Connect, Automate and Sync leads and contacts with your favorite Real Estate software

One of the reasons why LeadsBridge is one of the solutions preferred by Real Estate Agents and Companies for their integration and synchronization needs is because of the flexibility of the integrations provided for this industry. Most Real Estate tools, in fact, have been developed with a very specific programming language that’s not supported by other tools in the market. CRMs and business management tools, however, can be integrated with the most popular advertising platforms, email software, and others by using LeadsBridge. For example, it’s possible to automate the leads acquisition and leverage Lead Generation Ads to acquire more leads at lower costs. Furthermore, realtors and agencies can use the data stored in the CRM for run highly effective retargeting campaigns on Google, Facebook or LinkedIn, track offline events, send email campaigns to the leads, receive an SMS receipt when someone submits a form, and much more.

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