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20 Exceptional Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas (with examples)

Leads are the lifeline of real estate businesses. This is why 60% of real agents search for leads daily. Also, 28% of buyers found their home through a real estate agent. However, it is not easy to engage in real estate lead generation activities online. But thanks to technology, real estate marketing is becoming easier. In recent times, the Internet plays a huge role in the real estate niche. Almost every home buyer begins their research online. A study revealed that 79% of buyers found detailed information about properties online.

This has made 48% of real estate agents consider keeping up with technology one of the greatest challenges of the field. Even clients expect real estate agents to use online marketing tactics for their businesses. A study revealed that 19% of sellers showed they wished their realtor used more online marketing tactics.

In this guide, you will learn how to use the best real estate lead generation ideas to boost your business.

1.    Facebook Ads: Facebook lead generation for real estate

Facebook is the best platform to generate leads for your real estate business. With Facebook ads, you can target the right audience by location, demographics, and interests. Facebook makes it easy for you to find the right clients fit for any property you are trying to sell, be it brick and mortar or even digital.

A study revealed that 50% of home buyers find their homes on the internet. This is why 79% of real estate professionals are using Facebook. It is a goldmine for real estate agents to get clients for their businesses.

Real estate is visual, making Facebook the perfect place to post pictures of beautiful homes, families, and neighborhoods that can hook users to do business with you.

One of the best Facebook lead generations for real estate strategy is using the Facebook Lead Ads.

Facebook Leads Ads is a tool you can use to generate real estate leads at a lower price. The ads to users both on mobile and desktop. When a user clicks on the Lead ads, it shows a form pre-filled with their details, i.e. name and email address. All the users need to do is to confirm their details or add a bit of information to it and submit the form right there on Facebook.

The Facebook Lead Ads is optimized for mobile as 98.8% of Facebook users access the platform through mobile devices. One advantage of the Facebook Leads Ads is that the form is filled right there on the Facebook platform. This removes conversion frictions common to landing pages. You can also integrate it with your favorite CRM tools through Leadsbridge. This will enable you to funnel your incoming leads straight to your CRM and nurture them to convert before they become cold.

To create a successful Facebook Leads Ads for your real estate business, read this post – A step by step guide to Facebook Lead Ads and this post on — how to download leads from Facebook lead ads.

Below is an example of a Facebook Lead Ad from Arizona Real Estate. It is an ad showing an exclusive listing for a property. The ads generated leads in exchange for more information about the listing.


For more Facebook real estate ads examples — check out this blog post — 7 successful real estate Facebook ads examples. Looking for Facebook post ideas for your real estate business? Check this out — 10 quick and easy Facebook post ideas for real estate agents.

2.     Google ads

Google ad is a powerful tool you can use as a real estate lead generation idea. With Google ads, you can advertise your real estate business on the search network, display network, Google shopping ads, video campaigns, and apps campaigns. However, one of the Google ad formats for lead generation is the Google Lead form extensions. It is a type of native ads designed to help you drive leads directly from the mobile search results page, as users search for products/services or when they type in search words on Google.

Google Lead form extensions are ads that are designed to attract users with a call to action in a responsive form under the ad. The lead form extension is created in Google ads and then added to a campaign in search, video, and discovery. When a user sees and clicks on the ad, they see a form pre-filled with their Google account data and a call to action to submit the form. You can thereafter download and manage the leads from Google Ads or integrate them with a CRM or Email marketing software to quickly move them to a place where you can contact them right after they opt-in.

This makes it one of the best real estate lead generation ideas. You can customize the Google lead form extension to fit your real estate marketing goals.

Below is an example of a Google Lead form extensions

 Google lead form extension example

For a detailed post on how to create Google Lead form ads to generate leads for your real estate business, check out this post – Google Lead Form Ads: The Complete, always-updated Guide to Google Lead Generation.

