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Get inspired by these 20 high-converting Facebook Lead Ads examples

Wondering how to create Facebook Lead Ads that get more clicks and conversions?

This article provides answers to the commonly asked questions about generating qualified leads through Facebook. Questions like:

“What’s the best way to generate high-quality leads through Facebook Lead Ads?”

“How can you start running a successful Lead Ads campaign?”

“How to sync leads from Facebook into your CRM?”

In this article, we’ll review 20 high-performing Facebook Lead Ads examples and how they work. If you are new to Facebook advertising, however, read our guide about Facebook Lead Ads generation best practices before getting started. 

Additionally, we’ll talk about how you can create high-converting Facebook ads, using the best Facebook Lead Ad integrations, to automate your workflows and boost conversions:

Facebook Lead Ads examples

In the advertising world, new strategies and tools can sometimes change the entire marketing game — as Facebook Lead Ads did. 

However, you often don’t need to reinvent the wheel to succeed in marketing. Instead, it is enough to follow these fundamental marketing principles: 

  1. Understand what is working Now and what isn’t.
  2. Use the already tested methods.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert in Facebook marketing or a beginner. By following these Facebook Lead Form examples, you can create campaigns that both generate and convert leads.

Facebook Lead Ads example with the “Social Proof”

Social Proof is one of the most powerful triggers in Facebook marketing. When running a marketing campaign on Facebook, Social Proof affects many factors: having testimonials and a considerable number of likes and comments can increase your brand’s popularity and credibility. The image below is an example of Social Proof in Facebook ads.

This is also one of the great examples of Facebook lead generation retail ads. To promote Jasper Boutique’s referral discounts, the ad conveys a sense of Social Proof into the offer by showing an image of two friends having fun together.

As you can see, the signup form does not require various data – only an email address and the full name.

The short form makes the signup process straightforward and fast. Conveniently enough, Facebook Lead Ads are pre-populated with users’ data, which is automatically pulled from their profiles.

Facebook Lead Ads example with the “Benefits List”

When creating a Facebook Lead Ads campaign, one of the main questions to be addressed is:

Which benefits can you provide to your leads who agree to join a list?

The ad below has the answer!

This ad displays an attractive list of benefits that prospects will receive from the “IRS”, together with a Free PDF used as the campaign’s lead magnet.

Moreover, the only information required to sign up is the user’s name and email, which makes the process of lead acquisition a quick one.

Facebook Lead Ads example

Facebook Lead Ads example with “Carousel Format”

Have you considered using the Carousel Ad format in your Facebook Ads campaigns?

This format lets advertisers show multiple images in the same ad, and it can be used creatively to boost the campaign’s outcome. For instance, this Carousel Ad from Element Cycling promotes a limited-time $550 discount on one of their most prized triathlon bikes.

Facebook Lead Ads example

Facebook Lead Ads example with the “Learn more” CTA

Most marketers believe that offering a lead magnet is the only way to generate leads. But that is not always the case. Learning how to use Facebook Lead Ads can change the marketing approach altogether.

Facebook Lead Ads can be optimized to collect data from leads who are only interested in learning more about a topic, product, or service.

Facebook Lead Ads example
Source: AdEspresso

Thanks to its easy signup process, Facebook Lead Ads are optimal for capturing leads for consultations, sales calls, demos, and test drives.

To improve your data collection through Lead Ads and across all stages of the lead lifecycle, you need to learn more about lead generation on Facebook. Here’s how to boost sales calls, demos, and test drives using Facebook Lead Generation Ads.

Facebook Lead Ads example with “Seasonal offer.”

With every season comes the prospect of seasonal marketing. These campaigns could be about tapping into seasonal activities, traditions, and holidays.

For instance, there is nothing more pleasing to the eye on a hot summer day than a waterfront getaway and water sports, as illustrated in St. Moritz’s lead ad.

Facebook Lead Ads example with "Seasonal offer."

By stating “Sub & Breakfast” St. Moritz runs a seasonal campaign to drive more visitors while summer is at hand.

Facebook Lead Ads example using an “everyday topic”

The most powerful ads are those that your audience relates to. The following ad by DailyOm is driving traffic to an article about parenting methods, which is an in-demand topic.

This image, along with the clear and concise copy, is an example of a promising ad for parents interested in the betterment of their parenting techniques or zen practices. 

The ad has a clear call to action, dedicated to helping parents in their parenting journey, so the ”Learn More” call to action makes the reader want to click the article to find answers.

Facebook Lead Ads example with the “Download” CTA

Facebook Lead Ads presents the perfect opportunity to share ebooks, brochures, and other downloadable documents with leads and prospects. Let’s take this Facebook lead generation ad, for example.

