Connect, Automate and Sync leads and contacts with your favorite Automotive software

Companies and businesses in the automotive industry need to manage large amounts of data from their users and customers and, in order to do it efficiently, they need to use different tools. The most common ones are software for marketing, tools for organizing work, and software for managing the relationships with leads and customers. LeadsBridge supports the needs of the automotive industry by creating an ecosystem of integrated tools that makes car dealers work more comfortably, more fluid, and more productive. For example, car dealers can use LeadsBridge to synchronize their CRM with Facebook and Instagram Lead Ads to acquire more leads and decrease lead generation costs. They also can send welcome emails and SMS to their new leads when they fill out a request form. LeadsBridge is also able to support a system to send email notifications to sales reps to allow them to reach the leads on time and never miss an opportunity.

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