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There are many benefits to using Meta as a marketing tool. As a Meta Business Partner, we help you bridge the gap between your marketing and advertising tools to improve the overall performance of your ad campaigns.

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Why choose us for Facebook Lead Ads sync

Our solution is a top-notch choice, so much so that we are partners for Lead Ads sync within Meta Business Apps.

Thanks to our platform, you can rely on seamless integrations between Facebook Lead Ads and the rest of your marketing stack. No more headaches, no more wasted time. Lead data gets synced immediately with Facebook Lead Ads, guaranteeing you uninterrupted and instant control over your lead generation automation.

See for yourself why we’re a long-time Meta Business Partner, chosen by so many businesses around the world.

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The power of Meta and LeadsBridge

Integrate Facebook & Instagram Lead Ads with your CRM for seamless lead generation

Facebook Lead Ads offers a seamless experience for your leads. Thanks to fast loading, you can automate Meta Business Tools. With pre-filled forms and an innovative mobile-optimized technology, your leads will experience less friction, resulting in a higher conversion rate. Combine this with the power of our platform to update lead data in real time and forget CSV files forever.

Streamline Audience targeting with Facebook Custom Audiences + CRM integrations

LeadsBridge provides easy integrations between Facebook Custom Audiences and your data management tools.

You can create ideal audiences by automatically syncing your CRM segments, email contacts, and customer lists with Facebook Custom Audiences.

In turn, we allow you to automatically:

  • Add new contacts to your audiences for immediate retargeting.
  • Target highly specific audiences using your CRM segments.
  • Avoid showing your ads to unsubscribed and opted-out leads.
  • Leverage users’ data to identify common behaviors and traits.

Improve tracking results by integrating with Facebook Conversions API

Facebook Conversions API allows advertisers to leverage first-party data to personalize the user’s advertising experience.

With LeadsBridge, you can further automate Meta Advertising Tools and go beyond browser-based tools like cookies to understand the real impact of your ads.

Facebook Conversions API integrations allow you to:

  • Improve the accuracy of your omnichannel marketing campaigns.
  • Track appointments, in-store sales, purchases, and other mid-funnel conversions.
  • Optimize your ad campaigns, matching online ads with offline sales.
  • Leverage conversion data to build effective targeted audiences.

New Facebook Conversion Leads optimization

Meta recently released a new feature for Facebook Lead Ads: the Conversion Leads optimization delivery option.

This feature allows advertisers to tell Facebook exactly what they want to prioritize, showing their ads to users who are most likely to become paying customers, focusing on quality rather than volume.

LeadsBridge can help you get started using the Conversion Leads optimization by facilitating the connection between your CRM and Facebook Ads.

In order to use the Conversion Leads optimization, advertisers are required to implement Facebook Conversions API, as this allows for the gathering of performance feedback and helps to improve targeting.

Facebook Campaign Analytics

The Facebook Leads Ad Dashboard provides users with detailed campaign analytics by using actual source data v. modeled data.

View key metrics, like your campaign CPA (cost per action) and LGR (Lead Generation Rate), with accurate data insights directly from the source.

Precise Ad Metrics: With an accurate count of leads, not estimates, users can ensure every dollar spent is accounted for

Improved ROI: With precise ad metrics, users can fine-tune their campaigns for better returns

Available for paid LeadsBridge customers only.

Rely on direct relationships with valuable partners

We have consolidated relationships with valuable partners like Meta, and many other big companies.

These partnerships allow us and our customers to have easy and fast-tracked access to their products and direct support, with the availability of a Partner Solution Engineer.

With their help, we can improve our activities to offer the best services to our customers.

Integrate your Meta Tools with the rest of your marketing stack

Our platform makes it easy to connect your Meta Business Tools with the rest of your marketing stack. In just a few clicks, you can automate Meta lead generation tools and avoid the unnecessary headache of manual labor. Stay ahead of your competition, follow up with leads faster, and increase your ROI all in one.

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