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7 Successful Real Estate Facebook ads Examples

By Mark Cirillo | No Comments | 25th April 2019

Are you a real estate agent that has spent a lot of money advertising on Zillow with little ROI? Have you tried your hands on other online marketing strategies with little to no results?  If your answer to the questions above is a Yes, then you need to try Facebook ads.

Facebook ads for real estate is an effective way to generate leads cheaply and quickly too. Do you know that the average person spends 35 minutes per day on Facebook?.  This gives you enough time to show your Facebook ads for real estate to the right audience on Facebook.

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However, to generate good results, you will need to learn from successful real estate Facebook ads examples.

You know what?

We have done the work for you.

This article is a list of 7 successful real estate Facebook ads examples you can learn from.

Let’s get started.

1.Real estate Facebook ads examples: Vakil Housing – Customer’s pain points

The first real estate Facebook ads example is that of Vakhil housing. The real estate company uses the customer’s pain point to create an effective real estate ad. Check it out below:

real estate Facebook ads examples

The text of the ad reads “Keep your whole family together“. This is about keeping a family together in one place. It a pain point for some real estate prospects looking for a big house that can contain their whole family. For example, expectant parents looking forward to starting a new family in a bigger space.

Using the customers’ pain points to create Facebook ads for real estate is very effective.

You need to have an in-depth understanding of your target customer. By understanding them, you will be able to answer questions such as

What problems do they face when searching for houses to buy?

Why will they want to sell their homes?

What are their interests?

Answering these questions and using it to create effective real estate ads will produce interest in your offering. Furthermore, if you want produce an eye catching flyer for your real estate campaign, you can try Adobe Spark as free solution.

The truth is, your real estate prospects are not on Facebook just to browse away, some of them are looking for how to solve their housing problems. So, using the customer’s pain points to create Facebook ads for real estate will help your audience to connect with your ads on a personal level.The second real estate Facebook ad example is from JSP Realtors.

2.Real estate Facebook ad examples: JSP Realtors – Use Satisfied customers testimonials

JSP Realtors is the next real estate Facebook ad example. The real estate company compiled the testimonials of customers who have bought or sold their houses through their company to create Facebook ads using the carousel ad format.

real estate Facebook ads examples

It is good to tell people how efficient your real estate services are, but letting your customers do the talking is the best. This is because people believe the testimonies of other people who have used the same service they are considering to use.

You can use your customers’ testimonials to create stunning Facebook ads for real estate that will help people to trust your agency more, thus helping you to build your brand. It is a great way to break down every objection your prospects might have. Testimonial ads are also great for social proof.

The third real estate Facebook ad example is from John and Mellissa Steele.

3.Real estate Facebook ad examples: John and Mellissa Steele – Use Facebook live to create a virtual tour of a property

The third real estate Facebook ad example is from John and Mellissa Steele, San Diego Realtors. Melissa used Facebook live to create an eight minutes personal live tour of the home they wanted to sell. It was a detailed virtual tour of the property.

real estate Facebook ads examples

Facebook live – a native live streaming video is hot right now on Facebook and many brands are already taking advantage. As a real estate agent, you can use Facebook live to create a virtual tour of property or stream live from an open house while you address your prospects. You can use it as a Facebook live ad.

Facebook live ads help to build brand awareness and trust for your business.

The fourth real estate Facebook ad example is from Daft.ie

The fourth real estate Facebook ads example is from Daft.ie, a real estate company in the UK. They used the carousel ad format to show a different listing of properties that prospects can check out. They also use it to show different parts of a single house to stimulate their prospect’s interest in the deal.

real estate Facebook ads examples

Daft.ie carousel ad format for different listings

real estate Facebook ads examples

Daft.ie carousel ad format for different rooms in a single house

Facebook carousel ad format is a great format for creating effective real estate ads because it involves visuals. The carousel ad format enables you to create a series of images in a catalog format so that your viewers can scroll to view different listings or images of the house.

The fifth real estate Facebook ad example is from QuintoAndar.

5.Real estate Facebook ad examples: QuintoAndar – Retargeting

The fifth real estate Facebook ad example is from QuintoAndar. They used Facebook’s dynamic ads to retarget website visitors who browse different home listings.

real estate Facebook ads examples

The Facebook dynamic ad takes a realtor’s home listings and change them into ads and show it to people who have viewed the home listings on the realtor’s website. The ad can include the property, its address, price, property type, etc.

The sixth real estate Facebook ad example is from Holley Real Estate.

6.Real estate Facebook ad examples: Holley Real estate- Use drone footage

The sixth real estate Facebook ad example is that of Holley Real estate. They used drone footage to show the properties and the surrounding area.

real estate Facebook ads examples

Drone footage is the latest marketing strategy in real estate. It produces high – quality photography and video. You can use drones to take pictures of landscapes, beautiful home exteriors, and the surrounding environment.

For example, you could use a drone to fly down onto a property from like 200 feet in the air, showing the details of the property in a dramatic view, then move closer to show the driveway, the lawns, and the front door. It is an amazing sight.

You could record the drone footage and show prospects the views of the property you want them to see by using it to create Facebook ads for your real estate agency business.

It is an effective real estate ads strategy because it is like a video ad. Facebook loves videos. It generates lots of views and clicks. Do you know that listings with a video received 403% more inquiries than those without?  You are positioning your real estate business for more leads and sales when you use drone footage.

The last real estate Facebook ad example is from Roger Prasad.

