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How to increase your sales with CRM retargeting & Dynamic Custom Audiences

If you want to target the right people on Facebook to sell more products and services, then continue reading.

In this article I will show you how to create a Dynamic Custom Audience, that automatically updates itself in order to show your ads to the most suitable audience, with the aim to increase your sales.

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The CRM retargeting is the key to achieve this result.

Wait, it might be better to start with an explanation of why I have decided to talk about this topic and most importantly, why you should care about it.

Nowadays, the social media world is changing constantly. Every single day there is something new, that you need to learn in this social media jungle. All social media platforms are awake and ready for an immediate transformation, therefore if you want to succeed as a marketer, you need to be competitive and preferably one step ahead in this race against the time.

Today, I will share with you something that will help you to extend your email marketing campaigns’ reach by 77%. (Source)

This incredible result has been reached by coordinating Facebook ads on the newsfeed with your email campaign.

CRM retargeting


According to those on the mailing list who saw Facebook Ads too were an impressive 22% more likely to purchase.

We all know that Facebook is a powerful advertising tool that we can use it to reach our potential clients. However, in order to convert a lead into a client  Facebook won’t be the only tool involved. In fact, for the purpose of extending a campaign reach at its maximum we need to combine 2 tools: Facebook Ads + CRM or email marketing software, in order to put in place our CRM retargeting strategy.

Let’s move one step at the time and let’s start to understand better from the beginning, how to put in place a professional CRM retargeting campaign, and achieve successful results.

What is a CRM?

Just to make sure we are all on the same page, a CRM (Customer relationship management) is a software that collects and manages data associated with your business contacts, for instance, leads, prospects, customers etc..

A CRM isn’t just an email database, as matter of fact it also stores dynamic information like phone calls, meetings and any correspondence that you may have with your contacts.

What is CRM exactly for?

A CRM can be used for different purposes, such as managing the sales process, following up individual pipelines, giving a weighted sales projections.

Another important role of CRM consists in email marketing. The CRM will give you the possibility to create different segments of yourlists based on your needs. Segments allow you to personalize emails on a massive scale with the minimum effort.

And it doesn’t finish here. A good CRM will also provide you with a robust automation,  to trigger emails, reminders, appointments, and much more based on pre-determined criteria. In fact, automation capabilities are so important for a successful marketing strategy, that I would not recommend investing in a CRM that does not provide automation capabilities.

Now let’s continue with our second tool… Facebook:

Although Facebook counts 1.23 billion daily active users (source), it is very difficult to effectively use this potential audience in terms of completing a conversion.

However, with the correct adjustments we can use this enormous potential at our advantage. In fact, by building higly-targeted Custom Audiences  on Facebook, we can avoid wasting money and time in ineffective  campaigns.

A Custom Audience allows you to  target an audience based on 4 different choices as you can see in the image below:

Facebook CRM retargeting

A Website custom audience, allows us to target previous visitors of our website. This action can be achieved thanks to the help of an amazing tool called Facebook Pixel.

N.B.: In order to choose your website custom audience, you need to have the Facebook Pixel running on your website. If you are not running it currently, you can quickly check this guide and have it up running just in few steps.

Another valid option conducive to target our customers would be the Customer List Audiences. Until now it has been very clunky. While on one side this feature has a  tremendous potential, on the other hand, users face the complication related to the usage of CSV files when uploading the Customer List into Facebook.

Although this might not seem the most user friendly format to deal with, there are already different tools that can help you to solve this issue in order to synchronize all your leads library in your CRM software or your mail provider.

Leadsbridge is one of them. For example, this software helps you manage the leads that subscribe to your list, building Custom Audiences of your prospects on Facebook without uploading manually the lists.

Now that we have understood how both tool (CRM & Facebook) can help us to build up the lists of customers, it is crucial to use them in synergy to have the maximum results with the minimum effort.

The solution to this enigma is called “Dynamic Custom Audience”.

A dynamic custom audience takes the name from the main attribute that differentiate this custom audience from the others: the dynamicity.

The dynamic custom audience automatically updates the data from your CRM (Salesforce,Hubspot,etc..) as soon as there will be an update. Indeed the key point of the custom audience will be the continuous synchronization between your CRM and your Custom List on Facebook.

What is the real advantage of this option?

The dynamic custom audiences enable you to build up smart ads campaigns, where the target always sees the right ad.

Have they registered for a call with you? Improve the chance that they will attend the meeting by showing particular ads that will remind them of the upcoming event.

Furthermore, this leads to another important benefit: as a matter of fact, targeting the right audience with the right ads unquestionably decreases our ads cost due to the high relevance achieved.

On average, Facebook Ads targeted by custom audiences have a 14% lower cost-per-click and a 64% lower cost-per-conversion than category or interest-based targeting alone. (Source)

How it is possible to achieve this result?

It could sounds complicated, but it’s easier than it looks thanks to the Help of Leadsbridge. In fact of one our main feature is CRM retargeting that will give your custom audience list an autopilot, bridging your CRM with Facebook and continuously provide to your ads fresh audience to be nurtured and converted.

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So here we are.

Hope that this article will help you to discover the functionalities and the benefits of building  dynamic custom audiences for your Facebook Ads.

CRM retargeting is a strong opportunity to increase your customers  value by using the data that you already have on your email marketing software..

Do you still have some doubts? Don’t hesitate to leave your thought or concerns in the section below. We are here to help !

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Mark Cirillo

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