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How to use your car dealership CRM data for your Advertising Facebook Campaign

Facebook and CRM data are a match made in heaven for a car dealership advertising. With Facebook’s 2.2 billion monthly active users, it is a platform of choice for businesses. It will interest you to know that 75% of car buyers and 68% of service customers say internet research, including social media networks and review sites were the most helpful medium when selecting a car dealership.

On the other hand, CRM is a business strategy that helps to improve revenues and profits. It increases customer loyalty and reduces cost. With it, you can store customers’ information such as name, location, email address, and phone numbers. This information is important because you can combine Facebook and CRM data to create custom audiences for your car dealership advertising on Facebook. Examples of CRMs are Salesforce, SugarCRM, Really Simple Systems, NetSuite CRM and Zoho.

Therefore, as a car dealership, if you are not using Facebook and CRM data to create car dealership advertising, you are leaving money on the table. Most popular brands are using these tools to acquire prospective customers and increase sales through Facebook advertising.

In this article, you will learn how to use Facebook and CRM data for a car dealership advertising that will skyrocket your sales.

Let’s get started.

How Facebook and CRM work

Facebook created an opportunity for advertisers to integrate their CRM data with Facebook to enhance ad targeting. You can upload your CRM data on Facebook to create custom audiences.

It works like this:

When you upload your CRM data on Facebook; it matches the emails on the CRM list with the data of users on Facebook. It then, create a new set of audience known as the custom audience.

A custom audience is a highly targeted list of people created from your CRM list. It is a list of customers who are already relating to your business, so they are likely to convert. You can target them with relevant car dealership advertising to increase your customer base and revenue.

Now you know you can create custom audiences from Facebook and CRM data, the question is, is the custom audience effective in a car dealership advertising campaign?

Below is how the Facebook custom audience can skyrocket your business revenue.

Benefits of using custom audience for a car dealership advertisin

1.It broadens your reach through lookalike audiences

Once you have created your custom audience from your CRM data, Facebook can help you identify similar users that have similar characteristics to your existing customers. It is called a lookalike audience.  Lookalike audience helps you to target similar audiences with Facebook ads for your car dealership advertising.

Facebook matches the data in your custom audience such as age, gender or interest with users on the platform to create the lookalike audience. Facebook can match 60-80% of the contacts on your CRM list depending on the data you have. This helps you to reach a new set of audience and target them with your car dealership advertising to increase your income and customer base.

2.It can be used to remarket to inactive users

With the aid of the custom audience, you created from your CRM data, you can create an event-based audience. You can create a list of people who did not complete the desired action on your website such as completing the purchasing process or signing up to your list. You can retarget them with offers that will help them take the required decisions.

3.Use custom audience to increase your profits by using audience exclusions.

Facebook has over 1 billion people that view ads every month. The truth is, not everyone that sees your car dealership advertising on Facebook will convert. What you can do to maximize your ad spend is to use audience exclusion. It will help you remove people that are not likely to convert from your list. For example, students are not likely to buy cars. So, you can remove the audience that is in the age range of students.

Facebook custom audience: A case study

Below is a case study of how Opel Netherlands created custom and lookalike audiences and made profits.

Opel Netherlands

Screenshot 2019-05-17 at 00.15.39

Opel Netherlands created ads with a lookalike audience of people who viewed their website in the last 30 days, the custom audience of people who visited their website in the last 60 days and their best performing personas for used inventory. They got 20% lower cost per conversion, 27% more conversions from ads and 15% higher reach.

This showed that custom audience works for car dealerships. Imagine when you combine Facebook and CRM data to create the custom audience and then you create car dealership advertising, it will increase conversions tremendously.

So, the next question is, how do you upload your CRM data on Facebook to use for a car dealership advertising.

How to upload your CRM data into Facebook

1.Log into your Facebook account and click on create ads.

2.On the “ads Manager” page, click on “Audiences” under Assets.

 car dealership advertising

3.Under “create audience“, select “custom audience“

4.Click on “Customer file” in the pop up displayed.

 car dealership advertising

There are four steps you need to take to create the custom audience from your CRM data. They are – Add customer list, edit data mapping, hashed upload and creation, and next steps.

5.Here, you will upload the CRM data you want to use to create your car dealership advertising. There are two ways to do it – upload manually or use automation. Automation involves using Leadsbridge to sync your CRM data with Facebook to create a custom audience for your customer list. To upload the CRM data manually, click on “add customer list” and upload your CSV file.

 car dealership advertising

6.After you have uploaded the CRM data, preview and map your identifier by specifying the first and last name, email address, phone numbers, etc.

7.Facebook will hash your data on your web browser and use it to create your custom audience. It will take up to 30 minutes to create the customer list.

 car dealership advertising

8.When it is done, use the custom audience to create a relevant car dealership advertising for your business.

9.Automatically Sync your CRM with the Facebook custom audience using Leadsbridge

Do you know it is possible to sync your Facebook and CRM databases such as Agile CRM, Bitrix24, Freshsales, and HubSpot to create Facebook custom audience for your car dealership advertising using Leadsbrigde?

When you sync your Facebook and CRM data with Leadsbridge, the list is updated automatically. For instance, if you have new visitors signing up daily to your car dealership subscribers list, you don’t have to keep uploading the file manually every day, Leadsbridge refreshes the list every 6 hours to keep it updated. This make it easy for you to reach new subscribers with your car dealership advertising campaigns on Facebook. This means you don’t have to worry about uploading manually and mismatching data. It saves time and effort.


Facebook and CRM data is a great tool you can use to create relevant car dealership advertising for your business. Through it, you will increase your customer database and revenue.

It’s your turn.

Have you use Facebook and CRM data to create car dealership advertising before? What was the result?  Share with us in the comment section below.

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