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How to generate car sales leads in 2024

How to generate car sales leads

With new technologies, prospective buyers and sellers of used cars have exceptional access to information. Online platforms like Facebook have taken matters into their own hands by offering great advantages for both parties. 

They help customers to check prices while viewing the availability of specific vehicle models in their local market. Or, they can assess how long a vehicle has been for sale and read reviews of the dealerships.

A platform such as Facebook is great for lead generation, even offering industry-specific features for car sellers. Some dealerships even believe that one of the easiest and fastest ways to sell a car is to market it on Facebook Marketplace.

However, automotive sales online also require a thorough understanding of the latest strategies for lead generation. In 2024, car dealerships must adapt to continuously changing consumer behaviors and new technologies in order to generate leads effectively. 

This guide explores innovative ideas for generating car sales leads. In addition, we’ll review how robust advertising tools such as Facebook lead ads and automation can put your lead generation and management on a roll.

What are car sales leads?

Car sales leads are potential customers who have shown interest in purchasing a vehicle. These leads are important since they represent the initial step in the sales funnel. It’s up to your team to identify the potential sales (aka qualified leads) and nurture them until they are ready to make a purchase.  

Selling cars online is mostly about building and maintaining relationships over time. Purchasing a new vehicle is a significant investment for most customers, which makes it your job as a dealership to stay top-of-mind throughout their buying journey. 

Fortunately, there are actionable steps you can take to meet your sales targets. At the heart of them all, however, is establishing a system to consistently generate new car sales leads.

How to generate car sales leads in 2024

Building a pipeline of high-quality car sales leads is a must if you are aiming for ongoing business growth. These leads are more likely to convert into paying customers and can also facilitate repeat business through word of mouth. 

Here are the top three automotive marketing strategies you can use in 2024 to generate more car sales leads for salesmen: 

1. Using digital showrooms

95% of vehicle buyers turn to digital sources for information. In fact, twice as many people begin their research online rather than starting at a dealership.

Digital showrooms are one of these sources for car-related research online. This strategy is about showcasing your inventory with high-resolution images and detailed specifications.

You can use platforms that allow you to incorporate virtual reality (VR) to provide a near-realistic experience of the vehicles. 

Then, use Facebook to promote your showroom and attract tech-savvy buyers. This approach also generates high-quality leads by offering a state-of-the-art shopping experience.

2. Focusing on targeted content marketing

You might think that content has nothing to do with generating car sales leads for salesmen. However, it is a key element in any marketing strategy. It’s all about creating engaging content that answers potential buyers’ questions and can attract more leads. 

This includes detailed blog posts, videos, and infographics on topics like car maintenance, the latest car models, and financing options. 

Check out this car-related infographic in this Facebook post:

How to generate car sales leads: Focusing on targeted content marketing

Don’t forget to have an SEO strategy as well. Your content should focus on keywords to improve visibility and attract targeted traffic.

3. Keeping your strategy mobile-optimized

As of 2024, 92.3% of internet browsing happens on mobile devices. So, making sure that your online content is mobile-friendly has never been more important. Optimized websites and mobile apps offer a seamless browsing experience. 

But this becomes even more significant in lead generation. For instance, Facebook offers great many options to make both your content and lead ads mobile-optimized and make information accessible on the go.

Leveraging Facebook for car sales lead generation

Facebook lead ads are high-performing tools for the automotive industry. These ads simplify how advertisers gather information and intent from potential customers. The key advantage? A seamless, native experience that eases the process of form completion. 

From the users’ perspective, Facebook and Instagram are straightforward platforms for finding cars, signing up, and receiving updates, offers, and quotes. 

Leveraging Facebook for car sales lead generation

The lead ads meet this expectation by directing users to a form that may already be filled with their contact details, like their email address. This makes it easy for them to decide what information to share while allowing you to run quick follow-ups on your leads.

Advantages of using Meta for Facebook car sales lead generation

How to get leads in the car sales industry? Facebook might be the place to go. This platform offers tools and features that make the lead generation process on Facebook easy and effective. Here’s a concise summary of the advantages of using Meta for car dealership advertising:

  1. Dealer locator: This feature helps users find nearby auto dealers. It streamlines their discovery process and provides advertisers with insights into user intent.
  2. Immersive full-screen ads: This tool helps you create visually engaging, full-screen experiences that provide context before capturing user information.
  3. Personalized creative: You can customize your Facebook lead ads with dynamic creative that adjusts images, videos, and copy to increase form submission rates and optimize ad performance.
  4. Direct communication options: Features like ‘click to call’ or ‘message’ allow potential customers to easily contact dealers right after submitting their information.
  5. Appointment preferences: Users can indicate their preferred times for appointments and test drives directly within the lead generation ads.
  6. Customized ‘Thank You’ screens: You can design personalized screens that appear post-submission and boost customer acquisition.

How LeadsBridge integrations streamline automotive lead management

LeadsBridge helps connect your dealership’s Facebook ads to your CRM system, as well as any other marketing app you use on a daily basis. This integration automates data transfer between Facebook and your marketing platforms, a.k.a., putting your lead management processes on autopilot.

Here is how LeadsBridge can help:

Automating your lead data syncing

Automated data bridges make sure that your new leads from Facebook lead ads are automatically synced directly into your dealership’s CRM system. LeadsBridge does this transfer in real-time data transfer. 

This means that leads are immediately available for follow-up. By reducing the time between initial interest and contact by your sales team, you can potentially increase the likelihood of conversion.

Eliminating manual data entry

Streamlining the data transfer between Facebook and your automotive CRM or autoresponder eliminates the need for manual data entry. This will save you a ton of time while cutting down on common errors present in manual data handling.

Better lead segmentation and management

Lead data that’s automatically entered into the CRM can be managed more effectively. Your team is able to segment leads based on criteria like interest level, demographics, and interaction history. 

There are also integrations for Facebook custom audiences that can further refine your targeting strategy. More accurate custom audience lists let you run more personalized follow-up actions and marketing campaigns.

Facebook offers other features that allow you to increase the accuracy of your targeting strategy, such as Facebook conversion leads optimization goals. It’s a type of configuration that you can choose while creating a campaign, given that you have the right CRM integrations in place.

Learn more about setting up your Facebook conversion leads optimization goal here.

More effective lead nurturing

The seamless flow of information between Facebook and your automotive’s data technology stack lets you set up more effective lead nurturing. 

With detailed insights, your team can craft communications that are tailored to the specific needs and interests of potential customers. These integrations also enable you to streamline your SMS, email, and other autoresponder systems.

Facilitating cookieless tracking

Your dealership needs to track the performance of different ads, understand customer behaviors, and refine advertising strategies based on solid data. Setting up Facebook Conversions API integrations creates a feedback loop that continually refines your advertising efforts, and so optimizes your ad spend.

Here’s more on how to effectively advertise your car dealership.

Final thoughts

Generating car sales leads in a steady flow relies on a combination of using the right technology and strategic marketing. Leveraging powerful tools like Facebook, you can ensure your messages reach interested users. 

Then there’s automation. A sure-fire strategy to prevent letting your automotive leads slip through the cracks. Explore LeadsBridge’s dedicated solutions for automating your lead generation and management processes.

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