How LeadsBridge is making the difference for retailers.

Offline Conversions sync

Push transactions data back to Facebook and track the results of your online campaigns.


Industry specific or in-house CRM software? We've got you covered.

Audience & Catalog Sync

Keep synced your Catalogs and CRM's contacts with Facebook and Google Ads.

A vigorous, Enterprise-Friendly technology

GDPR, PCI, Facebook, Google and LinkedIn compliant

Serious enterprises around the World work with us for a reason. Get a trusted partner who cares about regulations.

No Storing

No storing no trouble. LeadsBridge keeps your privacy and your lead privacy super-safe. Leads data are NEVER stored on our servers.

Advanced Automations

Laser-targeted segmentation, local stores distribution, automation rules and filters, lead communication, you name it!

Over 370 integrations at your service.
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Understand how LeadsBridge is helping retailers drive more in-store sales and track offline conversions generated by online campaigns.

See with your own eyes why LeadsBridge is the #1 choice for retailers and companies that want to improve the ROAS of their online campaigns.