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3.     LinkedIn Ads

According to HubSpot, LinkedIn is 277% more effective for generating leads compared to Facebook and Twitter. This is because LinkedIn is a professional network. One of the best real estate lead generation strategies is using the LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. LinkedIn Lead Gen forms just like the Facebook and Google Lead Gen forms extension are mobile-optimized ads that allow advertisers to collect leads on LinkedIn without directing them to external landing pages. It comprises a form that is pre-filled with the user’s information. When a user clicks on the ads, the form pops up and then they can click to submit it. This increases users’ experience, reduces friction and increases leads.

Below is an example of a LinkedIn Lead Gen form.

Linkedin lead gen example

For more information on how to set up the Lead Gen form, read this post – Everything you need to know on LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.

4.     Local SEO

It is the dream of most real estate agents to have quality local leads on autopilot. The best way to realize this dream is through local SEO. It is one of the best real estate lead generation ideas because 90% of home buyers use the internet to search. Local SEO helps your business to show up in search engines when a user is looking for help to buy or sell a property. The first place 44% of home buyers’ visits online is Google. The good thing is, 60% of those searching are likely to click on the top three results on Google.

This implies that you have to position your business to show up more on Google search. Below are some tips that will help you.

a.    Optimize your local Google My Business page so your business can show up more in search engines.

b.    Use targeted keywords to create quality content

c.    Optimize on-page elements and images on your website

d.    Use attractive headlines to increase click-through

e.    Ensure your website is mobile-friendly.

5.     Real estate lead generation websites

The best real estate lead generation websites make it easy for agents to find clients and close deals. This is because most of the websites generate enormous monthly traffic. For instance, Zillow, Trulia, and all generate about 80 million unique monthly visits between them. These are the traffic you need to get to convert to leads.


Source: Statista

Below is the list of the best real estate lead generation websites.

a.    Zillow:

Zillow is a real estate service that helps users to buy, sell and rent properties online. It provides enough data on real estate properties to help buyers and sellers make informed choices. It facilitates the process of owning and living in properties. This involves buying, selling, financing, renting, and remodeling. You can integrate Zillow with different CRMs such as HubSpot, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, etc through Leadsbridge. Learn how to set up the integration of Zillow with your CRM here.

b. Bold Leads:

This is another great real estate lead generation tool for realtors and property dealers. You can also integrate Boldleads with CRMs and Autoresponders such as HubSpot, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and Dealersockets through Leadsbridge. Learn how to set up the integration between Boldleads and your CRM here.

c. BoomTown ROI:

BoomTown ROI is one of the best real estate lead generation tools for realtors. It is useful for lead generation, creating IDX websites, and managing leads and customers. You can also integrate it with other CRMs and Autoresponders such as HubSpot, Infusionsoft by Keap, and ActiveCampaign. Visit the BooomTown ROI integration page to learn how to set it up.

d. Zoho CRM:

Zoho is useful for real estate agents who want to generate leads from social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. You can also integrate your Zoho CRM with your favorite tools like HubSpot and MailChimp. Visit the Zoho integration page to learn how to set it up.

6.    Blogging

Blogging is one of the best real estate lead generation ideas. This is because businesses that blog 11 or more times every month receive four times as many leads than companies that only blog four or five times a month. Blogging helps you to drive targeted traffic from search engines as you create targeted content for your business. Although it is a long-term strategy, you can still derive short-term benefits such as promotional opportunities for your real estate business. You can write content that shows website visitors different aspects of your business. You can create short guides about places in your city to keep your audience informed.

For example, below is a guide on “How to de-winterize a home” from Massrealty.