7.Real estate Facebook ad examples: Roger Prasad – Free Home evaluation

The last real estate Facebook ad example is from Roger Prasad – Silicon Valley Real Estate. They used free home evaluation ads to invite their prospects to value their homes.

real estate Facebook ads examples

Home valuation ads are effective real estate ads that help you to get free leads without cold calling. It helps you to get people’s attention by showing them what other homes like theirs are valued at.


Above are seven (7) successful real estate Facebook ads examples you can use to get your creative juice flowing.  Have you tried any of the real estate Facebook ads examples above?  What was the result? Let me ask to you a final question: are you using Facebook Lead Ads feature for your advertising campaign? If so, don’t miss our dedicated Facebook Leads Ads sync tool!
If you are just getting started with Facebook lead ads feature don’t worry! We’ve prepared an in-depth guide on this topic along with some tips to improve your performance with this Facebook’s feature, don’t miss out our step by step guide here.

How Real estate agents can find new customers with Facebook Lead Ads


In the last few months, Facebook has been rolling out for everyone a new powerful advertising format, specifically designed with the goal of making a lot easier the process of collecting new leads.

The first results are really amazing both in terms of conversion rate and cost per lead. In this article, we’ll explain how advertising on Facebook can help you grow a successful real estate business and everything you need to know about Facebook Lead ads: the good (which is almost everything), the bad and how thanks to LeadsBridge you’re going to fix the bad 😉

The leads generation cost problem

So you run a real estate business and you’re looking as always for new clients. A lead is nothing more than a potential new client, and today the fastest way to collect a lot of them is for sure this amazing internet thing… however, this is much easier said than done. The number of businesses realizing the potential of online advertising and starting to learn how to leverage it is obviously increasing more and more. The bad news is that platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook ads work with a bid system, and in the most competitive markets (like realtors one) the cost per click nowadays can be very expensive.

Facebook is nonetheless a very powerful tool for a real estate agent, giving the opportunity to build awareness, drive traffic to your website, and in the end find new potential clients. With an advertising campaign, you’ll be able to target the exact type of people you want to reach, thanks to all the information Facebook knows about us. For example, you can choose to show your ads just to people with higher household incomes, or to those who recently had a major life-changing event, because someone who just got married or had children is likely to be interested in purchasing a new home in the near future. Pretty huge, isn’t it?

Having an easier life with FB Lead Ads

Have you already tried running a Facebook ads campaign to collect new leads?

If you were making your work nicely, you designed a fancy ad pointing to a landing page where you would – hopefully – get those yummy data from your lead (usually just a name and an email). But how was the conversion rate going? You paid a lot for those clicks, and most of them were probably just wasted money feeding google analytics with website visits but not your database with real leads. Collecting information from users is quite a hard challenge, especially on mobile with issues like slow load times, the difficulty of entering contact information compared to desktop… and we’re just giving for granted the mobile responsiveness.

Facebook with its recently released Lead ads format is going to make collecting leads a lot easier and with its over 1 billion user base you just need to find the right ones: that quality leads that can potentially be converted into clients.

How do Lead Ads actually work?

With Lead ads, users will give you all the information you need without even leaving Facebook. This means a more streamlined and fast experience. But there’s more because when a user clicks on a lead ad he will get a form pre-filled with data based on his Facebook profile information.

Yeah, that’s right: no more manually filling out forms!

This is a big deal, especially on mobile!

The Lead Ads pain point and how LeadsBridge will fix it for you

So Lead Ads are amazing… they’ve got only one catch. Facebook lets you only download all the leads you’ve gathered through a CSV file. This is the only way you’ve got to work with all those great information you’ve paid for.

But working with CSV files means spending a lot of time importing and exporting data, and what you really need is to have the ability to send an email or give a call in the exact time you get that new lead. If you wait two days that person who clicked on your ad might already have completely forgotten about you. You should start developing a relationship with your lead immediately after he expressed interest in your business by sending his personal information.

Luckily we’ve got this 😉 With LeadsBridge you can instantly synchronize all your new leads with your CRM or email marketing software and get in touch right away!

Your CRM is already integrated with LeadsBridge, for sure!

In the last months, we’ve been working hard to have all the integrations our customers needed. We have already set up over 40 of the most popular CRM and email marketing software. Hubspot, Silverpop, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Aweber, GetResponse… just to name a few. And we’re not scared about custom solutions as well! Check out all our native integrations and our custom integration promise here.

Be friendly with Lead MetaData

As a real estate agent, you’ll probably already receiving emails from different sources with lead’s information. These emails have different formats and you know that trying to set up an automatic process in order to extract leads information and put them in the right spot of your database is not easy at all.

In the future things are hopefully going to be smoother thanks to the Real Estate Lead Metadata Specification, an industry-standard approach for portals to communicate lead information with the goal of having 100% accurate transmission of lead details.

LeadsBridge integrates Lead MetaData, here you can find for example how to integrate FiveStreet CRM and Top Producer CRM.

The one thing you shouldn’t forget: a welcome email

As we already mentioned, getting in touch as soon as possible with those who clicked on your Lead ad on Facebook is a key success factor. People expect news from you the very moment they’ve sent their personal data, so a welcome email is mandatory to establish a relationship with your new potential customer and to keep him on track about what’s happening next.

Welcome email through LeadsBridge

LeadsBridge syncs in real-time with your CRM/autoresponder, so you can set it up in order to send a welcome email to all new leads coming from your Facebook campaign.

If you can’t send an email with your CRM we’ve got you covered! You can send a welcome email directly with LeadsBridge!

You’ll find all the customization options you need to deliver a white paper, a coupon, or just to inform you that you received contact details and that you’ll get in touch soon.

Just give it a try!

Register to LeadsBridge and you’ll get a 7-day free trial to sync up your leads with your CRM or simply receive them via email ;).

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