Transform Lead Ads in a Survey/Market Research tool

Facebook Lead Ads is a great tool for Lead Generation, but Lead Ads’ Questions make it even more powerful, making it the best research tool on the market. LeadsBridge has the world’s first technology that creates unparalleled Questions Insights that give in-depth analytics of your Lead Ads Questions’ responses.

What you can do with Questions Insights

Validate your idea

Do you have a project to launch? Ask questions through Lead Ads and validate your idea in no time!

Your next product

Which products do your customers want? Ask them with a simple retargeting campaign + Lead Ads.

New York or Los Angeles?

Where should your next event be? Ask your followers where they want it and plan with success.

Are you satisfied?

Target your customer base and ask them if they are satisfied with your products and services.

How it works

Here is a video that shows you how Questions Insights works. Just create a normal Lead Ads campaign asking specific questions, LeadsBridge will then extract useful data and give you in-depth insights on the responses.

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