Blogging example

7.     Video marketing

Video marketing is one of the most popular and rewarding real estate lead generation ideas. This is because real estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than those without video. Also, according to the National Association of Realtors, online video websites have grown with 36% of people using video as an informative source during the home search. 73% of sellers are more likely to list their home with an agent who uses video. Putting together an informative video about your real estate business will open up your business to enhance your lead generation efforts greatly. There are different types of videos you can produce for your real estate business such as:

a.  Listing videos

b.  Interview videos

c.  Live-stream Q/A

d.  Homebuyer/ seller advice videos

e. Neighbourhood/community videos

Below is an example of a Neighbourhood/community video

8.    Virtual tours

The advance in technology has made it easy for real estate agents to use video tours, floor plans, and other tools to generate quality real estate views and leads. Virtual tours give prospective leads the opportunity to access the realistic property environment on their own. With it, they can see each room and look at the tiniest details about the property. This helps to sustain the attention of your prospects, which implies that they can easily take the next step because they see themselves connected to the property through the virtual tour. Virtual tours can be expensive to make, but they are well worth it. You can add them to marketing emails and open-house notifications, websites, and social media platforms.

Below is an example of a virtual tour.

9.    Community pages

A community page is a section on your real estate website that showcases information about the places where you help home buyers and sellers. It contains information such as the population of the neighborhood where you work and live, the cost of living there, history, population, etc. It is one of the best ideas of lead generation for real estate agents.

It can also include popular events, traditions, attractions, restaurants, and other interesting details. Creating these pages improves your local search engine optimization. People who are looking for houses in that region can see your website as they use the search engines. As these visitors find your website through the search engines and click through, you get more traffic that can be converted to leads. To convert the traffic to leads, offer a free pdf of the region in exchange for visitors’ emails. This will help you keep in touch with them thereafter and nurture them to become clients.

Below is an example from Deborah Hess – a realtor.


10.    Expired Listings

Looking for how to get more leads in real estate? Expired listings it is. Expired listings are lists of properties that could not sell before their expiry dates. Expired listings provide an opportunity to find a bonafide seller who is willing and ready to sell. There are two major ways to find expired listings — the first is through MLS. Check out MLS (Multiple listing service) every day and search for expired listings.

Second, through signing up with a real estate prospecting service such as RedX, Vulcan7, and Landvoice. The services search the MLS for expired listings and provide authentic contact information. However, these services are not free, but they will help you save time and effort in searching for them manually. One good thing about these services is that they come with built-in CRMs and Auto-dialers which makes it easy for you to reach out to expired listings owners. You can get in touch with expired listings owners through an auto-dialer, send an educational letter, or physically knock on their door.

 11.    Retargeting

Retargeting is an effective marketing strategy for targeting website visitors repeatedly until they convert. It is an effective real estate lead generation idea that works very well. It works by installing a pixel on your website that helps to store your website visitors’ information. You can then use the information to create relevant ads that target them based on their actions on your website as they move around the web.

With a retargeting campaign you can get:

a·  70% more customers

b·  147% increase in average conversion rates when properly integrated

c·  500% increase in branded search results

d·  700% increase in overall site visitors

Below are different retargeting platforms where you can re-target your website visitors to generate more qualified leads for your real estate business.

a.   Facebook retargeting ads

Facebook retargeting ads is one of the best ways to get more leads in real estate. Facebook retargeting ads is an ad that allows you to target your website visitors based on the actions they took while on your website. All you need do is to place the Facebook pixel on your website. When a visitor comes to your website, the pixel tracks their movement and shows them your ads in their feed on Facebook.

With the latest iOS update rolled out, which stipulates users to opt into data collection for each app, it is becoming difficult to use the Facebook pixel. It has limitations that require users to opt into data collection for each app, if they refuse, you can’t access their information. However, there is a way out – the Facebook Conversions API. Here is a detailed post on how you can still use the pixel with the Facebook Conversions API – Everything you need to know about Facebook Conversions API.

The next thing you can do with the information provided by the API is to create a custom audience of your website visitors. This will help you to retarget your website visitors based on the pages they visited on your website.

Setting up a custom audience on Facebook is easy. You can build custom audiences based on your website visitors, customer list, app activity, and offline activity. Learn how to set it up in this post – A Step-By-Step Guide to Facebook Custom Audiences. To save time, effort and avoid errors, you can automate your custom audiences building by using Leadsbridge’s Custom Audiences Sync tool to sync your autoresponder or CRM with Facebook to create a custom audience from your customer list.

