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Zoho CRM Review by LeadsBridge: all you need to know for a great online integration

By Mark Cirillo | No Comments | 27th April 2018

Customer relationship management is very important to the success of every business whether big or small. This is why you need a good CRM tool to efficiently and effectively manage the relationship between your business and your customers. But the thing is, there are different CRM tools all over the place. You need a good one for your business.  You don’t have to worry, I have done the work for you.  This article is about Zoho CRM review, its benefits to small businesses and how Leadsbridge integrates with Zoho CRM online.

Let’s get started.

Zoho CRM is a tool that will help you to grow your business by effortlessly managing your lead contacts base. It increases your sales volume, empower your sales and marketing teams and support your customers.

There may be many CRM tools out there but Zoho CRM trumps them all. The best part is that Zoho CRM has many online integrations with different tools such as Leadsbridge, MailChimp, DocuSign, Google Drive, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Google Adwords, etc. It is excellent and cheap for small businesses trying to scale up.  Zoho CRM integration will help you to connect with the tools you use everyday. The first thing you will learn in this Zoho CRM review are the important features of the Zoho CRM, thereafter we will look at Zoho CRM online integrations with other tools.

Zoho CRM Review: The features of Zoho CRM

Below you’ll find the most important features of Zoho CRM, the ones that make this tool a great ally for your business.

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1. Use Zoho CRM to engage with your audience across multiple channels

The success of your business depends on your ability to reach out to your audience wherever they hang out. This can be the social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.  This is one of the many benefits of Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM gives you the opportunity to build relationships with your customers on different channels, such as the social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+), email, phone and live chat. The email channel helps you to nurture your audience with relevant content through their buyer journey.

Connecting your social media channels helps you to listen in on your prospects’ conversations about your business and also capture leads directly into your CRM and close deals. You can do this through Zoho CRM online integrations.

As you capture your leads into Zoho CRM through integration, you can quickly email them to keep your business fresh in their minds.  Thereafter, you can continue to follow them up.  The Zoho CRM will let you know whether your emails are delivered, opened and read by your leads.

If you need to call your prospects, you can do so through the CRM. It enables you to manage and track your calls. This is very important as it takes 18 calls to connect with your buyer.

2. Use Zoho CRM to create an automated follow-up

Follow up emails gives you the opportunity to introduce your business to your leads, engage and nurture them and promote similar products or services. Getting your leads to act after reading your first mail is difficult. In fact, a study carried out by the National Sales Executive Association revealed that 80% of sales are made on the 15 – 12th contact.

This implies that you really need to follow up your leads. But the problem most small businesses face is sending emails to their leads at the right time. The truth is, most prospects want to read emails at 5 and 6 a.m. This is where automation comes in.

Zoho CRM has an effective automated follow-up system you can use to follow up your leads as soon as they sign up. This will help you to save time and become more productive. You can use the workflow rules to set rules or conditions for sending emails, following up with your leads and updating fields. Once the conditions are met, it triggers an automated action for execution.

The Zoho CRM macros also take care of repetitive actions such as routine activities like sending emails, updating records or creating a task. The macros can help you to do it automatically.

3. Use Zoho CRM analytics to measure your performance

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. – Peter Drucker.

As a small business, you need to know how your business is fairing. It is important for you to measure every marketing activity and know whether you are making progress or failing.  This will enable you to focus on what works and leave what is not working. To get this information, you need an analytics.

An analytics will help you to create and deliver the right products to your audience. It will help you to personalize your products and services specifically for your customers. You will also be able to optimize and improve your customer experience.

Zoho CRM has analytics reports and forecast that can help to grow your business.

It uses real-time reporting to help you understand specific metrics such as campaigns, sales trends, team performance, etc.

The analytics help you to analyze all aspect of your sales cycle. It displays sales metrics, leads generated, deals closed, revenue share, etc.

4. Use Zoho CRM to manage your leads

Lead management is very important in business. A lot of companies excels in lead generation but fails when it comes to nurturing them. A study by Demandgen revealed that only 29% of brands nurture their existing customers beyond the initial purchase.

You need to nurture the leads you generate. This will help you to engage and build a relationship with them so that they can trust you enough to do business with your company. This is a good feature possessed only by excellent CRM software like Zoho. According to Ascend2, 57% of marketers say lead nurturing is the most valuable feature of an automation software.

The truth is, it takes efficient communication and nurturing mastery to convert a lead into a paying customer. When you nurture your leads continually, you get a 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads.

With Zoho CRM, you can capture leads, score your leads automatically, know the leads that will eventually convert to your business and follow them up. With this, it is easy to move your leads through the sales cycle.

Zoho CRM online integrations

Whether you are a business owner or a marketer, you need to tie your customer relationship management software to a marketing automation. This is where Zoho CRM online integrations come in.

Zoho CRM Online integration helps you to connect your campaigns or website to your preferred CRM so that they function together easily. Instead of using your Zoho CRM only for customer management, you can use Zoho CRM online integration to connect the crm to other website tools that will help your business. Using Zoho CRM online integrations with other tools offers numerous benefits.

* Zoho CRM online  integration will help you to reach the right email inbox at the right time.

* Zoho CRM online integration  will help you to track email communication with your customers

* Zoho CRM online integration will help you to meaningfully engage with your customers on the social media networks.

* Zoho CRM online integration will help you to get important work done within a single platform

Zoho CRM online integrates with many apps and add-ons that will enable you to enhance your efficiency and productivity.  One of this tool is Leadsbridge.

Zoho CRM online integration with Leadsbridge is beneficial to small businesses.

The Zoho CRM online integration with Leadsbridge has enabled many small businesses to increase their leads and sales. Leadsbridge helps you connect your Facebook leads ads with Zoho CRM through integration. So what is Facebook lead ads?

According to Facebook, ‘Lead ads are a type of ads that allows you to run lead generation campaigns on Facebook and Instagram”.

Facebook leads ads helps you to collect leads for your business. Once you create the Facebook lead ads and users’ clicks on it, a pre-filled form will be shown to them to fill.  The form is pre-filled with users’ information such as the name and email.  This information is taken from their profile, so you can be sure you are getting relevant information.

But the thing is, Facebook only allows you to download your leads as a CSV file. However, since Zoho CRM online integrates with Leadsbridge, you can connect your Facebook leads ads with Zoho CRM, and download your leads easily and quickly into it.  This will help you to quickly follow up with them.

Apart from Leadsbridge, Zoho CRM online integrates with other tools such as Google AdWords, MailChimp, DocuSign, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Google Drive, etc.


The review of Zoho CRM above shows you the important features that are necessary to take your small business to another level.

One of the best features of any CRM is its ability to integrate with other tools. Zoho CRM online integrates with popular tools your business needs from day to day such as Leadsbridge’s Facebook lead ads. Integrating Zoho CRM online with Facebook lead ads reduces the stress of downloading Facebook’s csv. This will help you to quickly contact your subscribers as they sign up.

Have you started integrating Zoho CRM online  with your Facebook lead ads?  if you have not, now is the time to start.

Watch our latest video on how to master Zoho CRM leads integration!

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