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5 Best Zapier Alternatives for Businesses

By Hephzy Asaolu | No Comments | 10th September 2020

In recent years, the number of software that companies have to manage for their business has increased considerably. For this reason, a new need has arisen in the market: that of being able to connect the various software with each other, to improve team efficiency and productivity. Before Zapier these integrations were created ad-hoc by experienced programmers, making it difficult especially for small companies to be able to access this type of so specific services. However, Zapier was born as a generic software that often failed to meet the specific needs of some markets. That’s why over time alternative solutions to Zapier have emerged, and in this list, we will see some of the most important.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a web-based tool that connects apps together and automates workflows. With it, you can link web apps to share data between apps and workflow and build processes easily without coding. Currently, Zapier has over 2,000 apps integrations, such as Slack, Google Sheets, and Quickbooks.


However, if Zapier is too limited for your business use, there are Zapier alternatives you can consider.

There are many Zapier alternatives that can help you connect your everyday business tools together and automate your task for efficiency. Find them below.

Best Zapier alternatives

1.    Leadsbrige


Leadsbridge is an advertising automation platform that helps you to generate quality leads, sync audience, and offline conversions. It is one of the best Zapier alternatives you can find online. Leadsbridge is the right solution when you want to connect various marketing platforms and tools to generate quality leads, improve campaigns, and grow sales.

Leadsbrige is suitable for companies that want to streamline their advertising activities through the integration of marketing tech stack with top social media networks such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and many more. Leadsbridge helps these companies to send the leads collected from Facebook Lead Ads, Google Lead form Ads, LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, etc to their favorite CRM, email software, website solution, or SMS provider. Leadsbridge has over 370 integrations across different industries to help customers sync data in a GDPR compliant way. This includes CRMs, Email marketing services, booking systems, business management, Real estate, marketing agencies, financial services, etc.

Second, Leadsbridge is also suitable for companies who build advanced sales processes that involve various marketing channels. Through Leadsbridge, these companies can send email notifications when there is a new lead, automate retargeting campaigns to leads and customers, and implement a complete funnel tracking system for offline conversions.

Leadsbridge has a unique approach to support. We help customers to choose the best suitable workarounds and the best Lead generation strategies that can help companies to grow continuously.

Thinking of choosing between Leadsbridge and Zapier? The table below will help you make an informed decision.

The differences between Zapier and Leadsbridge

 Leadsbridge and Zapier differences

Top Leadsbridge features

1.   Custom Integration

Leadsbridge provides tailor-made CRM integrations for complex workflows. This is suitable for companies with unique needs that are not available on the integration list. Leadsbridge helps to integrate custom or in-house CRMs for such companies.

2.   Advanced automation

Leadsbridge offers laser-targeted segmentation, local store distribution, automation rules and filters, lead communication, etc.

3.   GDPR, PCI, Facebook, Google and LinkedIn compliant

Leadsbridge is GDPR, PCI, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn compliant, which makes it a trusted partner that adheres strictly to regulations.

4.   Lead Generation Sync

With Leadsbridge, you can automatically sync leads from Facebook Lead Ads, Google Lead Form Ads, LinkedIn Lead Gen forms with your favorite CRM, and email marketing software.

5.   Audience Sync

Leadsbridge helps you to automatically populate your audiences from different platforms such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This can help you create custom audiences and lookalike audiences using different CRMS or cloud files. With this tool, you can also create CRM segments and use them to populate the custom audiences.

6.   Offline Conversion Sync

This tool helps you to track your offline transactions and understand the performances of your online campaigns. Leadsbridge does this on Facebook through the use of Facebook Offline Conversions and on Google through Google Offline Conversions tracking.


 LB pricing

As seen in the pricing table above, Leadsbridge plans are affordable for both small and big businesses. There are four tiers—the Marketer ($29), Hero ($51), Guru ($111), and Business that starts from $699. Each plan has a different number of bridges you can build and leads you can collect per month. If you desire to build advanced workflows, track offline conversions, and events to increase ROAS, the Guru plan is the best. If you have an established business and you need to build a robust and tailored solution for an omnichannel experience, the business plan will suit you.

