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7 creative ideas for successful real estate blog posts

To be a successful real estate agent, you need to constantly generate real estate blog ideas for your website. This will enable you to generate online leads cheaply. But the thing is, most real estate agents believe in the effectiveness of blogging, but they do not have the time nor the skill to explore it. The truth is, about 80% of online consumers spend their time searching for information and products online. Real estate agents who do not create real estate blog posts fail to expose their business to 8 out of 10 potential customers.

However, creating an ordinary real estate blog post will not cut it. You need real estate blog ideas that can pull in your ideal customers.

In this article, we will look at real estate blog ideas you can incorporate on your blog to generate more leads, sales and boost brand awareness.

Real estate blog idea 1: Answer popular real estate questions

You can create real estate blog post ideas from popular questions that people ask in the real estate niche. When you create a real estate blog post on such questions, you will engage their curiosity more and this will give you opportunities to sell. You can create frequently asked questions on buying and selling homes, house flipping, real estate investment, foreclosures, relocation, etc.

A great example is a post from JLG Real Estate on common questions people ask. The title is “10 most frequently asked questions when buying or selling your property”.


They used the real estate blog post idea to create a post about the frequently asked questions (FAQS) of their audience.

The second real estate blog post idea you can implement on your blog is “Checklist”

Real estate blog post idea 2: Create useful checklists

The second real estate blog post idea you can explore for your blog is the checklists. Everyone loves checklists because they are easy to read and unlike long blog posts, your audience can easily save it and put it to use when they need it.

Checklist as a real estate blog post idea is easy to create even when you don’t want to write long blog posts. You can easily create checklists on different topics such as:

  • Buyer checklists
  • Moving checklists
  • Listing your home checklists
  • Home renovation checklists, etc.

Turn the checklist into a PDF, add your brand logo and address and offer it as a content upgrade on your blog post. Your audience will have a portable document to carry around. If you still don’t have your own logo, you can create one utilizing a logo maker tool.

Check out an example below from

The title of the post is “Home Buyer Checklist” as seen below:


The third real estate blog post idea is creating blog posts on trending or changing items such as mortgage rates.

Real estate blog post idea 3: Create blog posts on changing items such as Mortgage rates

One great real estate blog post idea that can keep your visitors coming back again and again to your website is to write on changing items or trends in the real estate niche such as Mortgage rates. You can write weekly real estate blog posts containing useful insights like mortgage updates, recent sales, or other notable market metrics. You can target such posts to home buyers, investors and those considering relocation.

Check out an example of such real estate blog posts from Team Real estate.


You can also add local market studies. It can be a great tool for homeowners and potential customers because they show that the market is in good shape, prices are increasing and it will be profitable to buy and sell. Thus, alleviating their fears.

The fourth real estate blog post idea you can try out is to “create tips on the best local hot spots” in your community.

Real estate blog post idea 4: Create tips on the best local hot spots

Another great real estate blog post idea is to write on insider tips on the best local hot spots in the areas you are covering. The truth is, you are not only selling homes, but you are also selling experiences people will have when they buy homes in such a community. Such real estate blog post idea includes writing on the best places to eat in the environment, best parks in the area, best golf course communities, best coffee joints, local getaways and day trips.

Make sure you collect the email addresses of the hot stops you are covering in your posts such as the eateries, golf courses and parks.. You will use it for outreach after you published the real estate blog post. When you publish it, send an email to them letting them know of the mention and the possibility of sharing the post on their social media networks. This will give you more exposures and help to build your brand. Check out an example of real estate blog post on “10 restaurants in Tampa you need to try this weekend” below:


The fifth real estate blog post idea is to “create content about your neighbourhood”.

Real estate blog post ideas 5: Talk about your neighbourhood

Creating content about your immediate neighbourhood, especially in a market sector where you are operating is a great real estate blog post idea that will help you to generate traffic and leads. For instance, Mosaic Community Lifestyle Realty found out through long tail keyword research that “historic homes in Ashville” is a hot topic that people are searching for online. They created a post on the topic “Explore historic neighbourhoods in Asheville” to give their readers valuable information. They then add specific listings in their local historic neighbourhoods to the post to create awareness.

Check out the post below:


You can take this real estate blog post idea to another level by adding hot or hard to find properties in your local market to the listing. You can then provide valuable information or predictions on the listing. This will get you clicks and conversions.

The sixth real estate blog post idea is to “target your message to your audience”.

Real estate blog post ideas 6 – Write to your target audience

The sixth tip for real estate blog post ideas is to write your article directly to your target audience. Most realtors forget that real estate is a changing niche and you need to keep your prospective clients informed. You can do this by creating content that directly speaks and connects with them. Address first time homeowners, retirees, seniors, new couples looking for a home, etc. You can offer advice on foreclosures, relocation, new construction advice, etc.

Find an example of this real estate blog post idea below from an Austin based Realtor – Steve Crossland.

He created a real estate blog post on “Your Austin Real Estate and Wealth Building”. Find it below:


The seventh and the last real estate blog post idea is to “Give advice on how to find and choose real estate agents”.

Real estate blog post idea 7: Give advice on how to find and choose real estate agents

It will amaze you that your readers may not know how to choose the best agent. Using it as a real estate blog post idea to create content around your business is a smart and useful idea. When creating content like this, talk about your real estate business. Portray yourself as a reputable, knowledgeable and honest real estate agent. Add a link to your “about” or “service page” in the article. If you have testimonials about a recent transaction from happy customers, add it to the post. Explain how you work, the software you use to make your work easier, your staff and your track records. All these pieces of information will help you build trust in your prospective clients.

Find an example below from Rochester Real Estate blog titled “5 tips to selecting the right real estate agent to sell your home



Above are real estate blog post ideas you can use to generate traffic, leads, and sales to your real estate business. Have you used any of the real estate blog post idea mentioned above? Do you have any favorite real estate blog post idea that generates result? Share with us in the comment section below.

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