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Google AdWords Remarketing Tutorial: How to Set it Up & Make it Work

By Mark Cirillo | No Comments | 29th April 2019

Most online businesses find it difficult to acquire new customers. This is because it is not everyone that visits a business website that will make purchases. The truth is, only 2-4% of site visits result in transactions. This makes customer’s acquisition expensive. In fact, a study revealed that it is five times more expensive to acquire new customers.

So, the question is: How do you turn your website visitors into customers that make repeated visits?

It is easy.  Use Google AdWords remarketing.

In this Google AdWords remarketing tutorial, you will learn how to set up AdWords remarketing campaign for your business.

But before then, let’s define Google AdWords remarketing.

Google AdWords remarketing tutorial:  What is Google AdWords remarketing?

Google AdWords remarketing also known as Google display network remarketing allows you to display specific ads to potential customers who have been to your website or mobile app. The Google display network is huge. It reaches about 90% of people on the internet, and you can reach 9 out of 10 of the customers you retarget using Google remarketing.

Now you know what Google AdWords remarketing is, let’s move on to how to set up AdWords remarketing campaign.

Let’s get started.

Google AdWords remarketing tutorial: How to set up AdWords remarketing

The first thing you need do when learning how to set up AdWords remarketing campaign is to determine your goals.  What do you intend to achieve with the remarketing campaign?  The goals can be to:

∙ Target website visitors that did not take action while they are on a page

∙ Target people who abandoned their shopping cart

∙ Show a specific content page to visitors

Knowing your campaign goals will help you determine the followings:

∙ The pages you should place your remarketing tags.

∙ The specific ads you need to create to target your audience and

∙ Creating specific content pages for your audience to view.

Now you have a specific goal in mind for your Google remarketing campaign, the next step in this Google AdWords remarketing tutorial is to create a remarketing list.

How to set up AdWords remarketing:  Create a remarketing list

A remarketing list is the list of people you want to show your ads to. They can be your website visitors, YouTube subscribers or App users.

To create a remarketing list, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to your “Google ads” account
  2. Click the “tools” menu
  3. Under the “shared library“ click “Audience Manager”Google AdWords remarketing tutorial
  4. Click the + Icon.Google AdWords remarketing tutorial
  5. Select the remarketing list you want to use.Google AdWords remarketing tutorial

As seen from the list, you have:

∙         Website visitors – People who visited your website

∙         App users – Users who have downloaded your mobile app

∙         YouTube Users – People who have engaged with your YouTube channel or watched your videos.

∙         Customer list – List of existing customers you have

∙         Custom combination – the list you collated from different remarketing lists.

For this Google AdWords remarketing tutorial, we will use the website visitors’ option.

  1. Click on “Website visitors“.
  2. Give your audience list a nameGoogle AdWords remarketing tutorial
  3. Select the “type of visitors” you want to create an audience for.

Google AdWords remarketing tutorial

Here there are four different website visitors you can remarket to:

∙         Visitors of a page – These are people who visited a specific page on your website such as the landing page or the product pages.

∙         Visitors of a page who also visited another page: These are people who viewed different pages on your website in a bid to check out different products.

∙         Visitors of a page who did not visit another page: You can use this to remarket people who visited the product page but did not click to the checkout page.

∙         Visitors of a page during specific dates: These are people who visited during specific times, such as during the holiday campaigns.

∙         Visitors of a page with specific tags: People who visited tagged pages on your website. You can use this if you have remarketing tags on different pages of your website

  1. Add people who visited a page with rulesIf you have URLs you want to target, you can create a rule for it. For instance, you could target people who visit your website and views a page with a webinar in the URL.
  2. Input the audience list size which is the number of your website visitors at a specific time or start with an empty list.
  3. Specify a membership duration. This is the time you want a visitor to stay on your remarketing list
  4. Describe your audience and click “create audience”.

That is it! You’ve just created a remarketing list.

The next step in this Google AdWords remarketing tutorial is to set up your Google remarketing tag.

How to set up AdWords remarketing:  Create a remarketing tag

A remarketing tag is a piece of code or snippet you will need to add to your website. It allows you to capture your visitors’ details as they view different pages of your website.

Let’s get started.

  1. Sign in to your “Google ads” account
  2. Click on the “tools” icon
  3. Click “audience manager” under the “shared library”Google AdWords remarketing tutorial
  4. Click “Audience sources” and “set up tag”Google AdWords remarketing tutorial
  5. Choose the “type of information” the tag will collect for you. When you are done, click “Save and continue”.Google AdWords remarketing tutorial
  6. Install the tag on your website. You can do it by yourself, use tag manager or email it to your webmaster. You need to add the tag on every page of your website.Google AdWords remarketing tutorial

If you are installing it on your own, click the “install the tag yourself”. You will be given a snippet and instructions on how to install it.

Google AdWords remarketing tutorial

  1. Click “continue” and click “done”.

Well done! You have created your remarketing tag. The next step you need to take in this Google AdWords remarketing tutorial is to create your campaign.

How to set up AdWords remarketing:  Create the campaign

The last part in this Google AdWords remarketing tutorial to set up AdWords remarketing campaign is to create the campaign itself.

Follow the steps below to do it.

  1. Go to “page menu” and click on “campaigns”
    Google AdWords remarketing tutorial
  2. Click + new campaign
  3. Select the “outcome you want from the goal section”. Since you are creating a remarketing campaign for website traffic, click “website traffic”.
    Google AdWords remarketing tutorial
  4. Choose “Display“ under the campaign type so that your ads can show up on all Google display network.
    Google AdWords remarketing tutorial
  5. Choose a “campaign subtype,” – “standard display campaign”
  6. Select the “ways you want to reach your goal” (type in your website URL of the page where you placed the remarketing tag) and click “continue”.
    Google AdWords remarketing tutorial
  7. Fill in the details. Start by selecting the location, the language, bidding, and the budget.
  8. Create your “ad group”Google AdWords remarketing tutorial
  9. Select the “audience list” you created in the beginning
  10. Select the demographics (e.g. gender, age, status and household income)Google AdWords remarketing tutorial
  11. Choose your “content targeting options”. There are three options as seen below. Choose the appropriate one for your campaign.Screenshot 2019-04-12 at 17.50.00
  12. Click on “create campaigns” when done. You need to create ads to launch your campaign. So click on create ads and follow the instructions.


The Google AdWords remarketing tutorial above shows you how to set up AdWords remarketing. It is a step-by-step process you need to create your Google remarketing campaign. It shows you how to create the remarketing list, the remarketing tag, and the Google AdWords remarketing campaign.

It is time to set up AdWords remarketing campaign for your business. It will help you to convert at least 70% of your website visitors to customers.

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