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6 Original Lead Nurturing Examples to Boost your Facebook Campaign

A solid lead nurturing strategy is a must for a business that wants to increase its customer base and sales. The truth is 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales because of a lack of a successful lead nurturing strategy.

lead nurturing strategy

This is especially necessary if your leads are from Facebook lead ads because you are paying to acquire them. You will need to use all the tools in your marketing arsenal to create a solid lead nurturing strategy that will turn the leads to customers and sales.

But the question is:

How do you create a successful lead nurturing strategy for leads from Facebook given that 48% of businesses say most of their leads require a long cycle of nurturing.

lead nurturing strategy

The answer is:

Create a solid lead nurturing strategy.

In this article, you will learn about six lead nurturing strategies that you can use to boost your Facebook campaign.

Let’s get started.

1.Lead nurturing strategy: Welcome email

The first lead nurturing strategy you can use to nurture your Facebook leads is the welcome email.

The welcome email is important because it is the first contact you have with your subscribers from your Facebook lead ads. Salesforce benchmark study revealed that 42% of brands send welcome emails. 72% of brands rate welcome emails as very effective.

To get the best out of this lead nurturing strategy, you need to send the welcome email immediately after your users subscribe to your offering on your Facebook lead ads.

Do you know 74% of subscribers expect to see a welcome email after subscribing? It means delaying your welcome email will not cut it. Send the welcome email immediately they sign up.

But there is a small problem!

You will have to download your leads from Facebook as a CSV file and manually import them into a CRM or an auto-responder before you can send the welcome email. This compromises the quality of the leads and also the conversion rate of the Facebook lead ads.

But there is a way you out and you know what? It’s Simple!

Integrate your auto-responder or CRM with Facebook leads ads through Leadsbridge’s Facebook lead ads sync, so that when a user subscribes, they receive your welcome email instantly. This tool syncs your Facebook lead ad with your favorite CRM (i.e. HubSpot, SugarCRM, Pardot, etc) or auto-responders (e.g. Aweber, GetResponse etc).

lead nurturing strategy

That way, you can quickly get in touch with your leads before they get cold.

Below are 5 tips that will help you create a successful welcome email as part of your lead nurturing strategy:

  1. Send your welcome email in real time using automation (Leadsbridge). This is because real-time welcome emails drive up to 10x better results than messages batched and sent one day or even a few hours later.
  2. Use images that align with your brand
  3. Include a call to action in your welcome email
  4. Use an appropriate subject line for your welcome email

Below is a lead nurturing example of a welcome email from Musto.

lead nurturing strategy

The second lead nurturing strategy is Facebook chatbots.

2.Lead nurturing strategy: Facebook chatbots

The second lead nurturing strategy you can use to convert more leads to customers is Facebook chatbots. Facebook chatbots are like email marketing, but instead of sending messages through email, you use Facebook Messenger.

Facebook chatbots have an open rate of 80% which makes it the right tool to convert your Facebook leads. With Facebook chatbots, you can send messages, downloads and automated conversations to your Facebook leads.

The good thing here is that you can sync your Facebook leads with chatbots of your choice such as Chatfuel, Clieng,, Flowxo and Manychat through Leadsbridge.

lead nurturing strategy

This way, you can quickly contact your leads before they go cold.

Facebook chatbots is a strategic lead nurturing strategy that can increase your open rates, click-through rates, leads, and sales.

Below are tips that will help you to get more out of this lead nurturing strategy.

  1. Make use of emojis, jokes, and different media to engage your audience
  2. Personalize your Facebook chatbot conversations
  3. Offer relevant and timely news of your products/services
  4. Safeguard customers sensitive details with authentication and authorization systems

Below is a lead nurturing example from Sephora below.

lead nurturing strategy

It starts with a quiz for leads. Then it leads into tips, product recommendations all delivered to users through the Facebook chatbot.

The third lead nurturing strategy is Slack app.

