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How to Qualify your Insurance Leads and make the most out of your Marketing Campaigns

By Mark Cirillo | No Comments | 24th September 2019

For most insurance companies, it is difficult to find qualified insurance leads. The truth is, there is no insurance agency that can survive without insurance leads. There are many people doing the same business as you. Therefore, the competition is stiff even if you have the best-selling insurance products or services. This is why many insurance companies are investing in marketing campaigns to generate insurance leads.

The 2017 Insurance marketing benchmarks revealed that over 30% of insurances agents surveyed said lead generation was the most important reason to invest in marketing campaigns.

Qualified insurance leads

In this article, you will learn how to get quality insurance leads and qualify them.

Let’s get started.

What are qualified insurance leads?

Qualified insurance leads are leads that have the interest, the budget, the need and the authority to buy the insurance products or services you sell. They are the people who like your insurance products and have the need and the money to buy and can out-rightly buy on their own without having to set up a meeting to get the consent of other employees, family members or colleagues to buy.

Here, qualified insurance leads have to fulfill four requirements:

  • They must have the interest to buy
  • They must have the budget to buy
  • They must have the authority to buy
  • They must have the need to buy

Now, you know the meaning of qualified leads. Let’s look at how to get quality insurance leads to qualify.

There are many ways to get quality insurance leads. Below are five of them.

5 Ways to Get Quality Insurance Leads:

1. Network with insurance professional associations to get quality insurance leads

The first way you can get quality insurance leads is to network with other insurance professionals in your field. There are networking groups where professionals in different industries meet to share ideas, socialize and refer businesses to each other. Search for relevant insurance professional associations and networking groups to join in your city.

A study revealed that professional association and networking is one of the best ways to generate quality insurance leads. See it below:

Qualified insurance leads

2.Buy quality insurance leads from third – party insurance lead providers

The second way you can get quality insurance leads is to buy leads from third-party insurance leads providers. This involves contacting a third-party insurance lead provider to buy leads from them. When doing this, ensure the leads you want to buy are not outdated or recycled. If they are, it may not work because they may not need your services or products again.

3.Buy quality insurance leads from Lead Maildrops

Lead Maildrops is referred to as direct response mailers. You can purchase high-quality insurance leads you could leverage from them. Contact them to buy the relevant insurance leads that meet your criteria.

4.Get quality insurance leads from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a good source of quality insurance leads. One of the best ways to acquire leads on the platform is by joining groups and engaging with its members. Participate in quality discussions, contribute thoughtful comments to post and position yourself as an expert.  Second, you can get in touch with prospective leads and offer your services. You can also use LinkedIn sponsored ads to acquire quality insurance leads.

5.Generate quality insurance leads on Facebook

Facebook is a very popular platform where several businesses generate leads. It has different paid advertising options such as Facebook leads ads that you can use to generate quality insurance leads for your business. When you use the Facebook leads ads, funnel your leads straight into your CRM so you can quickly contact them before they get cold. One tool you can use for this is the Facebook leads ads sync tool from Leadsbridge. This enables you to quickly sync your leads on Facebook with your CRM, helping you to close more deals and maximize your efforts on the platform.

Now, you know the different ways you can use to get high-quality insurance leads. It is time to qualify them.

But the question is, why do you need to qualify insurance leads?

Benefits of qualifying insurance leads

  1. Qualifying insurance leads prevents a waste of time.
  2. Qualifying insurance leads gives you opportunities to sell to high-value prospects
  3. When you qualify insurance leads, it helps you to sell to quality leads.
  4. Qualifying insurance leads helps you to create a customized pitch for your prospects
  5. Qualifying insurance leads helps to close more deals.

Now to the most important aspect:

How to qualify insurance leads

insurance leads

Qualifying insurance leads is very important to your business. It enables you to know the leads to devote your time, campaign budget and sales efforts to. It gives you the opportunity to weed out prospects that will not convert. Research shows that qualified sales leads have a higher return on investment and a higher close rate than those who are not.

Below are five (5) ways to qualify insurance leads:

1. Qualify insurance leads: Use the customer avatar

The first way to qualify insurance leads is to use the customer avatar to know the ideal customer for your insurance business.  Start by checking your customer avatar and the information you have on each customer. Search for what your customers have in common. Then, use LinkedIn and other prospecting tools like Sidekick and HubSpot prospects to dig out more information about your leads. This includes the company, the industry, location, income, age, challenges, etc.  Do they match your ideal customer avatar?

Use this information to move your best leads to the top of the list. Move the worst leads that may not convert to the bottom of the list. Eliminate those that are not relevant to your business from your list.

2.Qualify insurance leads: Look for leads who are decision-makers

The third way to qualify your insurance leads is by searching for leads that can make buying decisions. This is not just an employee of a company, but the boss who calls the shots. This is someone who can buy your products or services. If the contact on your list cannot decide, ask for the boss who makes buying decisions and promptly contact them instead.

3.Qualify insurance leads: Know the needs of your leads

The fourth way to qualify your insurance leads is by looking at their needs. What are the issues they struggle with? Can your insurance product or service solve the issue? What do they need to accomplish with your insurance products? If your product or service cannot solve their problem, let them go. Waste no more time convincing them to do otherwise. You need to be trustworthy and honest with your prospects.

4.Qualify insurance leads: Know the competition they have worked with

Sometimes, clients can approach more than one agency before they finally make up their minds to work with one of them. Ask them relevant questions to know if they have been to other agencies before coming to you. Ask to know who they are and how they rank your products or services with the company they have been to. If they rank you high, then they are good prospects, if otherwise, let them move on.

5.Qualify insurance leads: Know their budget

The last way to qualify your insurance leads is to know the budget of your leads. There is a need to know if your prospect can afford your products and services. So, ask them if they have a budget set aside for the insurance products or services of your company. The budget should be close to the cost of your products or service. If it is not, they may not close soon enough. You may also want to know how much they have spent on such services (if ever) in the past. This will help you know the level of their seriousness in doing business with you.


Above are the ways you can get quality insurance leads for your business and how to qualify them. As you have read from the article plan an articulated funnel acquisition strategy it will lead you to get qualified leads at the end of marketing campaigns. It is important from the moment of the acquisition direct your leads straight into your CRM so you can quickly contact them before they get cold. At this purpose our dedicate Facebook leads ads sync tool can be a real game changer in the results of the campaign, in fact it’ll enables you to quickly sync your leads with your CRM, helping you to close more deals and maximize your efforts on the platform.

If you have still some doubts don’t hesitate to book a call with us, we’ll be more than happy to show how Leadsbridge is helping thousands of companies and professionals in the financial industry optimize their lead generation flow with Facebook and Google ads. Check it out!

Now let me hear your thought in the comment, have you tried any of the methods above?  What was your experience? Share your findings with us in the comment section below.

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