All Leadsbridge pricing plans come with a free 7-day trial. Click here to start for free.

2.    Pabbly Connect


Pabbly Connect is a tool that helps you to automate your integrations. With it, you can create automated workflows and move data from one app or service to the other automatically. Pabbly integrates with over 300 applications which include CRM, marketing, e-commerce, helpdesk, and payment applications.

Pabbly Connect features

  1. Pabbly Connect allows you to send emails through simple workflows and get email notifications.
  2. It has flexible and adjustable security protocols
  3. It helps to integrate popular CRM, eCommerce, helpdesk, payments and other applications
  4. The formater tool helps users to convert numbers, dates, text, and currency into desired formats
  5. It helps you to create your integration and workflows very fast.


 Pabbly pricing

Pabbly Connect has 3 plans – the Rookie ($29/month), the Pro ($37 / Month), and the advance ($57/month). All the plans come with different sizes of operations per month.

 3.    IFTTT


IFTTT (IF This Then That) is a tool that helps connect your apps and devices together. Businesses can use it to create connected experiences customers love.  It works with the aid of applets. The applets help to create triggers (If This) and actions (Then That).

IFTTT Features

  1. IFTTT is compatible with top social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter. This helps you to post and tweet from anywhere to everywhere.
  2. It helps you to sync across different devices
  3. It helps you to integrate with your favorite music apps such as Saavn, Spotify, Songkick, etc.
  4. With IFTT, you can send notifications to Instagram posts, weather, reminders, news update, etc.


 IFTT Pricing

IFTTT is free to use. But for enterprises, developers, and Teams, the price is stated above.

4.    Integromat


Integromat is a tool that helps you automate your manual processes. It connects, transfers and transforms data. It offers direct support for apps and services such as Facebook, Dropbox, Google sheets, and Twitter. It allows users to create their own apps through the developer platform, which is robust and easy to use.

Integromat features

  1. Integromat interactive approach allows you to see in real-time how your automation works and how data flows from one place to the other.
  2. Its built-in routers help you to duplicate processed data easily
  3. The error handlers help you take care of unexpected exceptions.
  4. Built-in iterators help you to separate data into different parts, and the aggregators help to merge the separated data into a single bundle.
  5. Integromat allows you to connect neutral apps such as HTTP to use in calling URL addresses and JSON app to communicate with different APIs.


Integromat pricing

Integromat comes with a free plan for 1,000 operations, 100 MB, and 15 minutes interval. Other plans are paid, such as the basic, standard, business, platinum, and custom. There is a change in the number of operations, the data transfer sizes, and the intervals, and users move from the lowest to the highest plan.

5.    Workato


Workato is a tool that IT and businesses use for integration and automation. It uses Recipe to help connect apps to carry out specified tasks on apps, triggers, and actions. Workato integrates with over 1,000 business applications. With it, you can build customized integrations for your business need. Workato supports the major integration needs of a business such as sales, support, and marketing. Workato has over 400 connectors.

Workato Features

  1. Workato has an intuitive interface that houses the Recipe IQ, responsive and reusable integrations, and smart versioning
  2. Its Recipe IQ feature helps users to build effective integrations and automation
  3. Workato has responsive integrations that make it easy to design workflows.
  4. The reusable integrations feature makes it easy to clone and share integration recipes for quick use
  5. The smart visioning feature helps to build integrations with automatic version control.


Workato for business
Work pricing 1
Workato for Product

Work pricing 2

Workato plans are in two phases – One for businesses and one for products. The plan for a business is $10,000 per year, and it has all you need to integrate apps and automate workflows.  The plan for the product on the other hand is not stated. You may need to contact them for the price.


Above are Zapier alternatives you can use for your business. The truth is, every tool reviewed above has some unique features. For example, Zapier is easy to use and it connects a lot of existing software on the market, LeadsBridge is specifically designed around the companies’ advertising and marketing needs, IFTTT is good when you or your team already have some advanced technical skills.

Now that you know different Zapier competitors you can use for your business, let us know what you think about the tools by leaving a comment.

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