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By Hephzy Asaolu | Smart Tips for your Business | No Comments | 5th October 2020

Studies show that 54% of customers find personalized ads to be more engaging and that ads tailored to a client’s needs can increase ROI up to 8 times and lift sales of at least 10%. That is the power of an effective target audience. In this article, you will learn about different target audience examples […]

By Sam Bocetta | Smart Tips for your Business | 3 Comments | 1st October 2020

Tracking cookies and browser-based tracking are about to die, and that’s going to cause a huge headache for advertisers. Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) and Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) have been blocking third-party cookies for years now, and Google’s Chrome browser – by far the most popular among users – is about to do […]

By Mark Cirillo | Facebook Ads tips | 3 Comments | 24th September 2020

With over 2.7 billion monthly active users across the countries of the world, Facebook has one of the largest audiences in the social media network space and a robust advertising platform to match. Facebook Lead Ads is a product rolled out a few years ago to help advertisers capitalize on its massive audience to get […]

By Luke Ramassa | Tools review | No Comments | 21st September 2020

Index of content: What is a Task Management Software? Why companies need Task Management Software? The best 10 Task Management Software Conclusions Nowadays, finding the right Task Management software for a company’s needs has become a real challenge. This is because the quantity of existing tools is really high and the needs are different from […]

By Zachary McDaniel | Guides | No Comments | 17th September 2020

In marketing, every dollar counts. More specifically, how much money is invested vs how much the company gets in return. This is called marketing ROI (return of investment), and it is something that should always be on the minds and agendas of every business. Marketing ROI is not as simple as just making money. There […]

By Mark Cirillo | Facebook Ads tips | No Comments | 14th September 2020

Are you a real estate agent that has spent a lot of money advertising on Zillow with little ROI? Have you tried your hands on other online marketing strategies with little to no results?  If your answer to the questions above is a Yes, then you need to try Facebook ads. Facebook ads for real […]

By Hephzy Asaolu | Tools review | No Comments | 10th September 2020

In recent years, the number of software that companies have to manage for their business has increased considerably. For this reason, a new need has arisen in the market: that of being able to connect the various software with each other, to improve team efficiency and productivity. Before Zapier these integrations were created ad-hoc by […]

By Hephzy Asaolu | Facebook Ads tips | No Comments | 7th September 2020

Facebook lead generation is one of the best ways to get leads for your business. With Facebook’s over 2.7 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2020, it is the biggest social network all over the world. This means that almost every business has an audience on the platform. This makes Facebook […]

By Luke Ramassa | Smart Tips for your Business | No Comments | 3rd September 2020

You’ve probably heard about building leads online through content marketing and other tactics. But what if you could take things one step further and actually increase foot traffic to your business, through online promotion. Well, that’s exactly what you can do if you maximize the potential of social media when marketing your car dealership. One […]

By Zachary McDaniel | Facebook Ads tips | No Comments | 31st August 2020

Over the years, Facebook has had no shortage of helpful integrations and automations. For advertisers and marketers, possibly the most helpful tool that Facebook has ever released is Facebook Lead Ads. For a while, it was very time consuming to gather Lead Ads data from Facebook and upload it into any given marketing tool or […]

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