Automatically create audiences from TrustedForm with the Google Customer Match integration
TrustedForm / Google Customer Match

Automatically sync your leads with the TrustedForm + Google Customer Match integration

Does TrustedForm integrate with Google Customer Match? Yes, thanks to our tool! LeadsBridge is a reliable integrations platform that supports you with 380 integrations. Start now connecting TrustedForm and Google Customer Match

Quick summary of TrustedForm

TrustedForm is a renowned lead certification product that helps you comply with national regulations like the TCPA by documenting consumer consent.

As an independent third party witnessing the moment of lead capture, TrustedForm provides critical contextual data about the lead. This data can be appended to your leads in real-time to optimize your acquisition and follow-up process.

TrustedForm is the highest standard lead certification solution for independent proof of consent. You can fully rely on it for any type of data protection, such as: (legal protection, fraud protection, brand protection).

Quick summary of Google Customer Match

Google Customer Match (GCM) allows advertisers to get closer to customers in the moments that matter. With Customer Match, you can build specific groups of customers who then form the basis of a Remarketing Audience List. Google Customer Match is a powerful tool to create segments or groups of users which you think may behave differently from others. Once a group of users is created, the emails are hashed for anonymity and then uploaded into Google AdWords.

Because this tool can provide an important feature: Google Customer Match offers is the ability to process email addresses and match your database of Google account owners. Clearly, customers with Gmail addresses are likely to be easily matched, but even if the address is not Gmail, you can be connected to a Google account and then matched correctly. Besides, Google Customer Match recognizes that the user is in the audience and can act accordingly, based on the advertiser's instructions. With Google Customer Match, you can target customers who have purchased in the past but haven't returned to your site or bought for a while.

Google Customer Match allows you to target consumers who are already customers, and help expand your services by showing them content for supplementary or complementary products. If you have a group of consumers who are your top buyers, most profitable, and most loyal, Google Customer Match is a perfect way to create an audience of customers and look for others with the same characteristics from browsing behavior, keyword search behavior, or other contextual clues.

What you can do with TrustedForm and Google Customer Match

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