Why you should use CRM Retargeting

Small Benefit

Better audiences

Use your CRM database to retarget people, upsell them or exclude them from your offers

Medium Benefit

Lookalike optimization

Refine and improve your lookalike audiences by keeping your audiences in sync with Facebook

Big Benefit

Behavioral Retargeting

Create better ads targeting people with specific interests and behavior.

Huge Benefit

at scale

Set and forget campaigns, use audiences mirrored with every stage of your funnel

Fresh, Evergreen, Continuous-flow Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences are the best target for Facebook Ads

Facebook lets you target your contacts by simply importing your CRM and can be really effective to bring more sales for your business.

LeadsBridge put them on autopilot bridging your CRM with Facebook and giving your Ads a continuously fresh audience to be nurtured and converted.

Integrated with over CRMs and Email Marketing software

LeadsBridge syncs Custom Audiences with CRMs, Email Marketing software, Webinar software and miscellaneous tools.

Use your CRM data to its full potential.

The most advanced Marketing technology at your fingertips

Smart Segmentation

Create CRM segments and use them to auto populate your custom audiences

Evergreen campaigns

LeadsBridge keeps your audiences always fresh adding new subscribers/contacts and deleting unsubscribers and unsegmented users.

Combined Audiences

Create custom audiences and lookalike audiences combining multiple CRMs or cloud files.


Lookalike audiences perpetually optimized to include more people similar to your ideal customer.


Exclude your customer database from your campaigns. Use offers without worrying about your old customers, spend less and improve the performance of the campaign.


Nurture and convert leads as they comes in your CRM. LeadsBridge will constantly keep your audience updated. Increase sales showing them the right ad, when they are still hot.

Featured customers

Start syncing your Custom Audiences on autopilot and get the most out of your Facebook Retargeting