Facebook Lead Ads example

Emerald Coast Theatre Company has used a video format to promote their upcoming event by highlighting the specials. This is an excellent strategy for retargeting campaigns on Facebook, especially since the primary audience is those who have already visited their venues.

Additionally, the “Book Now” takes the interested prospects to the event’s landing page, where they are offer more information.

Facebook Lead Ads with the “Limited time offer”

Everyone values a good deal, particularly if it’s a limited-time offer. Facebook Lead Ads don’t have to be just about guiding a prospect to sign up for a newsletter. With the right strategy, your leads can directly be channeled into the sales funnel.

Facebook Lead Ads example
Source: Ford Motors

Facebook Lead Ads can perform very well when used with a persuasion trigger. In this case, the trigger is a limited-time offer, which creates urgency. Ford is offering locally targeted discounts to celebrate the summer months. 

This Facebook lead generation ad example works well because of its enticing features for someone looking to plan their travels during summer vacations.

Facebook Lead Ads example with “Discounts & Promotion”

Lead Ads are explicitly designed for one purpose: generating more leads. This could be done through newsletter signups, webinars, or other forms of direct engagement.

However, it is not easy to encourage new leads to sign up without an incentive. That’s where the discount Lead Ads come into play.

Facebook Lead Ads example
Source: Medium

In the Facebook Ad shown above, Madera Ford is offering a monthly payment on select vehicles. This easy payment method acts as an incentive or motivation for prospects to click on the ad.

The discount or promotion could be as simple as offering a 5% early bird discount or a 10% voucher coupon. Alternatively, Facebook Lead Ads could be used for promotion in general and channel the prospect directly into the sales funnel. 

Something as simple as a buy-one-get-one-free campaign can really do the trick, given that it is timed correctly. 

Facebook Lead Ads example with a “Giveaway”

Discount Lead Ads are another great way to capture new leads, but they can backfire if used too frequently. This is because your customers might not understand the true value of a discounted product. 

Instead, using another strategy like offering a giveaway might prove more effective than discounts.

In this example, the children’s book foundation offers exactly what its customers or prospects are looking for: a plethora of useful reading materials along with activities suitable for children. 

After all, who doesn’t like receiving free goodies?

Facebook Lead Ads example for “hosting a competition.”

We established that discounts are great for conversions but might also adversely affect your product’s perceived value. The next best option to giveaways is encouraging your audience towards a campaign goal through a competition or contest. 

Let’s take a look at an ad from Competition BMW.

Facebook Lead Ads example

Their copy gets right to the point “a cars and coffee event” for exchanging contacts, getting leads, and even possibly closing some deals on-site. 

In addition, they’ve added a social cause to boost the participants’ engagement with the campaign. It states: “Please bring an unwrapped toy for the King Fights Cancer Foundation!”

Facebook Lead Ads example for using “automation”

Another way to improve Facebook advertising and increase ROI is by automating your lead management and connecting all your data ecosystems. To integrate your Facebook Lead Ads with your CRM or automation tools, it’s best to use an official partner as a third-party integration provider.  

Here at LeadsBridge, we take pride in being the very first official partner to provide Lead Ads Sync integrations. Syncing leads instantly and getting in touch with them as soon as they sign up can translate into immediate conversions.

Facebook Lead Ads example

Take this example. Hyperbits partnered with LeadsBridge for automated sync of the lead data, generated from their Facebook campaigns. Read the success story of Hyperbits Music here.

Our Facebook Lead Ads integration offers a seamless bridge between Facebook and your entire marketing stack. Lead data gets synced instantly and securely, while you will have uninterrupted control over your lead generation automation. Let’s go through the top LeadsBridge integrations with Facebook Lead Ads:

Looking for a specific integration? Learn more about our free and paid plans and the integrations available under each tier:

Facebook Lead Ads example with “Pre-launch promotion”

Whenever a brand launches a new product or feature, there’s always some anticipation surrounding it. For example, the people who might get excited about a new car being released are car enthusiasts or those looking to buy a car.

Brands like Nissan have perfected harnessing the power of anticipation and using it to generate leads. Check out this Facebook Lead Ads example:

Facebook Lead Ads example
Source: Nissan

Car brands use Lead Ads to get people excited about the new car before it’s even available. It’s somewhat like watching a movie trailer that gets the viewers excited about what’s to come.

Do you want to improve the quality of lead generation for your automotive agency with ease? Read this guide on automotive lead generation ideas and discover LeadsBridge solutions for the automotive industry, such as:

With this particular Facebook Lead Ads example, Nissan attracts its audience’s attention with a few details about its new crossover and simply asks the customers to “stay tuned” and wait for more information.

This is one of the high-converting Facebook ads examples. The anticipation builds as time goes on, and Nissan gets an influx of leads and customers, even if it’s only for a brief time.

