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16 Christmas advertising ideas for real estate marketing

Christmas advertising

With the Christmas season just around the corner, it’s time to strategize around effective ideas and boost your Christmas real estate marketing

Many advertisers and companies like Tesco are expecting a boom during this Christmas season. Besides these market predictions, people who search for houses to buy in December are traditionally serious buyers with strong intent. According to statistics, when it comes to finding inspiration, social media is the place to be. 56% of Gen Z respondents turn to TikTok for ideas and 38% of Boomers check out Facebook for their holiday inspiration.

All these facts bring us to a single conclusion: the importance of well-planned real estate Christmas ads for your business.

In this article, we’ll talk about the top 16 Christmas advertising ideas to improve your real estate marketing. 

We’ll also introduce a few integrations that let you run your marketing campaign on autopilot and enjoy a bit of Christmas festivity yourself, all without worrying about managing your marketing tasks manually. 

The advantage of Christmas marketing ideas

Your winter real estate marketing ideas should revolve around past clients and existing prospects. Considering that 90% of real estate buyers/sellers would use their agent again or suggest their agent to others, you should not let this opportunity slip away. 

The first step in creating these campaigns is to define your marketing goals. What do you intend to achieve with your campaign? The objective can be to send a reminder to prospects about your sales-ready property lists, increase brand awareness, or generate more leads

Setting the right goals will enable you to know how to optimize your campaigns during the holiday season and achieve the target outcome.

The holiday season’s marketing is somewhat different. This is because to capitalize and maximize the potential of this season, you’ll need to create an effective marketing campaign that gets people’s attention.

That’s why we present to you our top 16 tested-and-tried real estate Christmas ads and marketing ideas you can use this year. 

1. Create a themed real estate Christmas marketing campaign 

This shopping period is the right time to promote your business to past clients and prospects using the occasion’s cheerful essence. That’s why themed campaigns are a popular Christmas advertising idea for real estate agents. 

Show your Holiday spirit by adding visual elements associated with Christmas to your office decor, landing page, social media channels, emails, and anywhere else possible. 

2. Participate in your local community’s Christmas event

With this community-centered celebration, among the first Christmas marketing ideas that come to mind is participating in your local community’s Christmas event.

Source: Post Crescent 

By taking part in these events, you can engage your local community and show that you support important community causes. This may mean even sponsoring the Christmas event to help promote your brand and grow your reputation. 

Your contributions will associate your brand’s name with goodwill and fellowship among your local community and prospective customers.

Here are some ways you can participate in your local community Christmas event:

Offer giveaways

Giveaways are a way of saying thanks to your community. And a great Christmas real estate marketing idea would be handing out gift cards for grocery store shopping, a staycation ticket, or even a dinner voucher. 

Run a contest

To complement people’s festive spirit, what’s more fun than running a contest to engage both adults and children?! These marketing ideas could be offline or online, something like organizing a local bake-off competition for the best decorative cookie or a hashtag challenge on TikTok.

Discover more about how to use TikTok for real estate marketing.

Collect donations for a charity

During Christmas time, charities can give kids everything from toys to Christmas trees. If you sponsor the Christmas event, you can use it as an opportunity to collect donations for a charity. Alternatively, you can take the initiative and make financial donations to a local charity yourself.

3. Advent calendar giveaway

Offering an advent calendar giveaway as a Christmas marketing idea is a time-tested technique. In the 19th century, a marketing agency in Germany offered a fun and engaging way for people to count down the holidays instead of using the traditional chalk marks. 

In addition to real estate agents, many other advertisers use this calendar as part of their Christmas marketing idea.

With the new technology available, you can use an advent calendar giveaway designed for social media, especially Facebook and Instagram. You can share a gift or a prize for each day to build an engaged and vibrant community of followers.

Below are some tips to create an effective advent calendar giveaway for your real estate business.

Use relevant giveaway options

To get the best out of this giveaway Christmas marketing idea, you need to choose the right giveaway options:

  • Run a different giveaway for each day.
  • Give a final prize draw for users who commented on the post each day.
  • Run daily giveaways with a final prize.

Use free resources as giveaways

Use attractive and original giveaways that won’t break the bank. With the free options, you can make it a ritual to let your fans know the giveaway for each day and whet their appetite.

4. Renovation pictures contest

Looking for a different Christmas marketing idea? Showcasing pictures of your client’s (and audiences’) properties that have been renovated might just be the thing. You can use the before and after technique to highlight the differences. People are often proud of their achievements, especially creative ones like home renovation.

Run your “best renovation contest” on your social media networks like Facebook. On this platform, users can easily post pictures of the recent renovation they did on their homes or property. Then, choose the top pictures and offer a special gift to the winner. 

