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The ultimate VinSolutions CRM review for car dealerships

Vinsolutions crm review

Automotive is a competitive industry. That’s why dealerships often try to secure a lasting edge in a competitive market. The secret lies in identifying and capitalizing on sustainable solutions. 

These solutions can range from their business model or an ideal location to a new, outside-the-box thinker as a team member. However, the right tools for automotive CRMs can also turn the tide in your favor.

The technology you choose must offer actual benefits over other options in the market. This CRM is one of the tools that allows dealerships to have better operational efficiency and sales success.

VinSolutions Connect CRM can significantly improve your advertising experience on the most popular advertising platform: Facebook. Integrating the two platforms lets you create targeted ad campaigns and custom audiences, so that your ads are delivered to the right users.

In this article, we’ll talk about the features of VinSolutions CRM and why it makes a great dealership CRM. Also, we’ll discuss how LeadsBridge can help you make complete use of VinSolutions CRM using automated integrations, such as:

What is VinSolutions CRM?

VinSolutions Connect CRM is a complete customer relationship management system that’s meant specifically for the automotive industry. To put it briefly, it helps streamline dealership operations by bringing various functions together. 

With it, activities like sales, marketing, and customer service are all put into a single platform. This allows dealerships to give more meaning to their customer interactions and turn in more sales by doing so. 

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All this is to say, having a high-performing system in place allows them to optimize their automotive lead management processes. For teams, efficient lead management also means that they can understand which leads are most likely to convert, act on them on time, and increase overall efficiency and profitability.

Why VinSolutions is a great choice as an automotive CRM

VinSolutions has a robust suite of features for managing all sorts of operations in an automotive dealership. This CRM provides tools to capture leads from multiple sources, including website inquiries, interested users on platforms like Facebook, and in-person visits. 

As an automotive dealership, your team can use this software to manage vehicle listings, monitor inventory levels, and synchronize data across various platforms. For instance, syncing the incoming lead data from Facebook lead ads into the CRM’s audience segments. 

The same procedure goes for updating the inventory status, pricing adjustments, and promotional offers. All this makes it easier for sales teams to nurture a lead, provide accurate information to customers, and reduce the time needed for inventory-related queries.

Main features of the CRM by VinSolutions 

  • Lead management and sales tracking features that provide detailed lead tracking, including precise timelines and interaction histories.
  • Inventory management solutions for dealerships to maintain real-time visibility into their vehicle stocks. 
  • Marketing and communications tools that help dealerships create and execute effective marketing campaigns.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics to provide actionable insights into dealership performance. 
  • Integration capabilities with other platforms such as top advertising platforms such as Facebook, third-party marketing software, and financial applications. 

VinSolutions CRM’s pricing

Unlike generic CRM systems that cater to just about any industry, VinSolutions is specifically tailored for the automotive sector, 

This CRM does not publicly disclose its pricing. They basically tailor their pricing based on each dealership’s specific needs and scale. 

This allows them to provide customized solutions that align closely with different clients’ operational needs and budget limitations. If you’re interested in exploring what VinSolutions CRM can offer, go ahead and schedule a demo with them. 

Here’s a review by G2 showing a presentation of VinSolutions CRM‘s pricing:

automotive CRM

Benefits of VinSolutions for car dealers

Want to know how VinSolutions Connect CRM can transform the day-to-day operations of car dealerships? Here are some of the key advantages:

1. Better customer relationship management

This CRM provides a centralized platform for logging and analyzing all customer interactions. You can use these insights to offer personalized experiences, predict your customers’ needs, and build stronger relationships. 

2. Establishing a precise lead management system

It offers advanced audience segmentation and targeting features based on each leads’ journey. Additionally, the integration with various marketing platforms allows for seamless lead capture and nurturing processes.

3. Streamlining your sales processes

This CRM can automate many aspects of your sales process, from initial contact to final sales. Automated workflows ensure that no steps are missed and that all potential sales leads are nurtured in the best way possible.

4. Data-driven insights 

Having access to robust analytics and reporting tools, your dealership can make informed decisions based on real-time data. You can use this data to adjust your strategies in areas such as marketing spend, stock levels, and customer service policies.

5. Better operational efficiency

This platform aims to reduce the complexity of operations and improve overall efficiency. This way, your information flows smoothly across departments. As a result, you’ll have reduced duplication of work and the ability to send faster responses to customer inquiries.

6. Advanced marketing features

It offers tools that support targeted automotive marketing strategies such as email campaigns, social media marketing, and online advertising. Practically, anything that you need to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.

For more information, here’s a VinSolutions guide to maximize your dealership.

VinSolutions-Facebook integrations via LeadsBridge

Advertising your car dealership on Facebook is without a doubt a powerful strategy. Connecting your dealership’s CRM to Facebook provides you with a centralized approach to campaign management. This is a strategy that saves time while providing a holistic view of your marketing efforts and their effectiveness.

When you integrate these two platforms, get the most out of the Facebook advertising tools as well as your lead data. You can do this using automated data bridges from an official Meta partner like LeadsBridge.

Here’s how to build a VinSolutions CRM-Facebook integration via LeadsBridge.

Top VinSolutions CRM-Facebook integrations

VinSolutions CRM-Facebook lead ads integration

Automotive lead generation ads are the go-to campaigns for car dealerships, which makes lead ads integrations equally popular. When potential customers fill out a lead form on Facebook, their information is immediately captured in your CRM. Then, you can use this data to nurture them with appropriate follow-up campaigns.

VinSolutions CRM-Facebook Conversions API for CRM integration

The Facebook Conversions API for CRMI integration is your key to tracking user actions across multiple devices and touchpoints_ that too without using any third party cookies. When you feed this data back into your CRM, your team can gain a clearer understanding of the customer journey and refine their marketing strategies accordingly.

Audiences targeting integrations: Facebook custom audiences & Conversion leads performance goal

Sending VinSolutions CRM back to Facebook lets you do lots of wonderful things. For instance, you create custom audiences based on CRM data such as past purchases, service history, and engagement level. 

Or you can tell Facebook who you want to target using the Conversion leads performance goal to create highly targeted advertising on Facebook. This feature basically lets you reach individuals who are more likely to convert. 

Keep in mind, you’ll need to have the Facebook Conversions API for CRM already in place before being able to use the Conversion leads performance goal

What to take away from this?

Integrating this CRM with Facebook allows your dealership to tap into Facebook’s extensive audience. Besides, it lets you access sophisticated targeting features directly through your CRM platform. This connection builds a robust foundation for streamlining operations and engaging with automotive customers on a high-performing ad platform like Facebook.

Explore powerful integrations to automate your automotive business workflows through LeadsBridge here.

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