Facebook Lead Ads example with an email signup

Despite the size of your business, Facebook Leads Ads can help you capture more leads through newsletter signups. One good example of Facebook ads for email sign-up is the Woodworkers Guild of America’s newsletter campaign. 

They created a Lead Ad to help increase their newsletter signup. In the description, they also offer freebies such as how-to videos, projects, and weekly tips to attract users to sign up.

Facebook Lead Ads example with a webinar registration

Webinars are a fantastic part of a well-rounded inbound marketing plan. They offer a convenient way to connect with your prospects and clients, helping them tackle issues while giving them a glimpse of your brand personality.

Below, you can find one of the good examples of Facebook lead generation for retails by HappyOrNot Ltd.

Facebook Lead Ads example

The ad copy and image do a great job of letting the reader know what the webinar is about, along with an easy “Sign Up” button – which just makes sense to have as a button for any webinar. Plus, the ad includes the website address in the “Display Link” section to give it that friendly, familiar touch.

What’s even better is that you can tap into Facebook lead generation potential using automated data bridges. These integrations can keep your webinar tool’s database updated as your leads come in.  

Once people sign up by clicking on the ad, their attendance status and contact details are immediately synced into your webinar tool. This allows you to run timely communications and build a better engagement rate.

Facebook Lead Ads example with lead magnets

Lead magnets are essential tools for capturing leads. It’s been one of the time-tested methods of capturing emails on blogs and websites. However, with the help of Facebook Lead Ads, you can easily create ads with lead magnets.

 These campaigns will entice Facebook users to sign up to your email list and get the giveaway in return. Below is an example of lead magnet Facebook ads from Sleeknote. They create Facebook Lead Form campaigns and use an ebook to get users to sign up for their email list.

Facebook Lead Ads example
Source: Sleeknote

Facebook Lead Ads example with a visual element

Visuals are essential when it comes to social media advertising. Facebook favors visual images over text simply because its users prefer visuals over text.

Accordingly, you need to use illustrations that resonate with your audience in your Facebook Lead Ads. Make sure your images are of high quality and clear, such as the one shown below from Practice Social Media.

Facebook Lead Ads example
Source: Climb Denver

In this ad, the lens focus and colors are creatively guiding the viewers toward the focal point of the advertiser. In addition, the ad’s composition is scenic and makes it stand out in the News Feed.

To learn more about sport-related ads, read our article about the best examples of gym ads on Facebook.

Facebook Lead Ads example with personalized messaging

Creating ads with personalized text can make a significant impression on the viewers. Moreover, it can help you stand out among thousands of ads in the News Feed. An outstanding example of a brand that creates personable Facebook Lead Ads is Airtable.

Facebook Lead Ads example
Source: Airtable

Airtable’s Facebook Lead Ads example has been designed to address their customers’ pain points compassionately. They wrote – “We get it” in the description. And saying that is a way of showing empathy. 

To create something similar, you can just use one of the Procreate brushes for illustration and match your artwork with a highly personalized yet simple copy.

Facebook Lead Ads example with emojis

Emojis are small, funny icons used as a form of visual communication. In today’s world, these icons represent a “universal form of expression”; they have also become an ingrained part of our text language across all social media platforms.

Following this trend, we tested emojis in our own Facebook ads.

Facebook Lead Ads example with emojis

Facebook Lead Ads example with a quiz

Have you tried adding a quiz to your Facebook ads?

The idea is to encourage your ad viewers to interact with the quiz and provide their information in the process. Most brands who used quizzes considered it a great tactic for lead generation.

There are many examples of Facebook lead ads for real estate buyers that use quizzes. Take this ad from Lennar Ocala, for instance:

Facebook Lead Ads example

This quiz can help the realtor segment their leads based on their preferences, needs, and priorities. For instance, it might include questions about preferred locations, property types, budgets, and more. 

Using this data, Ocala can tailor its follow-up communication and property recommendations more effectively.

Read this article if you are interested in high-performing examples of Facebook lead ads for real estate buyers.

Final thoughts

For generating leads at a minimal cost, Facebook Lead Ads is a go-to tool for any digital marketer. Additionally, the ecosystem of social media presents a reliable opportunity to create close-knit communication with your leads and clients. 

However, it’s only by testing that you can discover the perfect ROI formula for your Facebook marketing campaigns and your business’s needs.

There are many ways to boost your Facebook Lead Ads campaigns. Using the examples above, you can gather the best techniques that may be more suitable for your marketing strategy and the type of product or services you are offering.

Besides the technical aspects of Lead Ads, knowing how to put emojis in Facebook ads can help boost your campaign’s results and increase lead generation. In addition, Facebook ad emojis are a great way to add color and character to solid-colored texts.

Do you want to get more out of your campaigns? Discover all our Facebook Lead Ads integration for your favorite CRM and Autoresponders.

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