Start collecting more leads using the disruptive Facebook Lead Generation Ads and push leads into DealerSocket, in real-time!

Perhaps you have already heard. Facebook Lead Generation Ads is a new way to collect leads online that perturbed the automotive industry moving over 5B dollars of the advertising spending into this new technology.

What is Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook Lead Ads is a new ad format which let you easily collect leads on mobile devices thanks to its pre-filled form.

Within two taps, users are more likely to become leads because it’s effortless in submitting their info.

Below a quick video that shows you how Facebook Lead Generation Ads work.

Hint: Imagine your company instead of Facebook for Developers !


Why it’s so disruptive? What’s the average cost per lead?

Facebook Lead Ads has been called the best Lead Generation tool ever created and results speak clearly:

A US car dealer usually collects a lead through Facebook Lead Generation Ads spending between $6.98 and $23.65 which is almost 8x lower than other online advertising channels.

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What is LeadsBridge and why is so important for DealerSocket users?

LeadsBridge helps Lead Ads making it a super-effective technology in the Automotive industry thanks to our integration with DealerSocket (and many other car dealers CRMs) which makes the sales funnel smooth and faster in following up with the new leads you collect.

Without LeadsBridge, leads will be stored in a simple CSV file which will destroy conversions and will consume time to your team in manually inserting leads into your CRM.


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How does the DealerSocket integration work? I’m not a tech person!

Even if there are few companies out there integrating vertical CRMs like DealerSocket, our technology will send leads directly into it, so you can call them right away and avoid to lose any of them through a time-consuming manual process.

LeadsBridge will build the DealerSocket integration for you, for free. We are working with over 2500 DealerSocket customers and we’ll be glad to show you how the flow works during our demo ;).

Ok, sounds great! What’s the next step?

The next step would be jumping on a quick call/demo where we can talk about this solution and how LeadsBridge can help!

Just click here and fill the form and to be contacted by our sales department otherwise, if you are not the right person, please forward this page to your advertising manager via Email!

If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us here !

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