Besides a happy winner and engaged audience, this Christmas marketing idea helps generate awareness for your brand. With innovative images, the contest winners will get lots of comments or likes on their pictures, which lead to better visibility for your brand. 

5. Display current property listing pictures

Our fifth Christmas marketing idea is to display current property listing pictures on Facebook. The real estate business thrives on pictures of property listings and you can create sponsored posts or ads for them.

These listings help to spark interest in prospective buyers, and there’s no way you can describe a real estate listing without the photos. This is why pictures drive a lot of engagement on social media networks.

Another reason why this Christmas marketing idea works is that people find images more engaging than text. By hosting a voting contest on your property listing, you can ask your fans and followers to vote on the property they love the most. 

Then, pick the winning picture and give the winner a relevant gift. The winning pictures are great for creating real estate adverts on your social media campaign and help you drive more interest.

To get even better results from this idea, use Facebook Custom Audiences for your ad. Facebook Custom Audiences help you create a list of audiences from your autoresponder or CRM, website visitors, app and email subscribers, and offline customers. These people are already familiar with your business and need specialized campaigns to nudge them down your advertising funnel and toward a final conversion. 

Discover more about quick and easy Facebook post ideas for real estate agents.

We all know about the massive benefits of hosting a professional gathering when it comes to lead generation and establishing a brand’s credibility. But who’s going to attend a webinar or seminar, you may ask? 

Anyone with concerns about their property during the winter months, including homeowners thinking of selling. In return for some expert advice and solutions, you’ll get your name in front of home sellers and get leads into your system.

Learn all you need to know about real estate lead management here. 

7. Use themed holiday cards

Are you searching for Christmas card ideas for realtors? This is an excellent theme for your real estate clients. Holiday season, especially Christmas, is the right time to let your clients and prospects know how much you care for them. It’s also a way to remind them you are available. 

One way to demonstrate this is by sending them real estate Christmas cards. A study revealed that 2 billion physical and 500 million electronic holiday cards are sent around the country every year. That’s huge and you can get in on this well-established culture and use it as a marketing idea. 

To get effective results, use words and pictures that resonate with your customers and also capture their emotions. It can be pictures of your staff in holiday dresses or a holiday-themed brand logo for the card. Send the real estate Christmas card before the holidays, so your prospects can get it in time.

Create seasonal property care advice about ways your clients can take care of their homes during the winter seasons. This information is much welcomed since there can be damage to properties due to the harshness of winter weather. 

You can use this winter real estate marketing idea as a blog post or through an email to your subscribers. Give them tips on how to deal with pipeline issues, leaks, heating, and insulation problems, etc. 

real estate winter blog
Source: AurumClean

9. Use automation tools to reach your clients 

Aside from sending greeting cards, you can also send holiday messages directly to your clients’ and prospects’ inboxes. The best part is that you don’t need to be in the office to send your Christmas wishes. All you need is to set up segments in your CRM that trigger automated messages to your subscribers during the holidays. 

Avoid sending sales-related notes and listing information; your holiday message should reflect the holiday spirit. At the end of the message, you can also let them know that you are available for them throughout the holiday period should they need your services.

Here’s how you can integrate automation into your real estate business. 

10. Create a holiday season guide for your neighborhood

A holiday season guide for your neighborhood will help educate the people that live in your neighborhood and also drive targeted traffic to your website; A type of who, what, and where guide such as “the ultimate guide to the New York holiday season” or “Honolulu’s Best Holiday Lights”. 

holiday season guide
Source: Locations

Provide background information about the city, neighborhood, and great places to go for fun during Christmas. Promote the post on your social media channels and also provide a downloadable PDF to collect their emails.

11. Maintain relationships with partners 

Marketing to buyers and sellers is an obvious choice, but relationship building with your partners and suppliers is also important. For example, use this off-season period to give a shout-out to contractor companies for working on client repairs or home renovation. You can share these posts on social media and tag your partners’ marketing channels. 

In addition to maintaining your relationships, these real estate campaign ideas help you to receive credibility through these associations or professionals.

12. Improve your performance by content audit and update

While most agents focus on real estate promotional ideas, you can take a step further and upgrade your system with the latest marketing techniques. 

The off-season is the ideal period to measure the results of your campaigns in the past year and think of ways you can improve them. Test out new real estate marketing ideas and strategies and plan accordingly to optimize your real estate’s lead management, SEO ranking, follow-up email campaigns, Facebook or Google ads, etc.  

13. Upload seasonal blog posts

For every season, keep your content up-to-date and show prospective clients that you respond to their evolving needs. Use season-specific topics that your readers are looking for to keep them engaged this Christmas. Here are some examples:

  • Best gingerbread decoration guide
  • How to maintain your home through the winter
  • Neighbor–friendly Christmas home decorations
  • The best winter real estate discounted lists

14. Start a Christmas decor group on social media

Holiday decorating is a nostalgic practice that entices positive emotions and you can contribute to it by creating decorating ideas or DIY group boards. Whether on Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram, you can start expanding your network with unique and in-demand home and office decor ideas

With this real estate campaign idea, not only can you build brand awareness, but you also associate your brand with nostalgic sentiments. 

