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Christmas email marketing: 16 tips to generate more leads

Email marketing ideas for Christmas

Christmas is a time of re-connection, a holiday season that draws families and friends back together in celebration. 

As well as this, it is also an opportunity for businesses to reconnect with their existing customers and generate new leads in time for the gift-shopping frenzy that is about to ensue. 

However, diversifying your business amongst a large crowd competing for the same audience’s attention can be an overwhelming challenge. 

Christmas email marketing is one of the most functional advertising tactics that you can use to break through the promotional overload, reaching more leads, more effectively.

Throughout this article, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to curate an email campaign that delivers value and drives leads, including examples that you can re-frame to enhance your marketing impact. 

Benefits of Christmas email marketing campaigns

There are a plethora of reasons why employing this type of advertising campaign can be advantageous for your profit margin, with the most notable including the following;

  • Increased channel value 

Email ranks highly amongst all available marketing channels, with many businesses regarding it as a key player in acquiring a significant return on investment.  The possibility of capturing lead interest with email marketing is much higher during the Christmas period, with two-thirds of consumers paying greater attention to email campaigns during the holiday season.

  • Higher conversion rate

Conversion on emails during the holiday season is typically higher, as your audience possesses a greater purchasing intention. Accompanied by an enticing offer and an attractive layout, your business is more susceptible to converting leads into paying customers. 

  • Greater sales opportunity 

More sales occur during the Christmas period than any other time of year, with people allocating greater budgets for gift shopping than any other occasion. This year, it is projected that consumer spending will increase to approximately $1.45 trillion this holiday season. 

Now that you have a greater awareness of the benefits of this marketing channel during this particular season, let’s take a deeper look into how to execute a flawless Christmas email marketing campaign. 

16 Christmas email marketing campaign ideas  

1. Include segmentation

Creating accurate segments for your upcoming campaign is an imperative facet of achieving success with email marketing. This segmentation can be based on demographics, interests, or behaviors. 

By allocating the time to insightfully develop these sub-groups, you can ensure you are delivering content to the group that will truly experience its value. The more value you deliver, the higher your likelihood of conversion. 

2. Encourage social engagement 

Social media is a powerful tool that you can weave into your email campaign to maximize engagement and boost brand visibility. By combining the power of both of these tools, you can experience a substantial increase in lead generation.

Consider prompting prospects within your email to undertake an action on the company’s social platforms. This may be as simple as entering a competition via an Instagram page. 

One of the main Christmas email marketing examples of this action is Postable. The designer card company released a holiday newsletter, encouraging leads to vote for their favorite card design via the company’s Instagram to be in with a chance to win $150 worth of cards. 

3. Choose a timeframe

Timing is crucial when it comes to campaign success, as the efficacy of your efforts is dependent upon the relationship that you have built with your leads.

When to start sending Christmas emails

It is best practice to divide your email campaign into three specific stages, which are as follows:

a. Pre-Christmas 

Every business should aim to begin their Christmas email marketing campaigns within the first week of November. Approximately  45% of people tend to purchase their gifts this month, seeking to avoid the rush of last-minute panic buying. 

This is an opportune time to begin a steady influx of gift guides and wish lists, showcasing your broad product offering. Sending your emails early means that you have less competition to fight against in the consumer’s inbox, keeping your products fresh in their mind.  

b. Christmas

This is the point in the season, two to three weeks before Christmas, when we are aiming directly for the sale. If you have sufficiently nurtured your leads with personalized content in the run-up to this period, achieving the final conversion should be a somewhat easier task. 

To secure these purchases, it would be wise to consider including a discount code on products that they have displayed interest in or another form of promotional offer. 

For the last-minute shoppers, you can include a Christmas Eve email that links to an in-store discount. 

c. Post-Christmas 

If you think that the passing of Christmas signifies the end of your campaign, you would be incorrect. 

This period affords your business the chance to show appreciation for your customers by offering New Year’s sale discounts, and access to pre-sales or alternative promotions.  

This gesture remains in the customer’s mind and can incline them to continue purchasing from your business long into the future. 

4. Responsive design 

The design and layout of Christmas email campaigns are hugely influential on lead interaction. 

Whilst they should reflect the theme of the holiday season, it is important that they are visually easy to process and free from unnecessary, distracting elements. 

