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Grow your e-commerce Mailing List with Lead Ads and Coupons

By Michele Serrazanetti | No Comments | 1st October 2016

The e-commerce is an easy but complex subject. It is easy because thanks to the internet power you can sell your products or services to everyone in the world with a simple click, but at the same time it is difficult to manage as it is heavily based on emails.

Anyway, an e-commerce business is fantastic and, if you use the right keys, you can face the problem of a poor mailing list with some little tricks.

If you run an e-commerce business you probably know that the magic word in this field is COUPON, a powerful marketing strategy that lets you increase your sales and encourage your audience to buy for second, third, fourth… time.

In this article, you’ll find a lot of useful information on the importance of coupons and on the ways you can use them to strengthen your exposure and your sales.



Coupon Marketing

This way of promoting your e-commerce business is fundamental in order to boost your loyalty and to grow your audience. People love coupons and discounts, so if you do it right, you will make them happy, relaxed and ready to buy; this way you will sell your new products or the old ones that you were unable to sell before.

Day by day, without knowing it, you will increase your mailing list and the chances to grow your e-commerce.

Obviously one of the most important things to do is an intelligent use of coupons, basing on the behavior of your audience and valuing the context in which you offer your coupons.


An intelligent use of coupons: Lead Ads

As said before, it is crucial to know exactly how to use your offers and in this regard, you can use Lead Ads to send your coupons to your prospects in order to increase the size of your audience – and therefore your clients of course.

Thanks to Facebook Lead Ads you can:

  • reach people interested in your products
  • sell your products
  • increase your mailing list
  • boost the loyalty of your brand

It is a great tool as it auto fills the forms with the leads’ details in order to make it easier for people to sign up and receive your offers, as the famous motto says Tap Tap Done!

If you already run an e-commerce business, you know that everything is about emails and that collecting new addresses takes time. The reason is that an e-commerce does not use phone numbers or other contacts, it is only based on emails and Lead Ads is a powerful help that lets you collect more and more email addresses.


Welcome email and single-use coupons

In order to collect more and more email addresses, an e-commerce business needs a solid welcome email and the best solution to activate this is LeadsBridge.

With this “friend” you can send a welcome email and start the conversation with your lead as soon as he/she subscribes to your form. That’s a great tool because you can send emails, even if your CRM can’t do that, with a lead magnet or a white paper or to inform your leads you received their information and you will contact them as soon as possible.

Many of the owners of e-commerce businesses use MailChimp to deliver welcome email. With this tool, you can customize your emails basing on your audience and you can also deliver unique coupons to your leads.

Of course, you can integrate Lead Ads with Mailchimp as well through LeadsBridge in order to send your coupons to your leads and, thanks to this new app, you will have the possibility to create a single-use coupon: this way, you will avoid the problem of “addiction” in using coupons.

In fact, if you offer day by day a discount to your audience, they will expect a coupon every time you launch a new product. And if you do that the chances are you will decrease your income and your clients won’t be loyal customers, but only occasional ones.

So you can use lead ads to collect new email addresses and once your prospects subscribe, you can send them a coupon right away as a gift they can use on your site to buy the product they want.

Below a video on how single-use coupons work.

Complete your work with retargeting

Do you remember the magic word “retargeting”? The wonderful strategy that lets you send messages and, in this case, coupons to those people who have already visited your website, but went away without ending the purchase.

With the retargeting, you can follow your customers on the web!

This is a fantastic tool, that lets you know who are the people interested in your products, so once you know that, you’ll be able to increase the conversion rate, the loyalty of your brand and the ROI, all of this keeping your brand in the spotlight.

This way, instead of persuading new buyers to visit your site, you can convince your visitors to come back again on your page. In particular, you can focus on those who have abandoned the cart or you can send a coupon to encourage your audience to come back on your site and close the purchase.

The retargeting works because everyone of us gives trust to those people, businesses, and brands that seem familiar to our eyes and this perception is the key you need to use to boost your e-commerce.

In order to get your retargeting going on Facebook, you need to install the Facebook pixel on your website. You can do it manually, but if you’re not techy it might be a little tricky 😉 At LeadsBridge we developed the Pixel enhancer to help marketers manage it easily and fire all desired Facebook standard events with just a single line of code. Subscribe to our app and you’ll find it in our suite of tools as well.

Facebook pixel enhancer



As you can see, coupons are the best solution to increase your sales and the loyalty of your brand even if you have a small e-commerce.

Obviously, the first thing you need to understand is the cost of the entire promotion in order to know your margin, then you have to focus on your audience and deliver your coupons to the right client.

You can make the difference!

So think carefully on the coupon you’re going to create, use a welcome email to deliver it, increase your mailing list and use the retargeting to reach those people who left your page without closing the purchase.

What are you waiting for? Go and give Lead Ads and LeadsBridge a chance! Register here for free 😉 .

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