15. Share Christmas real estate memes

Christmas-inspired real estate memes are an awesome and super effective way to advertise your real estate business during the holiday season. They’re not only fun and engaging, but also help you stay top of mind with your audience. You can get creative with puns and well-known Christmas references to entertain not only your friends, family, and past clients, but also potential customers.

Here are some Christmas real estate memes that you can get inspired by.

Source: LighterSide
Source: LighterSide
Source: LighterSide

Remember to use visually appealing images and keep the tone lighthearted and festive. Customize the captions to match your brand personality and connect with your target audience.

16. Create engaging Christmas real estate Facebook ads

You can get into the holiday spirit and connect with potential clients during the festive season by running Christmas-themed real estate Facebook ads. Here’s a collection of ideas and tips to help you create engaging and effective Christmas real estate Facebook ads.

Use eye-catching visuals

Use high-quality images or videos of homes decorated for the holidays. Include festive decorations like wreaths, lights, and a decorated Christmas tree to evoke a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Draft compelling copy

Craft engaging and holiday-themed copy that emphasizes the joy of finding a home for the holidays. Use phrases like “Home for the Holidays,” “Your Dream Home Awaits,” or “Wrap Up Your Perfect Home this Christmas.”

Promote interactive content

Use interactive elements like polls, quizzes, or surveys related to holiday preferences in a new home. This not only engages the audience but also provides insights into their preferences.

Use geotargeting

Use Facebook’s geotargeting features to reach potential buyers in specific locations. Highlight homes in areas with attractive holiday events, decorations, or community celebrations.

Create a sense of urgency

Incorporate a sense of urgency in your ads by using phrases like “Limited-time holiday offer” or “Act now for a festive deal.” This can encourage potential buyers to take action during the holiday season.

Optimize for mobile

Ensure that your ads are optimized for mobile devices since many users access Facebook on their phones. Test your ad’s appearance and functionality on different devices to ensure a seamless experience.

Engage with comments

Actively engage with comments on your ads. Respond to inquiries, answer questions, and participate in the festive discussions to build a sense of community.

Remember to monitor the performance of your Christmas real estate Facebook ads through the platform’s analytics tools. This will help you understand what works best for your audience and make adjustments to optimize your campaign.

Holiday gift ideas for real estate clients

As a real estate agent, you may want to share gifts with special clients. This is great to show you appreciate them for their patronage during the year. Below are some holiday gift ideas for real estate clients to help them celebrate Christmas and a happy new year. Also, don’t forget to publish a post about thoughtful gifts on your social media page. 

1. Hand out gift baskets

A gift basket is a great holiday gift idea for your real estate clients. Wow your clients by combining different gifts that suit the occasion like bottles of wine, ginger snap cookies, themed chocolates, etc. The basket is also valuable as it can be reused after the holidays. 

2. Coasters

The holiday season is about family gatherings and parties, and coasters are much sought after in every household. That’s why artisanal coasters are great Realtor gift ideas for clients; you can order generic or even personalized sets. 

3. Cozy blankets

Super cozy and soft blankets make great realtor gift ideas for clients. With the cold weather, blankets are a go-to for just about anyone. Personalize your gift with the family’s initials or a simple line like “Snuggly Winter”. You can also include your brand logo somewhere.

4. Throw pillows

Another great holiday gift idea for real estate clients is the throw pillows, suitable for people of any age and interest.

5. A branded welcome mat

A really grounded holiday gift idea for real estate clients would be a welcome mat. The holiday season’s excess of rain and snow makes a good doormat really valuable. However, this gift remains useful for your real estate clients well through the year 

You can also personalize it. For example, inscribe the company’s logo and the name of the client.

Source: Etsy

LeadsBridge for real estate agents

Creative strategies and ideas go a long way in real estate Christmas ads, but the right tools can help you rise against the growing competition. 

LeadsBridge for real estate agents

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This includes creating an audience from your sources, then designing an ad to target them. With this, you get more qualified leads for your real estate business.

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Custom integrations

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Final thoughts

While most marketers overlook the real estate holiday marketing ideas, Christmas offers a great opportunity. It’s an ideal time to use themed marketing strategies to establish your brand and even get more leads and future customers. 

There are several real estate Christmas ads you can use for your real estate business. Give it some thought and choose the one that best suits your local community, target audience, and your marketing objectives.

In addition to these ideas, leverage the right automation tools to streamline your communication and follow up in a timely manner, especially in case someone is interested in your property listings. 

Discover LeadsBridge’s real estate integrations here.

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