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The ultimate elead CRM review for car dealerships

The ultimate Elead CRM review

CRMs are indispensable tools for any business in the automotive industry. This software is key to a smoother buying and selling process for cars and related parts.

Having a robust CRM becomes even more important if you are running car dealership ads on top advertising platforms like Facebook. 

Want to upscale your auto company’s workflows? In this article, we’ll discuss one of the best CRMs for car dealerships, elead. Many companies swear by this tool for building more satisfactory customer service management, better-performing Facebook ads, and more efficient marketing processes.

We’ll also discuss integrations that can automate your workflows between Facebook and elead CRM, such as:

What Is elead CRM?

elead CRM is a cloud-based powerhouse tailored specifically for automotive businesses. This platform helps cultivate profitable sales and customer loyalty. On the one hand, it streamlines operations, on the other, it creates deeply personalized interactions. 

This CRM also helps generate quality leads and spark meaningful conversations with customers using a whole range of features. This includes seamless creation and monitoring of marketing campaigns and the tools you can use for closing of deals.  

With its cloud deployment and third-party integrations, you can expect a maintenance-free experience. This also means no more software upkeep and data re-entry tasks.

Why elead is a top choice automotive CRM

elead CRM is built with solutions that every car dealership needs (even if they are not aware of it). It offers adaptability and precision when it comes to workflows.

It also provides omnichannel communication paths that align perfectly with each of your customer’s preferences. And like any other good CRM, its scalable features and customizable workflows are made to accommodate the common processes of automotive businesses. 

Main features of elead CRM

  • Efficiently capturing and tracking leads from various sources that allow dealers to run immediate follow-ups.
  • Automating automotive marketing efforts and enabling personalized communication with potential and existing customers through various channels.
  • Providing the right tools to streamline the sales process, including inventory management, appraisals, and deal structuring.
  • Offering deep insights into customer data so dealerships better understand customer behavior and preferences.
  • Improving the service department’s efficiency with scheduling, reminders, and service history, and consequently, creating better customer service and retention.

elead CRM’s pricing

elead CRM’s pricing structure is tailored to the needs of the different automotive businesses. It runs on a subscription model, but the costs change based on: 

  • The number of users
  • The suite of features selected
  • And the level of customization required. 

According to their website, dealerships interested in using elead CRM are prompted to contact the provider directly for a customized quote. These prices are calculated based on each business’s requirements of features, customizations, etc.

However, according to Select Hub, elead’s pricing starts at $1 and goes up based on the client’s requirements and customization.

elead CRM pricing

elead CRM’s benefits for car dealers

Car dealerships benefit from elead CRM through:

  • Effective lead management and follow-up tools that elead provides could translate into higher conversion rates.
  • elead also helps provide personalized experiences and timely communications that can improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • This CRM automates sales, marketing, and service operations, which means higher efficiency and reduced manual tasks.
  • It offers comprehensive analytics and customer insights so you can make data-based decision-making.

LeadsBridge elead integration

LeadsBridge offers integrations to automate data sync processes between elead CRM and top advertising platforms like Facebook. The frictionless integration of car dealerships’ customer data with Facebook’s robust advertising tools brings a plethora of benefits. 

Anything from streamlining the marketing campaign execution and audience targeting to lead nurturing processes directly within the CRM environment. 

Using elead integrations, your team then can effortlessly launch, manage, and optimize its digital marketing efforts. This also helps you maintain a cohesive strategy across various channels.

Top elead Facebook integrations

Integrating your dealership CRM (elead) with Facebook via LeadsBridge can transform your car dealerships’ workflows. These integrations primarily focus on streamlining automotive lead generation and management processes from Facebook campaigns right into the elead CRM system.

Thanks to its advanced features, you can: 

  • Capture and engage your leads
  • Customize your marketing efforts
  • Track the effectiveness of your digital advertising strategies
  • Boost your digital footprint
  • Attract a wider audience
  • And ultimately increase sales outcomes

Here are the top integrations between elead CRM and Facebook:

Facebook lead ads integration with elead CRM

Integrating Facebook lead ads with a CRM automates the lead data organization. This enables you and your team to seize immediate follow-up opportunities. 

It also maximizes the potential of converting these leads by maintaining a seamless flow of lead information. The integration of the two allows dealerships to directly collect lead data from Facebook. This means having a much smoother lead acquisition journey.

elead CRM integration with conversion leads performance goal

Facebook’s conversion leads performance goal integrations enable you to specify your priority to Facebook for a particular campaign’s audience. It basically lets you direct your ads to users who are more inclined to convert into paying customers. 

Learn more about Facebook’s conversion lead optimization goal here.

Integrating elead CRM with Facebook custom audiences

Syncing CRM (elead) data with Facebook custom audiences through automated data bridges lets you create detailed custom audience lists. Then, you can create campaigns that target your audience with precision and place marketing efforts where they matter. 

For example, you can create personalized ad experiences for different segments of your dealership audience based on their interactions and preferences.

elead CRM integration with Facebook conversions API for CRM

This integration is a more reliable tracking mechanism for user actions resulting from Facebook ads. The accuracy of conversion data makes room for more informed marketing decisions and optimizations.

Facebook Conversions API for CRM acts as a bridge that connects your marketing data directly from servers, websites, or CRM systems to Facebook. This means accessing a server-to-server tracking solution that provides insights into user interactions on your website. 

This is a more secure and effective tracking method that doesn’t rely on cookies. But that’s not all. Integrating elead CRM with Facebook allows your business to track not just online, but also offline conversions. 

This includes tracking the effectiveness of your Facebook ads in driving real-world actions, such as visits to your car dealership or service appointments. LeadsBridge lets you streamline these data transfers through online-to-offline conversion tracking integrations. 

New to audience tracking? Here’s all you need to know about Facebook conversion API for CRM.

Final thoughts

elead CRM offers a comprehensive feature set for automotive businesses while allowing strategic integrations. These features are made to upgrade your car dealerships’ digital marketing on Facebook. They tap into Facebook’s huge audience and precise targeting tools, all right from the elead CRM platform.

The automated data bridges provide a robust solution for car dealerships to optimize their operations and improve automotive customer engagement on a massive platform like Facebook. 

Looking to gain a competitive edge? Discover the top LeadsBridge solutions for the automotive industry here.

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