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How to generate more leads with a Monthly Newsletter

More and more businesses are searching for how to generate leads. HubSpot research revealed that 65% of marketers surveyed said generating traffic and leads are one of their top challenges.  One lead generation strategy you can use is a monthly newsletter.

Why a monthly newsletter you may ask?

Newsletter is an oldie but goodie. Consider the statistics below to start with:

  1. 206 billions of emails are sent daily, and it is expected to  reach 246 billion by the end of 2019
  2. Email yields an average return of $38 for every $1 spent.
  3. 80 percent of professionals use email marketing to drive customer acquisition and retention.
  4. 80% of B2B content marketers use newsletters
  5. Email will be used by 3 billion people by 2020

That’s not all.

The Content Marketing Institute report for 2018 revealed the top 3 most effective formats b2b marketers used to distribute content for marketing to be email e.g. newsletters, welcome emails as shown below.

lead generation strategy

The above statistics proved that email marketing/newsletter is one of the best lead generation strategies you can use for your business.

Below are benefits you can derive by using newsletter as a lead generation strategy:

Benefits of using newsletter as a lead generation strategy

  1. Using newsletter as a lead generation strategy will help to get new leads for your business
  2. Using newsletter as a lead generation strategy will help you nurture your leads until they convert.
  3. Using newsletter as a lead generation strategy will help you to communicate with your subscribers and customers.
  4. Using newsletter as a lead generation strategy will help you revive unresponsive subscribers.

Now, that you have seen the profitability of newsletter, how do you use it to generate leads?

Let’s get started.

1.How to generate more leads using Newsletter: Create a catchy headline

The first thing you need to consider when you want to use newsletter as a lead generation strategy is the headline.  The thing is, the attention span has reduced to 8 seconds and everyone seems so busy, so you need to attract the attention of your subscribers.

One way you can do that is by writing a catchy headline.  Not everyone will open and read your newsletter, but you can definitely increase your open rate by crafting attractive headlines.  There are four categories of headlines that can help you generate more leads, they are:

  1. Benefit-driven subject line
  2. Urgency subject line
  3. Credibility subject line
  4. Curiosity subject line

Let’s look at each one.

a.Newsletter Lead generation strategy:  Use the benefit-driven subject line

These are subject lines that state the benefits subscribers will derive by reading the email. This is a winning lead generation strategy because subscribers will know what they will derive by reading the email.  Below is an example of a benefit-driven headline from ClicktoTweet.

lead generation strategy

b.Newsletter Lead generation strategy: Use urgency subject lines

Urgency subject lines get the subscribers to act on your offers quickly because it uses the fear of loss. This lead generation strategy can be put to use when you have a discount that expires on a specific date. Urgency subject lines are very effective, especially when combined with benefit-driven subject lines.

Check out an example from LifeWay.

lead generation strategy

c.Newsletter Lead generation strategy: Use credibility

This is the email subject line you use when you have results to share with your subscribers to encourage them. You can either share your own success story as a case study or someone else’s success to show them they can achieve the same results too.

Find an example from Growthackers below.

lead generation strategy

d.Newsletter Lead generation strategy: Use curiosity subject lines

Have you ever heard the saying “Curiosity killed the cat” before? As humans, we are curious to know. If you use this lead generation strategy focused headline, you will get more opens. Headlines promising secrets, tricks or hacks usually receive a high number of shares.

See an example from Leadsbridge below.

lead generation strategy

Ensure you keep your subject lines under 50 characters so that your subscribers can read the whole sentence at a glance. Avoid the use of FREE or Discount so it will not end up in the junk folder.

Below is a newsletter do’s and don’ts from Mailjet you can follow.

lead generation strategy

The second lead generation strategy you can use to generate more leads for your business with a monthly newsletter is “Optimize your pre-header text”.

2.How to generate leads from newsletter: Optimize your Pre-header text.

