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Email marketing for Christmas: 10 tips to generate more leads

By Mark Cirillo | No Comments | 3rd December 2020

Christmas holiday is a season where people reconnect with friends and family members, eat and share gifts. It is the time for businesses to make more money too. Most retail stores are cashing in on the season and you should too. This is the time to develop Christmas email marketing campaigns that will help you show your appreciation to loyal customers, sell products and services before the Christmas and generate more leads to jump-start your business in the New Year.

The question is why do you need a Christmas email marketing for your business?

Benefits of Christmas email marketing campaigns

  1. It is easy to convert your visitors and leads to customers. The truth is, your audience is already in the buying mood during the holiday season and all you need do is to create an effective Christmas email marketing campaign to get them to act accordingly.

  2. There are many more sales during the Christmas period than at any other time of the year. In fact, in the winter holiday season 2019, the US retail eCommerce spending will rise by 13.2% to $135.35 billion.

  3. Christmas Email marketing is effective and efficient because the possibility of reaching your target audience is higher with email than with other marketing channels.

This means that email marketing drives billions of dollars for business every year. The 2018 holiday sale is predicted to exceed a trillion USD.

This is the right time to plan and execute your Christmas email marketing campaign. But the question is, how do you go about creating a winning Christmas email marketing campaign?

Not to worry, in this article, you will learn about 10 Christmas marketing tips.

Let’s get started.

1.Christmas email marketing tip: Choose the right time for your Christmas email marketing Campaign

The first Christmas marketing tip you will need to consider when you are creating your Christmas email marketing is to decide on the right timing to start the campaign.  There are three timings to Christmas email marketing campaign and they are:

∙         The pre-Christmas email marketing campaign

∙         The Christmas email marketing campaign

∙         The post-Christmas email marketing campaign 

These three stages are very important to your success in creating a winning Christmas email marketing campaign.  Let’s take a closer look at the three stages.

a.Pre-Christmas email marketing campaign: 

The pre-Christmas email marketing starts early from the first week of November and into December. Many people will not like to rush to buy gifts during the Christmas season and so they do it a long while before Christmas. This is the time to send subtle email marketing messages to your subscribers to remind them of your products and services. You are literally warming them up for the Christmas sales. Examples of content you can create for the pre-Christmas email marketing are wish lists, gift ideas/guides, Christmas tips, etc.  Below is an example from Mahabis.

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 00.45.42

b.Christmas email marketing campaign:

The Christmas email marketing campaign comes right after the Pre-Christmas email marketing. It is now time for sale. Here, you can start by offering discounts on popular products to entice them to buy.

Below is an example from Pull & Bear.


Christmas email marketing

c.Post-Christmas email marketing campaign

The holiday season is not ended after Christmas, there is still the New Year and the whole of January. A survey showed that 54% of customers still shop after the holidays, especially after Christmas to get discounts on products. The post-Christmas email marketing messages can be crafted around more discount to get people to buy in the New Year. You can also send appreciation messages to your customers for their participation during the holiday sales campaigns.  Find an example below from Pajamagram.

Christmas email marketing

The second Christmas marketing tip is ‘Use an attractive and responsive email design”.

2.Christmas email marketing tip:  Use an attractive and responsive email design

This is a very important Christmas email marketing tip you need to take seriously.  This is because the email design can make or mar your Christmas email marketing campaign. A perfect Christmas email marketing campaign design will reflect the mood of the season. The design should be responsive. A response email design will enable your subscribers to view your offers easily on mobile devices because more than half of emails are open on the mobile device.

Use HTML email templates because it will allow you to add images, links and format it the way you like. It also performs better than text-only emails.

Check out the example below from Terrain. It shows a combination of Christmas colors (such as gold, red and green) depicting the mood of the season. It is also a simple and clear design.

Christmas email marketing

The third Christmas marketing tip is “use clear and beautiful images of your products”

3.Christmas email marketing tip:  Use clear and beautiful Images of your products

The third Christmas marketing tip is to use clear and beautiful images of your products or services. Images matter a lot in email marketing. It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. Clear pictures of your products will entice your subscribers to click and check out your offers.

Check out a great example from Chanel below.

Christmas email marketing

They use a single image that is clear and inviting. Sometimes less is more. The gold color of the image also depicts the brand.

Apart from images, you can also add GIFs to your email message to make it look good. GIFs such as Snowflakes, Santa flying and sparkling Christmas tree all shows the mood of the season.

The next Christmas marketing tip is “Use enticing headlines”

4.Christmas email marketing tip: Use enticing headlines

Many people get varieties of emails in their Inbox daily, especially during the Christmas holiday, and according to research, customers only spend 3-4 seconds to choose which emails to read and which to discard.  Your subject is one of the determinant factors of whether or not your subscribers will read your email.  Therefore, you need to create emotion-evoking and interesting subject lines that stand out.

