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How to Build Real Estate Facebook Ads That Really Work for Leads Generation

With so many advertising platforms available on the internet, it can be difficult trying to pick out the right one to invest your resources on. The golden rule is to go where the people are, and the less spammy your advertisements are, the more lucrative they’ll be. This is what makes social media such a great platform for real estate ads that work. In particular, Facebook is one of the most lucrative places to invest your money when it comes to advertising. This is because Facebook has one of the largest audiences for your advertisements and it has been proven to generate brilliant results that can convert traffic into real leads. One of the best tool created by Facebook on this purpose is Facebook Lead ads.The Facebook lead ads is a feature that enables you to capture buyer leads within Facebook. It’s your first time with this Facebook tool? Don’t worry we’ve prepared an in depth guide on this topic that you can read here!

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In this article, we’re going to be talking about how you can build real estate Facebook ads that work and can really stand out from your competition and help you generate all-important leads.

The Fundamentals of a Good Real Estate Facebook Ad That Works

Every advertising campaign is built on solid fundamentals. These are the pillars on which every real estate ad that works should be built on and Facebook doesn’t differ much. So in order to create a stunning Facebook advertising campaign, we need to focus on these three simple basics:

  • Your target audience
  • The goal of your campaign
  • Your advertisement itself

Let’s break these components down so that you can start building your very own real estate Facebook ads that work and can convert traffic and turn into profitable leads.

Your target audience

The very first component we’ll be talking about is the target audience. Ask yourself who you’re planning on targeting, the type of people you want to become customers or clients and the general age group that you’re going for.

Choose the right audience for real estate facebook ads that work target audience

For real estate ads that work, you want to think about your location as well and add that to your ideal customer profile. This is a basic sales variable and you’d be wise to focus on it as the starting point of any good real estate Facebook ad that works. Here are a few of the main points you need to consider:

  • What is the average age group that I’ll be targeting? Ask yourself what age group you’re targeting. Are you aiming for students with your real estate ads or do you hope to sell retirement homes?
  • What kind of budget does my ideal audience have? If you want to build real estate ads that work, then you need to focus on the budget that your audience has. Every real estate business has an idea of what type of budget their customer has. Some agents offer high-end properties and others focus on the budget side of things.
  • Does my real estate business only operate in a certain area? Digital advertising has many useful features that give you more control over how they’re displayed. For instance, real estate ads on Facebook can target people from a specific region or area, making the more relevant.
  • Who competes against my company in the industry? Next, you’ll need to think about your competition and how you stack up against them. Real estate Facebook ads that work will always directly compete against their competitor’s advertising materials. You need to remember that you’re not the only real estate business trying to get attention on Facebook, so make sure you look at your competition, see what they are doing, and try to improve or take a different approach.

With these things in mind, you can start putting together your own real estate Facebook ads that work. However, finding your target audience and setting up a profile for them is the very first step. Next, you’ll need to think about the goal of your campaign.

The goal of your campaign

Every good real estate ad that works on Facebook needs a goal. Luckily, Facebook provides you with several advertising goals.

Goals of real estate facebook ads that work

These can include brand awareness, engagement, lead generation, reach and so on. In order to pick the right one, you need to understand the purpose of your advertisement and settle on an overall goal. To help you out, here are some common goals that real estate ads aim for.

  • Helping people move from their current home. People that are likely to move will love to see luxury homes in areas that are close to their current location but far enough to be different. In this case, you’ll want to try and showcase some of the properties outside of your target audience’s area to make your.
  • Increasing your brand awareness. Some real estate agents want to increase their exposure by improving their brand awareness, especially if they have several active locations around the country. This is a good strategy to consider if you want to create real estate Facebook ads that work and want people to notice you.
  • Get people talking about your properties. Engagement is a strategy that can also benefit real estate agents. However, it’s more targeted towards real estate agents that already have some presence and just want their unique properties to be spread around.
  • Educate people about the choices they have. Let’s face it, most of the general public has no idea the type of funding or homes that are available to them. Many people don’t realize that mobile and prefab homes can be a part of the real estate industry, and some don’t understand the advantages of living in a luxury apartment with built-in amenities such as a gym and spa. Some real estate Facebook ads focus on informing their audience about these choices so that they are more likely to consider the properties that the realtor is offering.

