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Why you should integrate Klaviyo with Facebook Lead Ads: 5 core benefits

Integrate Klaviyo with Facebook lead ads

It’s clear that Facebook Lead Ads are invaluable when it comes to collecting high-quality leads at a relatively low cost and on a solid scale. That’s a massive asset for businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

The leads, however, are only going to be as valuable as what you manage to do with them once you get them. 

Knowing how to nurture and engage your leads is crucial, and the right tools and integrations can go a long way to help with that. Our Klaviyo and Facebook Lead Ads integration is a great example. 

In this post, we’re going to discuss why you should use our Facebook Klaviyo integration and the core benefits you can get if you do. 

What is Klaviyo? 

Klaviyo is an email marketing and SMS marketing SaaS tool. It’s a platform that focuses heavily on automation. It uses action-based triggers and cues to know when to send users the right message through different channels.

Moreover, it utilizes both automation and hyper-deep segmentation to increase the personalization of the messages you’re sending. 

Why you should integrate Klaviyo with Facebook Lead Ads
Source: Klaviyo 

It’s easy to use, and it’s accessible for businesses of all experience levels. 

Want to learn more about getting the most out of Klaviyo? We have multiple integrations for Klaviyo, which you can check out here. 

Powerful benefits of Klaviyo

According to Klavyio’s report, brands that used their platform for their email, SMS, or a combination of both marketing communications, managed to achieve an impressive revenue of $2.2 billion. This figure showcases a remarkable 46% growth compared to the $1.5 billion revenue recorded in 2021.

So, if you are looking for a reliable email marketing and SMS solution, Klaviyo is one of the best options out there. 

Let’s review some of the top Klaviyo benefits you might want to consider:

  • Comprehensive features: It brings all the essential tools together in one place, which facilitates seamless workflows and better productivity. 
  • Advanced data science: As a user, you have access to smart analytics and personalized recommendations. You can use this advanced data to send targeted and effective marketing emails and ultimately boost your sales.
  • Automated workflows: The tool’s design lets you easily customize workflows. You get to choose from multiple workflows and easily customize them to suit your customer’s behavior.
  • User-friendly Interface: A top benefit of Klaviyo is its UI. From a 3-step setup to in-app features, everything has been designed to offer an easy interface with a minimum learning curve. 
  • Boosting conversions: In the end, it’s the results that matte. L. Eyes Eyewear partnered with Klaviyo, and using Klaviyo’s pop-up form, they experienced a 2000% increase in sign-ups. Additionally, ICONIC London, a luxury make-up brand, increased revenue from CRM by 42% when using Klaviyo in just under a year. 
  • Great customer support: Expert help when you need it. Their experienced and friendly team is available during business hours to provide you with the assistance you need via email support or live chat for paid plans.
  • Allows third-party integrations: Klaviyo seamlessly connects with numerous platforms to enable data sync to and from your systems. Here at LeadsBridge, we offer numerous integrations with all the top marketing and advertising platforms, such as Facebook.

What is a Facebook Lead Ads & Klaviyo integration?  

LeadsBridge’s Facebook Klaviyo integration was specifically designed to link Klaviyo and Facebook Lead Ads so that you can streamline data syncing between the two.

This integration takes just a few clicks to set up to sync the two platforms. Once connected, the data bridge will allow you to have data shared back and forth between the two platforms automatically. 

Read this step-by-step guide to learn how to connect Facebook Lead Ads to Klaviyo.

Your Facebook Lead data will be sent to Klaviyo automatically so that you can follow up promptly with SMS and email campaigns tailored to those users

And even better— we know that you’re already paying for the leads you get from Facebook Ads and for Klaviyo’s services, so our integration is included with LeadsBridge’s free forever plan. Sign up for free here. 

5 Benefits of a Klaviyo Facebook Ads integration 

There are five major benefits that marketers and businesses can experience by using our Klaviyo Facebook Lead Ads integration. Let’s take a look at each one. 

1. Save time by skipping single data transfers 

Our Facebook Ads Klaviyo integration allows all newly completed Lead Ad forms to be sent straight to Klaviyo in real-time

Your team members no longer have to check in once a day or more to spend a minimum of ten minutes each downloading the lists from Facebook and then uploading them to another platform.

This means your team members get more time back into their days, with one less task to focus on. As a result, they can be more productive and focus on the work they need to do: Creating great campaigns to re-engage and nurture your customers

2. There’s no need for manual list updating 

Besides saving time, automated data transfers offer additional benefits.

Manual list updating can be complicated. You might need to check for duplicate emails or struggle with technical difficulties.

There’s also the risk that manual lists are prone to human error; your team forgets to download and upload the list for two or three days. By then, you very well could have leads that have already disengaged and become lost forever before you figured it out. 

Automation is better when it comes to time-consuming and repetitive but still-crucial tasks. 

3. The integration works quickly 

Our Facebook Lead Ads and Klaviyo integration isn’t just automatic; it’s also fast.

New lead forms that come in through Facebook Ads can be sent over to Klaviyo in the blink of an eye and almost instantaneously.

This means that your new leads are getting outreach campaigns as soon as humanly possible, either through email or SMS (or both!). These communications are tailored to them and their customer journey so far based on the lead ad they converted on. 

4. It’s easier to engage leads while they’re hot 

The reality is that it’s easier to engage leads while they’re fresh off the press, so to speak. 

You must connect with users while they’re excited and interested. Waiting a day (or even an hour) might mean their interest has declined, or even that they’ve gone to check out a more responsive competitor.

Klaviyo has exceptional trigger-flow campaign options. You can create autoresponders specific to the lead ads that users have converted on so you can send them hyper-relevant emails and texts that feel personalized to them. 

Fast, rapid responses are best. This is true whether you’re sending a welcome email, an invitation to book a free consultation or appointment or to send them a free ebook or webinar access they converted on. Timeliness is key. 

5. You’ll sell more & faster 

Finding better ways to streamline your sales and marketing process isn’t just about saving time; it also means that your entire team has the data that they need faster. 

You can pull data from Klaviyo, for example, to see which emails were opened, and that data can be sent to your CRM. So not only can your marketing team optimize their messaging accordingly, but you can get valuable data about user activity.

This only happens, of course, when you’re able to get in touch with leads quickly and reliably. 

And with this information, your sales team can reach out on a personalized basis to engage leads. This can mean more conversions more efficiently, which is an incredible benefit that most brands will love.

Final thoughts 

Facebook Lead Ads makes it possible to connect with high-value, high-quality leads quickly, and Klaviyo makes it possible to re-engage them on a more personalized basis.

Our Facebook Lead Ads and Klaviyo integration bridges the gap between the two, combining quality, speed, and efficiency from every side so that your leads can get the information they want faster. It’s quick to set up, and it’s included in our Free Forever plan, making it a great option for brands who use both tools.

Want to streamline your lead engagement process? Try our Facebook Lead Ads Klaviyo integration free today! 

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