3.Lead nurturing example: Slack app

The third lead nurturing strategy is the Slack app. Slack, apart from being an internal team communication and instant messaging app, can also nurture leads. It is a powerful engagement tool.

lead nurturing strategy

You can send your leads straight from Facebook leads ads to a specific slack channel created for the execution of this lead nurturing strategy. Take the communication from there and send them relevant and interesting content to help qualify them quickly. Slack gives your users a sense of belonging and provides the opportunity to engage with you and you with them.

To get more out of this lead nurturing strategy, follow the tips below.

  1. Choose one slack channel
  2. Share thought-provoking and problem-solving content on a regular basis
  3. Engage your prospects by responding to feedbacks

The fourth lead nurturing strategy is quiz.

4.Lead nurturing strategy: Quiz

The fourth lead nurturing strategy is the quiz. The quiz is great for lead generation and nurturing. This is because it contains interactive content that will engage your audience. In addition, quiz will help you get to know more about your leads. This is why 75% of marketers using interactive content (quiz) plan to increase their use.

The quiz is a good tool to use in nurturing leads from Facebook lead ads. All you need to do is to continue with the questions you asked on your Facebook lead ad quiz.

Below are tips to get the best out of this lead nurturing strategy.

  1. Choose the right title for your quiz because 80% of readers decide whether or not something is worth checking out based on its title.
  2. Add personality into your quiz
  3. Use images for your quiz questions
  4. Limit the number of quiz questions you ask to 3 or 5 questions

Below is a lead nurturing example of a Facebook lead ad quiz.

lead nurturing strategy

The next lead nurturing strategy is relevant content.

5.Lead nurturing strategy: Relevant content

The fifth lead nurturing strategy is relevant content. One of the best ways to nurture your leads is to send relevant content to them. You can only do this right by segmenting the audience based on the type of content they downloaded from your Facebook lead ad.

Monitor the pages they visit on your website and listen in on their conversation on Facebook. Use this information to send relevant content to them.

For example, when they opt-in newly, send blog articles related to their interest. Follow up with an invitation to a product webinar or a demo and then send emails about customer success stories and product reviews.

Below are tips you can use to make this lead nurturing strategy work for you.

  1. Add offers to your emails to further get to know your audience
  2. Send relevant email in regards to each stage in the sales cycle

Below there is a lead nurturing example of this lead nurturing strategy is what Hubspot does. They segment their audience based on their sales cycle stage. There are three main personas that Hubspot create to nurture leads.

lead nurturing strategy

They use the personas with their sales cycle journey to send relevant content to them. Below is an example of how they use this lead nurturing strategy to create content for Marketing Mary persona with the buying cycle.

lead nurturing strategy

The next lead nurturing strategy is the Postcard.

6.Lead nurturing strategy: Postcard

Postcard is the sixth lead nurturing strategy you can use nurture your Facebook leads. The postcard is an oldie, but a goodie. This is an age where many people receive too much email marketing messages every day. Sending a postcard to your leads is a great way to distinguish yourself from the competition, create a relationship with your leads and nurture them. It is especially good for real estate businesses because it is a tactic you can use to get listing appointments in real estate.

For postcard to work as a lead nurturing strategy, it must have a good design and an attractive message.

It is especially good for nurturing your Facebook leads as you already have their details through the prefilled form on the Facebook lead ad. All you need is to design postcards and send to the addresses.

Below are tips to help you get the best out of this lead nurturing strategy.

  1. Add a call to action on the card.
  2. Use a concise, powerful, yet simple messaging
  3. Use a design that resonates with your audience
  4. Print the postcard on a nice, glossy paper

Below there is a good lead nurturing example of a real estate postcard sent to prospects.

lead nurturing strategy


Above are six lead nurturing strategies you can use to boost your Facebook campaign. If you are trying one of these lead nurturing strategies I’ll suggest you to try out our Facebook Leads Ads integration that will connects your Facebook Lead Ads campaigns to your CRM tool/Autoresponder instantly without losing any leads in the process.

p.s. don’t miss out our video on this topic to get the latest tips and tricks!

Mark Cirillo

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