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By Dario Villi | Guides | No Comments | 26th February 2020

If you are a seasoned marketer, there is a high probability you use Facebook Ads to grow your business. To keep advertising safely on Facebook, you need to know all about GDPR and Facebook. Sure you are wondering what GDPR and Facebook have in common. Before we delve into that, let’s look at the meaning […]

By Hephzy Asaolu | Guides | No Comments | 21st February 2020

Google Import Conversions is a powerful advertising tool that allows businesses to better track the offline conversions generated from Google Ads. According to eMarketer, Fifty-eight percent of medium-sized businesses say that improving lead quality is a critical aspect of a lead generation strategy. Thus, every lead generation strategy should include searching for high-quality leads and […]

By Hephzy Asaolu | Guides | No Comments | 17th February 2020

LinkedIn, with its over 645 million users worldwide, has become an established powerful platform for businesses to acquire qualified leads all over the world. It is known as the #1 channel b2b marketers used to distribute content and it is the reason 92% of b2b marketers include LinkedIn in their digital marketing mix. One of the best tools for generating leads on LinkedIn are […]

By Hephzy Asaolu | Guides | No Comments | 13th February 2020

In its bid to become an e-commerce powerhouse, Instagram has rolled out a beta feature known as Instagram Checkout for online retailers and advertisers. With 130 million Instagrammers already tapping to reveal product tags in shopping posts every month, and 80% of Instagram users following at least a business on Instagram, this is a big […]

By Dario Villi | Smart Tips for your Business | No Comments | 7th February 2020

With online sales growing stronger by the year, the future of retail is changing fast: according to recent research by eMarketer on the state of online shopping, consumers are expected to spend 6.5 trillion on retail e-commerce worldwide by 2023, almost double the total retail eCommerce sales of 2019.  The online world is changing the […]

By Hephzy Asaolu | Tools review | No Comments | 31st January 2020

Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms online. It ranks 2nd in the list of the most popular e-commerce software. A recent study carried out by BuiltWith revealed that Magento powers 4% of e-commerce websites all over the internet, 7% of the top million websites and 10% (10,000) of the top 100,000 websites. […]

By Hephzy Asaolu | Guides | No Comments | 24th January 2020

With its 2.19 billion monthly active users, Facebook provides a huge potential audience to businesses. One of the core strengths of Facebook is its granular targeting, and this is the reason 3 million businesses run Facebook Ads. In 2012, Facebook launched its Custom Audiences tool to further help businesses to reach users that are likely […]

By Hephzy Asaolu | Guides | No Comments | 13th January 2020

LinkedIn is one of the most popular platforms for generating business leads. This is why 80% of B2B leads generated on social media comes from LinkedIn and 58% of B2B advertisers find LinkedIn advertising to be an effective investment of their budget in terms of ROI. LinkedIn is not resting on its oars. The company […]

By Hephzy Asaolu | Guides | No Comments | 27th December 2019

Google Ads released the Google Customer Match feature in September 2015. It allows advertisers to create PPC ads to target prospects on Gmail, Search network, Display network, and YouTube using user’s email addresses, phone or physical address. It is an effective tool for advertisers as they get great results from it. According to Wordstream, it […]

By Hephzy Asaolu | Guides | No Comments | 19th December 2019

An estimated 81% of shoppers carry out online research before making purchases and 90% of retail purchases in the U.S. happen offline. However, only 10% of shoppers finalizes the purchase online after researching a product.  To corroborate this fact, The ROBO economy (Research Online, Buy Offline) revealed that 82% of smartphone users consult their phones […]

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