A good example of this is from QuintoAndar. It uses dynamic ads to target website visitors who viewed specific properties on the website. Check out the ad below:

Facebook retargeting ads

b.    LinkedIn Retargeting

LinkedIn is also one of the top social media platforms great for retargeting. With LinkedIn’s retargeting tool, you can target your audience based on three criteria:

a·  Contact targeting – targeting based on prospect’s email addresses

b·  Account targeting – targeting the accounts of prospective customers

c.  Website targeting – targeting website visitors based on the pages they visited.

Setting up retargeting ads on LinkedIn is easy, especially for the contact targeting option. If you use HubSpot, all you need to do is integrate your LinkedIn account with Hubspot through Leadsbridge’s LinkedIn Matched Audiences tool. The tool helps you to sync your static lists, smart list, etc on Hubspot to your LinkedIn campaign manager. This makes it easy to upload your email contacts to LinkedIn.

Learn how to set up the three types of LinkedIn retargeting by reading this post -  LinkedIn Matched Audiences: Improve the Efficiency of your Retargeting Campaign.

c.   Use Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing is targeting your website visitors who did not take required actions with relevant offers. Remarketing is a strategy that works for businesses and this is why 68% of agencies and 49% of brands are allocating more budgets to it. There are two ways to target users with a remarketing campaign – a pixel or website and a remarketing list.

Website or pixel remarketing involves adding a piece of code provided by Google to your website to help capture user’s details. You can use this information to target them with the right ad as they move from one website to another online. As they click on the remarketing ads, it brings them back to your website.

The list remarketing is targeting your existing customers using their emails. You can upload this email directly to Google through Leadsbridge’s Custom Audiences Sync. It helps to automatically upload the emails to your campaigns. This saves time and effort.

Learn how to set up the pixel or website remarketing and list remarketing by reading this guide — Google AdWords Remarketing tutorial.

12.   Referrals

Referrals are one of the best real estate lead generation ideas that are easier and cheaper. According to a study carried out by NAR, 64% of sellers found their agent through a referral from a friend, a neighbor, or relative, or used an agent they have worked with before to buy or sell a home. Referrals are a reliable source of generating consistent leads for your business. You can get referrals from your former clients, real estate professionals, real estate referral companies, etc. Referral works because most people believe the word of mouth from people they know. This is why most successful real estate agents get almost half of their income from referrals. However, generating referrals is not as easy as it sounds, you need to work for it. Below are ways to generate referrals for your business.

a.  Provide exceptional service that will produce referrals naturally.

b.  Work together with local business owners who have relationships with local residents, and different professionals.

c.  Maintain your relationship with clients

d.  Create rewarding plans for clients who refer businesses to you

e.  Stay engaged with your fans on social media platforms.

13.   Automated text messages

Still looking for more ideas on how to get more leads in real estate? Automated text messages work for real estate lead generation because texts messages leads are 600% more likely to convert than email or form submission leads, and 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes of being sent. Automated text messages work for people because most of them would rather text your business than call, email, or fill a form on your website. Below are ways to incorporate automated texts messages into your marketing strategy;

a. Ensure website visitors can text you from your website to make inquiries. For this, you can use click-to-text and SMS chat options.

Find an example below


Source: Textrequest

b.  Send a welcome SMS as website visitors subscribe

c.  Send new offers or content

d.  Send links to download content

e.  Send SMS customer support

Here are 5 SMS marketing strategies to engage your new leads and convert them into high lifetime value customers.

14.    Live chat

Live chat software is another useful best idea for lead generation for real estate agents you can use. With live chat, it is easy to turn a curious prospect into a lead. It is an excellent tool to place on your website so that as visitors come, you can use the live chat software to answer their questions. Most often than not, visitors may not know how to access specific information on your website without a guide. Having live chat software makes it easy for them to contact you. If you can chat with them directly, you can easily convert them to leads.

When choosing live chat software for your business, ensure it is mobile. This allows you to chat with prospects on the go.