According to research, email subject lines perform the best when they contain 50 to 60 characters long.

Below are top examples of subject lines you can use for your Christmas email marketing campaigns.

  • We’re feeling very merry. Get 25% off your order
  • Making Christmas merrier since 1700
  • Great gift ideas! Get yours now!
  • Grab this magical offer before it melts away!
  • It’s all for you.

Feel free to A/B test your headlines to discover what works.

The headline for the Soap & Glory Christmas email marketing campaign reads “The most spectacular set of our Christmas Gift ever“.

Christmas email marketing

It is inviting and enticing. Subscribers will want to know the set of gifts.

The next Christmas marketing tip is “Use a compelling copy”

5.Christmas email marketing tip: Use a Compelling copy

The content of your Christmas email marketing campaign should compel readers to read. It should highlight the benefits and features of your product.

The email copy should be personalized to your subscribers. Use each subscribers’ first name to address them and personalize it specifically to your audience. Personalized Christmas email marketing message is more engaging, and it converts more. It makes them feel you have some Christmas products designed for them personally.

The copy should evoke emotions that will make your subscribers read from beginning to the end.  A company that does this well is BarkBox.  Check out their Christmas email marketing campaign below;


Christmas email marketing

The email is personalized to dog lovers which are their target group. The content uses the language of the audience which is engaging and interesting. This kind of message will generate more clicks.

The next Christmas email marketing tip is “Use a converting Call To Action”.

6. Christmas email marketing tip:  Use a converting Call to action

This is an important element in your Christmas email marketing campaigns. It tells the reader what actions you want them to take. Your call to action should be short, exciting and descriptive. Below are examples:

  • Order now to get it before Christmas
  • Holiday ideas right here
  • Fa la la la – Christmas is here
  • Claim your Christmas coupon now
  • Christmas deals – yesss!
  • Start Gifting!

Check out a great example below

Christmas email marketing

The next Christmas email marketing tip is “build email lists to get more leads”.

7. Christmas email marketing tip:  Build email lists to Get more leads

The two most important goals of your Christmas email marketing is to get more sales and leads. As you make sales, also build more leads. There are two major ways you can increase the number of leads.

a.Run 12 days of Christmas campaign.  This is a great theme you can use to get more sign-ups on your landing page. The 12 days will comprise 12 promotions just before the Christmas day. Each promotion lasts for 24 hours before the next one starts. This way, you build your customer’s interest to keep watching out for the next promotion.

Below is an example from Avon.

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 00.48.50

After creating the campaign, promote it on social media networks and with paid ads such as Facebook ads to increase the reach.

b.A Christmas guide:  A Christmas guide to an activity your audience loves is another way you can build interest and also increase your leads. Here you can use the guide as a lead magnet on your landing page and in pop-up forms to increase your leads.

8.Christmas email marketing tip:  Create an Online Advent Calendar

An innovative idea for Christmas vacation email marketing is to create an advent calendar online.

In fact, thanks to this technique, it is possible to strengthen the lead generation strategy of the company, this is thanks to the giveaway structure.

In fact, after a lead has been registered, thanks to the advent calendar, will revive every day special benefits that will increase trust and interest in your business, increasing commitment throughout the vacation season.

One of the most exciting things about this strategy is the possibility to offer something special, like a discount, a coupon, or something else, for each day of the advent calendar. In this way, you will create a kind of attraction in your emails because something concrete is offered every day.

Advent Calendar

The advent calendar is not only useful to highlight daily special offers; it is also handy to show content such as quizzes, polls, videos, images, and articles.

9.Christmas email marketing tip:  Create A/B split testing

Since the Christmas email marketing period starts in November and ends after Christmas, a great way to get email campaigns to work is to use the A/B test.

The A/B test, also known as the split test, is a way to understand which of the two campaign options is the most effective in encouraging openings or clicks.

AB test email

In an A/B test, you set two variants of a campaign and send them to a small percentage of the total recipients. Half of the test group is sent to the A version, while the other half receives the B version. The result, measured by most openings or clicks, determines the winning version, sent to all other users on the email list.

10.Christmas email marketing tip:  Create Christmas-Themed Campaigns

Especially during the Christmas holidays, many websites often decide to change the appearance of their pages, adopting a theme more appropriate to the period. The same thing can be done with Christmas email campaigns by changing the template.

Christmas themed emails

The use of templates targeted for the holidays is a great way to attract more attention from users, thus giving the possibility to increase the traffic to your website. A customer of OptinMonster used this technique to get a 120% increase in free trial subscriptions.

Click here to discover all the integrations that LeadsBridge offers with OptinMonster.


There you have it – 10 Christmas marketing tips for your business. Have you tried any of the tips above? Share with us in the comment section below.

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