get the most out of LinkedIn and your LinkedIn target audience.

Andrew Bailey

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