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Yes, Pinterest is the latest best marketing tool for Real Estates

Social media marketing has opened up a whole new world for marketers, especially with its usage growth in recent years, and real estate agents aren’t immune to this. They give you, realtors, the potential to connect with new audiences, grow your following and contacts, and help build your image as a trustworthy agent.

Pinterest, when used for real estate marketing, allows you to open wide the doors of possibilities to make a more significant impact and grow your referral base so let’s dig in to see what it is and what marketing ideas Pinterest can offer for real estate agents.

What is Pinterest?

According to Statista, Pinterest is the 5th most popular social media platform with 56.92 million users as of May 2018.


Pinterest is quite peculiar because it simulates a pinboard, and the idea behind it is to let you put images on that board.

3 Hilary Robertson modern rustic board

Birgit Vogel Pinterest board by Hilary Robertson

The best part is that these images are usually linked to articles or e-commerce sites, for example, you would be able to save everything you’re interested in, be it ideas, recipes to try, places to go, articles to read, or things to buy.

So I think this lets us see the potential Pinterest has for real estate marketing and how there are many ideas out there that you may put in to practice to get the most out of it.

When you create a profile you’ll have the ability to create different boards, select their names according to your Pinterest for real estate marketing ideas, pin the images you choose carefully to build your presence in the platform. With the help of the search function, that automatically shows the most searched keywords on the platform, you’ll be able to search for content to enrich your Pinterest real estate marketing strategy.

Pinterest Real Estate Marketing Ideas, how to get the most out of it

A study from Millward Brown Digital found that active Pinterest users are 47% more likely to have a significant life event happening in a short team, like a home purchase, meaning you have a gold mine for your real estate marketing and that your Pinterest ideas and strategies will be of value for those people.
Statista shows in the chart below that Home is the 3rd most searched and pinned category. Meaning there are lots of Pinterest real estate marketing ideas and opportunities for realtors in there.


With the ability to create personalized boards you’re able to share valuable, pertinent, and original content as part of your Pinterest for real estate marketing. You may also enrich your boards by showing content from other pinners, creating a community, and giving your followers an enriched experience.

Another great thing about Pinterest is that you may connect it to other social media sites so you may create a 360-degree experience for your real estate marketing and get the following you’ve built on other sites to boost the Pinterest experience.

One important thing to keep in mind is that the best way to get the most out of Pinterest for marketing your real estate business is to open a Pinterest business account and get your website verified, you may follow the steps here. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to use rich pins.

Pinterest Marketing Idea #1: Lead generation

Pinterest offers an excellent opportunity for lead generation, be it directly or indirectly.

When you create a pin you may link it to your website so you may have leads go directly to a landing page to get their information in exchange of an offer or the promoted content, infographics are great for this.

Another way to go about this Pinterest for real estate marketing idea is by having pins direct people to your website, they’ll be on the way to conversion through Pinterest but will actually be able to make the conversion on a second step, such as a call to action on a blog post.

These are just to types of lead generation you may do with Pinterest, but there are actually a lot of marketing ideas out there to help real estate agents really profit from this platform.

Pinterest Marketing Idea #2: Retargeting

Once you gather leads from Pinterest, you may really boost your real estate marketing ideas and efforts by doing some retargeting.

Pinterest Audiences allows you to improve your audience targeting strategy, and you may also use the contact lists you have to do some retargeting on other platforms, enhancing your marketing reach.

Pinterest Marketing Idea #3: Rich pins

Rich pins are a type of enhanced pin that works wonders for Pinterest real estate marketing; those that have used them have seen an increase in traffic, conversions, and revenue.

First image “Normal Pin”

Second image “Rich Pin”

Image by

Rich pins allow you to enter additional information, in comparison to a regular pin. In the example above we have a regular pin on the left and a rich pin on the right with not only the time the recipe takes to be made but also the ingredients, and a small description.

The ability to add more information means that your followers will know more going in and will be better-qualified leads as they click on content that they’re actually very interested in.

The best Pinterest marketing idea: Search Engine Optimization

With an increment of 2702.2% in unique visitors since May 2011, Pinterest has become stronger over time. The platform drives more referral traffic than other social media platforms, such as Google Plus and LinkedIn.

The Social Media Examiner has described Pinterest as a visual search engine. This means and you should make your content searchable, optimize it, and take advantage of how the search feature works to collect useful keywords and enhance your content.

The best part about this is that it doesn’t reflect only on Pinterest but on Search Engines as well! Making a fantastic real estate marketing asset. Some great boards have made it to the top 5 search results on Google for some highly competitive subjects, even ranking higher than some mayor exponents in the area, which would be very difficult to do using a small website, for example.

To really take advantage of this you should make sure that every pinpoints right back to your website, to some high quality and pin related content. Apply the same controls when choosing someone else’s pins to share as you’d like to keep your Pinterest real estate marketing clean and helpful for your audience.

Don’t forget to also engage with other pinners and participate on different boards so you may actually create a community that will help you grow and enrich the Pinterest real estate experience for your followers and the platform in general.

All of this will help you gain authority as a pinner and make solid link building strategy for your Pinterest real estate marketing to really boost website visits, with over 80% of pins being re-pins if you create valuable content you’ll be able to increase your website traffic and domain authority by a lot.

So for a Pinterest real estate marketing and SEO booster, keep in mind to:

  • Look for the right keywords so you can be where your audience is looking.
  • Use keywords in your board titles and images caption.
  • Enrich your boards with lots of great content daily, at least 10 pins a day.
  • Promote your board.


Averagely each one of Pinterest’s pins drives two website visits and six page views, while being repined for about 10 times, meaning that the real estate marketing potential for realtors is genuinely there. Make sure to keep all of these tips in mind so you may indeed make the most out your marketing ideas and take advantage of Pinterest for your real estate social media marketing ideas and overall strategy while improving your real estate website traffic and get some sales going!

Have you already tried some of these Pinterest for real estate marketing ideas? What’s your experience been like?

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