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How to sell SaaS products with Facebook Retargeting & Lead Ads

Marketing a Saas company today is much different from a year ago. Promoting my Company’s services, Leadsbridge, I noticed that some strategies that work in many markets are just a waste of money for selling software.

Why do SAAS have huge problems to get leads at a competitive price?

Most business owners in the Saas industry already know it. “Facebook Ads” was a game-changer for the market.

By bringing thousands of potential customers to your website every day through paid advertising, business owners can receive requests of trials and demos directly from the web.

However, getting contacts in this way has become very expensive. Why does the cost of acquiring leads and customers increase during the last months?

Personally, I made many attempts and tests that allowed me to reduce advertising costs. The fact is that most of these strategies had a minimum impact on my advertising, and sometimes did not really work – and you know when we talk about Facebook Ads just a minor mistake can cost you thousands of dollars!

But then I suddenly find out a strategy that works!

The strategy I will show you in this article is responsible for 30% of our total Leadsbridge’s sales with an exceptional ROI of 800%.

I see many Saas companies using Facebook ads in the wrong way. They may get good results, but they could achieve even bigger goals by using the right tools more efficiently.

Before we start, I invite you to consider many crucial factors that influence your Saas Marketing Strategy, and that many business owners ignore:

  • More competitor are using Facebook Ads.

Facebook advertising costs are increasing almost daily. Nowadays, many people use this platform to market their products. If you want to succeed, you should reduce the audience that will see your ads in order to increase their response.

  • The way people browse Facebook through mobile.

Recent surveys reveal that 50% of users are using mobile devices. If your website is not mobile optimized and loads slowly, you will lose half of your potential clients.

Why is Facebook Retargeting + Lead Ads a game-changer?

Facebook recently rolled out a tool specifically designed for a lead generation without going through trials or looking for complicated solutions.

It is a new type of Facebook that makes life easier for Saas who seek to increase their clients, by using this tool to generate requests of demos and calls with people who previously showed interest in your software, thanks to retargeting.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is a form of advertising that allows you to show your marketing campaigns to people who interacted with your website.

Thanks to retargeting, you can build custom audiences of people who visited a certain page – for example the presentation page of your software – without buying.

Then, you can reach those users while they are browsing in Facebook, offering them more information about specific features, characteristics and benefits of your products.

Acquiring new leads through retargeting campaigns is generally cheaper, because targeting people who know your brand is more effective in comparison to lead generation campaigns on cold audiences.

Moreover,  by installing the Facebook Pixel code on your website, you can track conversion, micro-conversions, and behaviors of people who visited your blog.

Wistia, LeadPages, Canva, 500 Startups, and others know that retargeting is the best way to grow their business through Facebook, and they accurately track their website visitors.

Thanks to this detailed tracking system, the Facebook Pixel allows you to create custom audiences for your ads on Facebook and push specific messages that convert more.

In addition, you will significantly reduce your marketing efforts by using Facebook Lead Ads.

What is Facebook Lead Ads?

“Facebook Lead Ads” is a particularly effective lead generation system that allows people to request your services easily and quickly.


With the traditional Facebook Ads campaigns that drive to the landing page, your ad is shown to users who, in a second step, are redirected to a website or blog. During this process, TIME is a crucial factor.

If your landing page does not load quickly, or if users don’t have a fast Internet connection, many potential customers may leave before seeing your proposal.

Considering that many Facebook users browse the Internet via mobile phone you need a fast and optimized landing page and an easy opt-in form, but with traditional ads, users must fill in the fields for email, address, phone, etc.

Facebook Lead Ads is totally different.

Thanks to its pre-filled, fast-loading opt-in forms, this tool allows people to subscribe to your lists within two clicks because their data are automatically added by Facebook (which takes them from their personal profiles).

Moreover, Facebook Lead ads are optimized for mobile devices and landing pages are not required.

A user who clicks on your Facebook Ad doesn’t leave the social network: the registration form appears instantly on the screen. To complete the opt-in process, users only need to confirm their data by clicking a button.

In comparison with Facebook Ads + Landing Page, this time-saving results in a significant increase in leads, generates more profits for you, while reducing the advertising budget.

Then, if you associate the retargeting benefits to Facebook Lead Ads, these two tools make Facebook Advertising for Saas very effective.


In this article, I shared with you some tactics to increase your marketing efforts and generate more leads and sales, by offering demos with Facebook Lead Ads.

What do you think?

Have you used Facebook Lead ads to market your Saas company? Do you have any questions regarding these tools and tactics iI shared with you here? Please share your experience and thoughts in the comments.

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