Additionally, communications should be fully responsive. This means that your emails should display perfectly across all devices. This is particularly important as 41% of email views come from mobile devices, followed by 39% on desktop. 

5. Engaging imagery

Including engaging imagery within your Christmas email marketing campaign can capture lead interest in ways that text simply cannot. Visuals should be used to solidify your message, enhancing your marketing efforts. 

40% of people are more responsive to imagery than plain text, making this a non-negotiable aspect of your email.

6. Intriguing subject lines

The average consumer has an inbox bursting at the seams with promotional communications, so how do you differentiate yourself during the busiest commercial season?

A powerful subject line. 

64% of recipients will decide to open an email based on the subject line alone. Therefore, it is essential that your emails are armed with headlines of 50-60 characters that pique lead interest. 

Here are some great examples of Christmas email subject lines that can increase your open rate:

  • We’re feeling merry. Get 25% off your order!
  • Final countdown! Christmas sale ends in 24 hours! 
  • Last-minute Christmas discounts
  • Grab this magical offer before it melts away!
  • The perfect Christmas gift this year

7. Compelling copy

The content of your email marketing should be as informative as it is interesting. Therefore, you should prioritize adding value to ensure leads are taking the desired action brought about within your email, be it a subscription or use of a discount. 

The copy used to convey your message bears great influence over how long you can maintain a customer’s interest. Consider keeping text concise and readable, eliminating long blocks of text that offer no purpose. 

Adding personalizations, such as the lead name, is an alternative way of boosting engagement and driving greater conversions. According to a study carried out by Dynamic Yield Research, 62.6% of consumers feel more inclined to respond to a personalized message from a brand. 

8. Converting call to action

Effective call-to-action buttons are an integral aspect of the DNA of all successful Christmas email campaigns. They can be the final prompt needed to elicit a response that secures a conversion. 

When deciding which CTA’s to include, remember to remain clear in your instructions to the lead. These buttons must reflect the exact action that you want them to take.  

Here are some examples that you can use as inspiration: 

  • Send Me Christmas Specials Now!
  • Claim your coupon 
  • Order now!
  • Shop holiday deals
  • Save today!
  • Apply discount!

9. Build subscriber lists

Building your subscriber list before the holiday season is a great way to increase the visibility of your Christmas email marketing campaign. The two most effective ways to do this are as follows; 

a. Twelve Days of Christmas campaign

This theme is a fantastic tactic for capturing lead intrigue, offering twelve days of twelve promotions on popular products. Incentivizing the shopping experience can incline customers to convert, as they are searching for the best offers to avail of. 

Christmas email marketing examples of this strategy include brands such as Magnolia, as seen below.

b.  Activity guide

Many people are in search of unique activities to partake in during the festive season, both with friends and family. By creating an activity guide of events suitable to your target audience, you can offer something of value to a customer. 

If your business is situated in a shopping center or commercial village, where festive activities and events usually take place before Christmas, you can include a visit to your store within the activity list. You can further entice the customer by offering a special discount available to email customers only. 

This way, you are encouraging your leads to interact with your business whilst their purchase intent is the highest. If you offer a positive experience, your brand will be at the forefront of their mind when it comes time to gift shop. 

10. Online Advent Calendar

The online Advent Calendar is a creative, seasonal take on the classic giveaway structure.

Once a lead has registered for the Advent Calendar through your social media advert or website, they will receive a new discount, article, or gift guide via email every day until Christmas week.

This strategy enables your business to get creative, using different tactics, designs, and incentives to generate new leads. When a subscriber knows they will receive valuable content, they are more inclined to engage with your communication. Therefore, this marketing strategy can positively impact your open and click rates.

11. Create A/B split testing

Given the timeframe of early November to mid-December, you have a substantial window that you can use to fine-tune your email campaign and decipher which elements work best. 

The most effective, actionable way to do this is by partaking in rigorous A/B testing.

Within an A/B test, you can set two variants of an email and send each of them to two small percentages of the total recipients. The A-version is sent to half of the test group, while the other half receives the B-version. 

The result, typically measured according to opens or clicks, determines the winning version. You may choose to A/B test your subject lines, CTA’s, visuals, color palette, or email length. 

