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Landing pages that really converts: best practices for Car Dealership

Landing pages are an important part of successful marketing campaigns. The truth is, this is a time when more and more prospects are turned off by push-tactics of many car dealers. To be successful in your marketing campaigns as a car dealership, you must engage landing page best practices. This will ensure that you create converting landing pages that attract new customers on a low budget.

Sometimes all you need to give your car dealership a boost is a high converting landing page created with landing page best practices in mind.

Moz generated additional $1,000,000 from a single landing page because of compliance with landing page best practices.

Landing page best practice

You may not generate a million bucks from your landing page, but following landing page best practices could be the foundation for a successful online car dealership business.

In this article, you will learn landing page best practices that convert.

Let’s get started.

A landing page is a stand-alone; single page on your website. Its primary objective is to receive visitors and turn them into leads and customers.

Here is a good example of a car dealership landing page.

Landing page best practice


It is foolhardy to spend a huge budget on marketing while neglecting landing page best practices.

Below are five landing page best practices for your car dealership marketing campaigns.

1.Landing page best practice # 1– Catchy and Irresistible Headline

If your headline sucks, your landing page sucks. Not only that, you have just violated a major landing page best practice. Your landing page headline is where everything begins. A killer headline – which is always catchy and irresistible must be interesting, grab attention and easy to understand.

For your landing page to pass the test of landing page best practices, your headline must be short – minimum of 10 words and 20 max. It must also tell your visitors about your product or service in clear terms.

If what you have to say about your product or service cannot fit into a maximum of 20 words, you can use a persuasive subhead. In your landing page design, the subhead must be positioned directly beneath the killer headline. This is also a landing page best practice.

A good example of a company that puts this landing page best practice to good use is Mazda.

Landing page best practice

The headline perfectly represents the goals of Mazda with their Mazda3. It is catchy, exciting and inviting.

In writing a catchy headline, focus on your visitors and targeted audience. Let them know “what is in it” for them.

The next landing page best practice that will help your car dealership to create a winning marketing campaign is to “Create short content forms”.

2.Landing page best practices # 2 – Create Short Content Forms

Another powerful landing page best practice involves creating a short content form on the landing page. This is also a trend in the automotive industry. There are two types of forms for your landing page – long form and short form. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

A long form can capture more relevant details of your visitors but it can also discourage your visitors because it takes a longer time to fill. If your form is too short, that could also be counterproductive because it can only capture a few relevant information about your visitor.

The short content form is statistically proven to perform better than a long one. Shorter forms are also favored by business brands because of a higher conversion rate.

A test carried out by  also validates the fact that short forms have a higher conversion rate.

Landing page best practice

In designing your form, make sure you ask for visitors details relevant to your product or service.

The next landing page best practice that will help your car dealership to create a winning marketing campaign is “Use enticing images”.

3.Landing page best practices # 3 – Use enticing Images

The next landing page best practice for a car dealership is the use of an enticing and compelling image or picture on the landing page.

Images are essential visual components of a landing page that really converts.

The human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text. The implication of this is that your visitors are attracted to and affected more by images than text on your landing page. Use a good image on your landing page to create a great impression of your brand.

The position of the image on the landing page is a preference. However, various business brands prefer the left side of the page. This may not be unconnected with the fact we read and write from the left. Below are tips that will help you to create the best image for your landing page.

a.Landing page best practice – Use Large and clear pictures.  Using large and clear pictures will project the car you are promoting. A couple of big car dealership brands embraced using large images on their landing page.

Landing page best practice


b.Landing page best practice – Use relevant Image: You must use images relevant to your product or service. An image at variance with your product or core message is counterproductive.

c.Landing page best practice – Image Connection – Use image that connects with your visitor; an image that compels them to take action.

The next landing page best practice that will help your car dealership to create a winning marketing campaign is “Use videos”.

4.Landing page best practices # 4 – Use Videos

According to a recent research; watching video accounts for one-third (33%) of online activity. No wonder eWeek projects that online video platform revenue will be above $800 million by 2019.

Adding a short video to your car dealership landing page is a great landing page best practice. The short video should show views the features of the car for sale and provide a simple opt-in process.

A good example of a car dealership that puts this landing page best practice to good use is Audi.

Landing page best practice

The video in the landing page above shows the style of the vehicle and highlights its product features.

Here are a few benefits of adding a video to your landing page:

Increased Retention – A good and useful video will make your visitors stay longer on your page. Retention increases the chances of conversion.

Meeting Customer Preference and Expectation – According to Unbounce, more people will rather watch a short video than read an article. Car dealers can use a short video to create a feel of pleasure of driving your car brand.

Increased Trust – Your product “speaks” through your video. For instance, a short video showing a car driven through a rough terrain can build trust in the brand.

Your video must include a catchy Call-to-Action (CTA) which is the next landing page best practice.

5.Landing page best practices # 5 – Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

A Call-to-Action is one of the most important landing page best practice. A Call-to-Action increase the chances of conversion i.e. the visitors performs the desired objective of your landing page.

There will be a zero conversion or a higher bounce rate if there is no compelling CTA on your landing page.

A good example of a strong call to action is the one used in an autosite. You can clearly see the CTA “Get prices” in bright, catchy color.

Landing page best practice

There are a few tricks to crafting a high converting Call-to-action

Make it Visible – Your CTA must be strategically positioned and visible on your landing page. There is a correlation between the visibility of your CTA and the conversion rate of your landing page. A contrasting color from the rest of the page will enhance the visibility of the CTA.

A simple change in the color of the CTA button has a significant impact on your conversion. According to Izideo, a huge e-commerce site that sells hand-crafted art increased product sales by 35.81% by changing the color of the CTA button.

Action Compelling – It is a landing page best practice for your CTA to be action oriented. Use short and action-oriented words.

Sizeable – The size of your call-to-action is important. Make the CTA sizeable – big if you want it to be noticed. A word of caution; the CTA should be big but not a distraction.


In summary, for your landing page to be a highly converting, it must follow the landing page best practices. Such landing page must:

  • Have a Catchy Headline
  • Include a Short Content Form
  • Contain Powerful Image/Picture
  • Use a Good Video
  • Have a Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

If the above landing best practices are adhered to, you can use a landing page to build your  brand, grow email list,and syncronize all the leads that you collect trough our Landing Leads feature. Check it out!

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