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Bring your online retail marketing data to the real world for better results tracking

With LeadsBridge, you can easily connect your data management tools and bring your online sales into the real world to improve retargeting and results tracking – even when the sales happen offline.

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Gather online and offline sales data to improve your ad campaigns

Sync your data management tools with your advertising platforms to have a clear understanding of the results of your campaigns. Integrate Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and TikTok with 380+ CRMs and email marketing software.

  • Real-time lead sync
  • No more CSV manual export and import
  • Streamline your tracking and retargeting
  • Online-to-offline tracking
  • More effective ad campaigns
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How LeadsBridge is making a difference in the retail industry

  • Detailed tracking

    With LeadsBridge, it’s easy to keep track of all your marketing data

  • Easy integrations

    Connect and integrate all your favorite marketing tools for more effective tracking

  • Online-to-offline

    Keep track of conversions in both an online and offline setting with ease

Build omnichannel campaigns with Online-to-Offline tracking

With LeadsBridge, you can connect your marketing stack with tools like Facebook Conversions API and Google Offline Conversion Tracking to get a better, more accurate view of your sales.

This will help you optimize your marketing strategies, reduce ad spend, and track the real ROAs of your advertising campaigns.

Retail Leads

Rely on direct relationships with valuable partners

We have consolidated relationships with valuable partners such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and many other big companies.

These relationships allow us and our customers to have easy and fast-tracked access to their products and direct support, with the availability of a Partner Solution Engineer.

With their help, we can improve our activities to offer the best services to our customers.

Customize a plan based on your needs

Let us curate a plan that works best for you.


Our self-service plans give you total control with straightforward integrations and easy onboardings. Choose from over 380 integrations and get started right away, all on your own.


Our business-level plan allows you to customize everything with direct help from an account manager. Get insight and regular audits from our team so that you can maximize your marketing efforts.

With LeadsBridge, your privacy matters

No storing, privacy compliant and advanced security

Our platform is secure by design and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and more. That means no lead data storing, complete and total privacy law compliance, and advanced security measures. We undergo regular security audits, including extensive penetration testing by a third party.

No storing

We keep your information secure. We will never store any lead data on our servers.

GDPR, CCPA, PCI, Facebook, Google and LinkedIn compliant

Big companies choose to work with us for a reason. Get a trusted partner that puts your security first.

Advanced security

Laser-targeted segmentation, local store distribution, automation rules and filters, and more. We put security first.

Consent-based marketing

Making consent-based marketing the most scalable, efficient, and safest method for customer acquisition.

Find out how LeadsBridge is helping retail companies implement a more data-driven marketing approach

Start your free trial and see how LeadsBridge improves your retail advertising and tracking.

Free forever plan

Featured customers

We chose (California Institute of Arts & Technology) LeadsBridge to boost our Facebook lead gen and you guys have been super awesome. Quick to respond, always have a solution, I’ve been really pleased with the product and the team so far. Highly recommended!

Tierra MurguiaCalifornia Institute of Arts & Technology

I needed help getting my first integration going, but the support was excellent. I like the number of integrations that LeadsBridge offers and customer support are excellent. As Agency, we have several other CRM’s with which to integrate, LeadsBridge allows us to do it.

Joseph ScottScott & Associates, Inc.

If you need a reliable way to connect multiple apps for passing lead/customer data (Facebook included) for your Non-profit organization and want to know you can access support whenever you need help, then use LeadsBridge.Furthermore, the basic and mid-plan that they offer have a very advantageous price.

Renee ShannonToday’s Benefit Group

I simply love LeadsBridge and I use it for my Retail. Customers want their e-mails immediately when they sign up…not hours or days later. LeadsBridges reduces all that hassles. Couldn’t be happier with the company and support.Thanks to LeadsBridge I was also able to connect Facebook to my CRM.

Frank FakhryRevekaRose

You guys are AWESOME, LeadsBridge is awesome! Everyone I have dealt with is so incredible, anything and I mean anything I have put in for support is addressed and fixed in minutes!

Kaan ZorogluJuiceLEADS

Success Stories

Jidd Motors

Jidd Motors is a Premier Luxury Car Dealer, the North America’s fastest growing family owned luxury dealership with a huge inventory of pre-owned luxury vehicles including Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche just to name a few.


Waylens is “the first camera system built for drivers, from the ground up” . Started in 2014 by a group of car enthusiasts from Harvard and MIT, Waylens wanted to drive pre-orders through its website and Kickstarter page, so it engaged Social Fulcrum – a data-driven customer acquisition agency – to leverage paid social ads to drive new customer acquisition.


Piggo is a friendly and simple app created by GBM that helps people save and invest their money, in order to set and achieve their goals (make a travel, buy a new home, etc.).

Green Egg Chef

Mike Green “Egg Chef” is a blogger, barbecue and grilling lover. Through his blog, he offers tips and techniques to help people cooking delicious recipes with the Big Green Egg.

Amzul Foods

Amzul Foods is a natural food products and supplements company.