AB test email

12. Themed Campaigns

Many companies often alter the appearance of their social media or websites to reflect a more festive theme. The same can, and should, be done for email. 

Templates reflective of the holiday season attract greater attention amongst leads, exposing your business to increased traffic and higher conversions. An Optin Monster customer used this technique and experienced a 120% increase in free trial subscriptions

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13. B2B Holiday Email Ideas

Approaching the festive season, businesses are intensifying their marketing efforts to optimize their Q4 2023 revenue. For B2B companies, email marketing remains a cost-effective and potent tool to attract and engage potential customers amid the holiday cheer. This article aims to provide innovative B2B holiday email ideas that will enable you to establish a meaningful connection with your target audience and elevate your sales.

Evoke a sense of urgency

Prompting action from your prospects is effectively achieved by instilling a sense of urgency in your emails. Utilize phrases such as “limited time offer” or “while stocks last” to spur your recipients into swift action. Additionally, consider offering time-sensitive incentives like early-bird discounts or complimentary shipping for orders placed before a specified date.

Showcase your holiday offerings

In a market saturated with holiday promotions, it becomes crucial to distinguish your deals from the competition. Instead of merely presenting discounts, present your clients with an irresistible value proposition. This could take the form of a unique bundle package or a holiday-themed service bundle that aligns seamlessly with their business requirements.

Infuse personalization into your emails

Digital marketing thrives on personalization, and the holiday season is no exception. Address your recipients by their names, reference their businesses, and include a personalized message resonating with the season’s spirit. This personalized touch will convey value and appreciation, fostering a stronger connection with your B2B prospects.

By incorporating these innovative B2B holiday email ideas, you can distinguish your business from competitors, boost sales, and forge an indelible connection with your target audience. 

14. Interactive Holiday Cards

Holiday cards have been a tradition for generations, and it’s no secret that they’re a powerful marketing tool during the Christmas season. But have you considered adding an interactive element to your holiday cards? Interactive holiday cards are revolutionizing the way businesses promote themselves during the festive period, and here’s why:

1. Higher Engagement Rates: Interactive holiday cards are far more engaging than traditional cards. These cards are designed to grab the recipient’s attention and hold it for longer. This increased engagement leads to higher open and click-through rates, making them an ideal tool for generating leads.

2. Brand Awareness: Interactive holiday cards are a great way to increase brand awareness during the festive season. These cards could be designed with your brand’s unique selling point in mind, providing a subtle reminder of your business to your recipients.

3. Personalization: Traditional cards can be personalized with a handwritten message, but interactive holiday cards take personalization to a whole new level. These cards come with various interactive features, such as games, quizzes, videos, and more, providing your recipients with an unforgettable, personalized experience.

4. Cost-Effective: Printed cards can be costly, especially when ordering in bulk. Interactive holiday cards can be created and sent via email, eliminating the cost of printing and postage. This makes them an excellent cost-effective alternative to traditional cards.

5. Data Collection: Interactive holiday cards provide an opportunity to collect valuable data from your recipients, such as email addresses, preferences, and interests. This data can be used to inform future marketing campaigns and improve your overall strategy.

Source: Jacquie Lawson

15. Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday gift guide is an essential part of Christmas email marketing campaigns across a variety of industries. 

This strategic content piece addresses the main pain point of the festive season – the difficulty of finding the perfect gift for a loved one. Holiday gift guides provide leads with a range of products that can be categorized according to recipient or budget, making the decision process easier for the buyer. 

These are also a smart way to showcase your product bringing consumer attention to some of your most popular, and less-known products alike. 

Society6 provided a great example of how to use holiday gift guides to your advantage, which you can see below.

16. Christmas newsletter

An alternative to the gift guide, holiday newsletters are a popular inclusion of many email campaigns.

This highly visual content is used to capture lead interest through engaging imagery, educational articles, and other valuable features, including discounts. One of the most notable Christmas newsletter ideas is to include gamification where possible, as a means of boosting engagement and driving lead generation.

Key takeaways

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for any business, and it is easy to become overwhelmed with the pressure to yield huge profits. 

It is important to remember that your Christmas email marketing campaign should be tailored to achieve your specific goals and objectives, whether that be greater profit, better brand visibility, or increased lead generation. 

No matter the goal, there is a holiday email tactic that you can spin to your advantage. 

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