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MINDBODY app review: the app to improve the marketing of your Health & Wellness services

By Susana Mora Di Mare | No Comments | 12th October 2018

MINDBODY is a software for business management and marketing dedicated to offering solutions to those who work in the Health & Wellness and marketing industry, below we’ll go through what the app provides and we’ll review MINDBODY.

mindbody app review

Source: globalwellnessinstitute.org
The health and wellness app was created in 2001 and has become one of the best options for business owners in the industry that, as shown in the chart above, is quite big and keeps growing year after year. MINDBODY offers a business and marketing solution for companies and activities that work within this industry, filling a gap with a highly focused app.

Costumers seem to really love the perks of MINDBODY as it’s ranking number one on Finances Online for the Club Management Software category.

mindbody app review

So lets dive in to see what it is all about.

What does the MINDBODY health and wellness marketing app offer?

The MINDBODY app lets business people from the health, wellness, and beauty industries access management and marketing solutions. It allows them to easily keep in touch with their target audience, have customers book appointments through the website or iOS/Android apps, send automatic notifications, confirmations and reminders to minimize the possibilities of people not showing up to the appointments.

The group of tools that the health and wellness marketing app offers helps with business management, client acquisition and retention, task automation, and much more. From staff management, payment processing, to reaching out potential customers, and build loyalty with the ones already acquired.



Promote is a tool by MINDBODY app marketing that helps its customers find new clients, with it’s native integration with Facebook and Instagram, and boosting presence in different platforms, gets business owners a better conversion rate.

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Frederick, MINDBODY automated marketing software

Another tool for MINDBODY users that help gain customers back through automated campaigns, triggers review collecting flows, and lets health and wellness business owners keep up with their marketing needs.

MINDBODY Online Booking

The MINDBODY app allows clients to easily book appointments with business owners in the health and wellness industry through their app and branded web tools and apps, and social media.

MINDBODY Point of Sale (POS)

The POS service that the MINDBODY app offers includes a variety of benefits, from easy payment in loco, to setting up recurring payments, and credit cards processing.

MINDBODY app Client Tools

Handle all of your client’s information within the MINDBODY app so you may keep track of payments, client action, and progress. This is a great tool because it goes both ways, the client has access to their profile so they’re able to update information, consult past actions, reach out, and take advantage of health and wellness marketing promotions.

MINDBODY App Staff Resources

Offering a tool that helps with staff management makes MINDBODY to be a very convenient app for health & wellness business owners who’d like to see their business as a whole, from day-to-day life to marketing strategies.

The app allows its customers to handle payroll, organize staff, schedules, and classes so that everyone is on the loop.


Keeping track of your business, the success of the actions taken, the work input by you and your staff is highly important and the MINDBODY app offers it’s reports tool so that you have all the information you may need, or want, at hand.

Forecast, budget, search, look into trends, retention rates, marketing, promotions, and much more so you may understand what is the best approach so your business may thrive.

MINDBODY Automation

This very thorough app has automation features to help you automate some tasks that you do within the app. You well know that automation is our jam and you may also connect MINDBODY health and wellness business app with LeadsBridge to your workflows automate even further.


MINDBODY health and wellness marketing app review: It’s PROs and CONs

Sure, the health and wellness marketing app has great features but I’m sure you’d like to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of using a software like MINDBODY so we’ll dig deeper on customer reviews to give you the whole picture.

MINDBODY app review: The PROs

  • Business App: MINDBODY gives you the possibility to do everything from your smartphone, through an app dedicated to health and wellness business owners.
  • Constant updates: the team seems to always be working on improving the app and offering better options for customers.
  • User friendly: The apps layout is easy to understand and appealing.
  • Easy access while having a well-protected account.
  • Flexible plans: MINDBODY offers a wide range of services and options that suite any business size.
  • Services and options: You may accommodate MINDBODY to your own needs.
  • Customer service: They have a great support team that helps their customers.
  • Information: Having everything at hand, with the possibility to perform several different actions is crucial to a lot of business owners.
  • Customer information: Everything’s available at the palm of your hand or your computer so you may easily find customer or business information.

MINDBODY app review: The CONs

  • Refresh delay: Some customers have reported experiencing a delay while refreshing during check-in.
  • Difficult to modify/delete information: Business owners have experience an impossibility to delete client’s information or correct any mistakes done during the first insertion.
  • Overwhelming: The richness in options of MINDBODY could be confusing for some users.

MINDBODY recommendations for potential users

The health and wellness app will really help your business with every option they have they make it so that’s easier to have keep your business thriving.

Make contracts, receipts and waivers online with a smooth running program that’ll help you boost your health and wellness business and marketing productivity.

A great way to take an even further advantage suing MINDBODY is by connecting it to your CRM, marketing automation platforms, or any sources you may collect leads from to really boost its capabilities; you may do so by using LeadsBridge and take your numbers through the roof!


After lots of research and seeing the feedback MINDBODY is getting from lots of customers I can honestly say that it seems like a great option for health and wellness business people. Have you tried it? What are the PROs and CONs you’ve found?

If you are a Mindbody user don’t forget to discover ad hoc integration. Check it out !

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