The second lead generation strategy you can use for your newsletter is to create a winning pre-header text.  Most email clients display the “from line, subject line, and the pre-header text”. Most people read the pre-header text first to determine whether or not to read the mail. Unfortunately, a majority of businesses ignore this line. Look at the pre-header below:

lead generation strategy

If your newsletter is like that, it is a wasted opportunity.  Use the pre-header text to create an attractive sentence that will give your subscribers reasons to click.

Below are examples of interesting pre-header texts:

Your pre-header texts should compel your subscribers to want to click and read the email. It should be a summary of the content of your newsletter. Ensure you deliver on what you promise your audience in the subject line. Make sure you always test your headings to know the winners.

The third newsletter lead generation strategy you can use is to “create personalized messages for users’.

3.How to generate leads from newsletter: Create personalized messages for users

The third strategy you can use to generate leads from newsletters is to create personalized messages for your subscribers. Your newsletter message should move your readers to take actions. It should build up readers’ interest to the point that, by the time they get to the call to action, they will click it without any objection.

To achieve this enviable result, you will want to start with the AIDA method of copywriting, i.e.: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.

The message should grab their attention, engage them as they read, creates the desire in them and get them to click.

Typical content you can include in your newsletters are tips and advices, notification on new posts, announcements, loyalty program, promoting specific products, how to use your product, competitions, sales offer, etc.

Below are more lead generation strategies you can follow to create newsletter content that converts.

a.Newsletter lead generation strategy: Use short opening sentences

When starting your newsletter, make sure the first few sentences are short. It makes it easy for readers to scan and read. Also, make sure you use a simple language that your audience can understand.

b.Newsletter lead generation strategy: Ensure content relevancy:  Make sure you are writing for your audience. This is where you need to know them better through the audience persona. Avoid sending blanket emails to your subscribers. Blanket emails are emails sent to everyone on your list irrespective of their journey in your sales circle. Segment them into relevant groups and send relevant content to them.

c.Newsletter lead generation strategy: Write 1-1: Email newsletters work best when you personalize it to one person. This way, you are writing from “ me to you”, which is more personal. Your subscribers are interested in how your products or services will help them and meet their needs and not news about your company.

The fourth newsletter lead generation strategy is “Add Images”

4.Newsletter lead generation strategy: Add images

The four newsletter lead generation strategy is to add images to your newsletter content. Images can help you to grab the attention of readers. However, most email clients don’t load images automatically. The reader will have to click to make them visible.  Many readers also disable images on their emails possibly to save data or to avoid spam.  Because of these reasons, you will need to use images sparingly or ensure that your email can stand without them, should your reader decides to block it.

Ensure there is a balance ratio between your images and the text. Your image should grab readers’ attention while your text sustains them and keep them engaged till they read to the end.

Use alt text with relevant links on your images to where you want to redirect readers.

Apart from images, you can also add videos to enhance your conversions. See an example below.

lead generation strategy

The fifth newsletter lead generation strategy is “The call to action”

5.Newsletter lead generation strategy: The Call to action

The fifth newsletter lead generation strategy is the call to action. The call to action is simply a link or links that show your audience the action you want them to take after reading your message. The truth is, it is difficult to get readers to take action, but if you are able to craft an enticing message, they are likely to take action.

Below are ways you can generate more leads with the newsletter call to action.

a.Newsletter lead generation strategy: Use a single call to action

Using multiple calls to action can confuse your readers. If possible use a single call to action or let your multiple calls to action lead to the same landing page.

b.Newsletter lead generation strategy: Use actionable words for your call to action

The success of your email newsletter majorly depends on your call to action. Therefore, create an actionable call to action using words like “Buy now”, “sign up today”, “click here to read more”.

See an example from Salesforce below.  They use the CTA “Register now”

lead generation strategy


Above are lead generation strategies that show you how to generate more leads with a monthly newsletter.  Have you tried any of the lead generation strategies before?  Share with us in the comment section. If you are using your inbox as main tool in your lead generation strategy, you’ll be happy to discover our Inbox lead service which allows you to collect leads everywhere!

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