As you can see, there are many different goals to each advertising campaign. When it comes to real estate, there aren’t as many logical choices as if you were selling a different product or running a different type of business, but there are many creative ways to make the most of your real estate Facebook ads. If you’ve got a target audience in mind, then taking a unique approach could be what you need to set yourself apart and draw more attention than your competition.

Designing A Real Estate Ad That Works

The design of the advertisement itself deserves its own section. If you want to be real estate Facebook ads that work, then it’s important to put thought into how it will appear. This is because there are far too many ideas and possibilities that we couldn’t possibly limit it to a small section.

Success stories facebook lead ads real estate

First, let’s go through the types of Facebook ads that you’ll want to use for real estate.

  • Video Ads – As the name suggests, video ads are perfect for showing tours (guided or not) around your properties. Some realtors have found success using drone footage as well, especially if the property itself is much larger than what a video could showcase.
  • Link Click Ads – The most basic form of any real estate ad that works is a link click ad. These will usually showcase a property or two with a message and then link to the listing on your website. However, you could also link to articles that you have that could educate your audience.
  • Boosted Page Posts – Boosted pages are a great addition to any real estate ad that works. If you’re already using Facebook on a regular basis, then you may have noticed that you can “boost” your pages. This is perfect if you’ve already posted about certain properties and want to draw more attention to them.
  • Multi-Product (Carousel Ads) – These are multi-image advertisements that users can flick through. This is perfect for displaying several properties in a single ad and are great if you’re marketing multiple homes in a single area or style.
  • Local Awareness Ads – For a Facebook real estate ad that works incredibly well for your local area, then a local awareness ad is perfect. In addition to displaying a picture, text and a link, it also allows you to add your local phone number in the form of a “Call Now” button which gives people a much easier time reaching you. These are best used together with Facebook’s location-based ad targeting.

Now that you’ve seen the types of advertisements, let’s go through a couple of fantastic sample ideas that you can use to boost your lead generation and design a real estate Facebook ad that works.

  1. Describe the home in a few words to your audience

Less is usually more in the world of advertising. It’s the best idea to go with when building real estate ads that work. Pick some descriptive words and let them do the talking (along with images, of course).

  1. Sell dreams, not just a property

Remember that you can sell a dream and not just a property. Let your audience know what they’re getting by setting the scene for them. This is one of the key components to any real estate ad that works.

  1. Live guided tours to showcase the best of a property

People love to see the insides of a home. Even if they can’t afford it themselves, nothing prevents them from sharing it with their friends and eventually reaching someone that does have the budget to afford it. Real estate Facebook ads that work are driven by engagement and sharing widgets are perfect for this.

  1. Drone tours of the outside of the property

Want to show off the architecture or local amenities and scenery? A drone tour is a great addition to any real estate Facebook ad that works.

  1. Educate your audience about properties you specialize in

Are you an expert on apartments? Do you specialize in retirement homes? Make sure you let your audience know and educate them with articles to drive your real estate Facebook ads that work.

  1. Show them the price that you expect them to pay

Adding the price immediately on any real estate ad is sure to improve lead generation especially if you have competitive pricing.

  1. Add a floor plan to your multi-image advertisements

Floor plans can usually tell a bigger story than just images, but why not add in a floor plan to any carousel or multi-image real estate ad that you are running?

  1. Incorporate a sense of urgency

If you let your audience know that there are only a couple of properties in a certain area or apartment left, then they are usually more inclined to check your real estate Facebook ads out to see what they’re missing out on.

Final Words

Putting together real estate ads for Facebook can be a challenge. However, if you understand your audience, your strengths and gear your advertisements towards both those factors, you’ll have a much easier time thinking up creative ways to use Facebook ads to convert leads and ultimately improve your real estate business. Are you still looking for some Facebook ads ideas? Make sure to check out our related post: 10 Quick and easy Facebook post ideas for real estate agents!

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