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By Hephzy Asaolu | Guides | No Comments | 27th August 2020

An estimated 81% of shoppers carry out online research before making purchases and 90% of retail purchases in the U.S. happen offline. However, only 10% of shoppers finalizes the purchase online after researching a product.  To corroborate this fact, The ROBO economy (Research Online, Buy Offline) revealed that 82% of smartphone users consult their phones […]

By Mark Cirillo | Guides | No Comments | 25th August 2020

The real estate client acquisition process has changed. Sadly, a lot of real estate agents have not changed. If you are still going to networking meetings, local events, farming neighbourhoods and using print advertising to get leads and clients, you are missing out. A lot of real estate agents are using digital marketing tools to […]

By Zachary McDaniel | Guides | No Comments | 20th August 2020

Having a good understanding of a conversion funnel is like having a map to a destination. A map makes it easier to not only get to where you’re trying to go, but to visualize the entire trip from start to finish. A good conversion funnel will ultimately make it easier to optimize your marketing efforts […]

By Hephzy Asaolu | Guides | No Comments | 17th August 2020

Online shopping is a multibillion-dollar industry. The market size in 2019 was 3.53 trillion US dollars, and it is predicted to reach 6.54 trillion in 2022. This shows that online shopping is becoming a popular activity worldwide. One reason it is getting popular is that businesses are adding new services for online shoppers to provide […]

By Luke Ramassa | Guides | No Comments | 13th August 2020

Index of content: How do Webhooks work Benefits of using Webhooks for Advertising How to use a Webhook How to set-up a Webhook Webhook Examples: how to integrate Sleeknote with drip using a Webhook Conclusions Nowadays, more and more companies are using the Webhook technology in software integration. For this reason, it is not a coincidence […]

By Hephzy Asaolu | Guides | No Comments | 6th August 2020

An advertising strategy is a complete plan designed for a particular ad campaign. Every business needs an effective advertising strategy to attract customers, improve brand awareness, and generate sales. This is why 68% of marketers stated that paid advertising is very important or extremely important to their overall marketing strategy. In addition, the worldwide digital […]

By Hephzy Asaolu | Guides | No Comments | 3rd August 2020

In its bid to become an e-commerce powerhouse, Instagram has rolled out a beta feature known as Instagram Checkout for online retailers and advertisers. With 130 million Instagrammers already tapping to reveal product tags in shopping posts every month, and 80% of Instagram users following at least a business on Instagram, this is a big […]

By Hephzy Asaolu | Guides | No Comments | 30th July 2020

Most automobile businesses struggle to provide consistent and modern car purchasing experiences for buyers. The car buyer journey report revealed that 56 percent of car buyers used smartphones to access information before making their vehicle purchases. Also, a study revealed that most shoppers spend less than one-month researching vehicles before making a purchase and, shoppers […]

By Adam Lambert | Smart Tips for your Business | No Comments | 27th July 2020

More and more salespeople are becoming masters of their CRM, especially when it comes to keeping track of new leads. But getting those leads to show up to their meeting is an entirely different problem. No matter how hygienic your data, or how versed you are in Salesforce, no-shows are a persistent problem. That’s why […]

By Gabriel The Architect | Facebook Ads tips | 6 Comments | 24th July 2020

Are you struggling to attract new leads through Facebook? Wondering how to create Facebook Lead Ads that get more clicks and conversions? In this article I will answer to the most burning questions I received in the last months about how to generate qualified leads from Facebook The questions are: “What’s the best way to […]

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