Some best live chat for real estate agents is Intercom, drift, livehelpnow, and liveperson.

Below is an example of a real estate website with live chat software.

live chat example

According to Thechatshop, the average ROI for managed property and real estate is 1013% and even 23% of chat interactions converted into qualified leads.

15.    Pitch your listing to news outlets

Looking for more real estate lead generation ideas? Pitch your listing to news outlets. This is one of the best lead generation strategies for getting high-quality leads quickly. All you need is to look for reputable news outlets such as New York Times or other outlets and pitch your property listings to them. This will give you amazing publicity that will bring in leads to your business on a daily basis. Apart from the New York Times, you can also pitch your listing to journalists on websites like HARO.

A good example of a real estate agent that is using this strategy is a Florida realty company

florida realty

The company pitched their listing to the New York Times and it was published. They received at least five calls a day since it was published. This makes it really fast to sell properties and also gain new clients.

16.   Open houses

Running an open house is one of the best strategies of lead generation for real estate agents. Even if you didn’t sell the property, all you need is a list of potential buyers you can contact thereafter. The first thing you need to do to have a successful open house that generates enormous leads is to design door hangers, flyers, and postcards for publicity in your neighborhood. It is also a good idea to use property management software to keep track of all your listing and open houses. . Create social media posts to highlight the listing. When the day comes, position signposts on the streets to direct people to the event. Run a Facebook live stream to show your fans what’s going on at the event. This way they can both watch it live, and it also gives you a recorded video of the event. You can thereafter post the video on your page and boost it to generate more leads. Also, promote the video on Instagram story. Capture visitors’ names and contact details. Then follow up with them after the event.

      open house

You can also host virtual open houses, especially in the times we are in (COVID-19 pandemic). For this, you can use Zoom or Facebook live.

17.   Cold calling

Cold calling is contacting people who are not familiar with your real estate business but can actually convert to leads. This works in real estate because cold calls are answered 28% of the time. Of the people that real estate agents speak to, 1.7% of them turn into appointments or referrals. Cold calling is great because it helps you to reach a larger audience base and it is also cost-effective. With it, you get instant feedback from your prospect.

To get started with cold calling, you need a list of prospects to call. You can get this from:

a.  Expired listings

b.  Public records or on MLS

Once you have the list of prospects to call, create a script you will use when cold calling and start calling them.

18.   Network more at non-real estate events

Networking can be an effective tool to get more leads in real estate. The good thing is, there are many networking places you can explore to get potential clients. This includes:

a.  Local chamber of commerce:

This is one of the best places to find networking groups. They offer business promotions for members and they organize community events for them to meet up. This will not only help you network with members but also be able to expand to the networks of each member you connect with.

b.  Conferences & events:

Search for events and conferences where your target audience is likely to attend and pitch your services to them. This is huge because almost everyone is looking to buy or sell a home or property. Such events include a Business Franchise Expo where you can meet attendees that may need commercial office space.

c.   Volunteer groups:

If you have a passionate cause you are pursuing, this idea is great for you. You can volunteer your time to a cause you like so much and network with them and find out if anyone wants to sell or buy a house.

Other networking opportunities include online groups and charity programs.

19.   Optimized landing pages

The reason many real estate agents are not converting website visitors to leads is that they are not sending them to a page that is optimized for conversion. This is where optimized landing pages come in. A study showed that the average website visitor will visit about two pages on your website and will not stay longer than a minute or two. This means you have less time to make them convert. Having multiple optimized landing pages on your website will help you to quickly capture their details and convert them to leads.

According to a HubSpot report, companies with 10 and 15 landing pages increase leads by 55%. This means that creating an exceptional landing page on your website will increase your leads. This will only work if the landing pages are optimized to capture emails and generate phone calls from the incoming traffic. There are different landing pages for real estate business such as:

a.  Home valuation landing pages

b.  Appointment booking landing pages

c.  Community landing pages

d.  Buyer guide landing pages

e.  Luxury landing pages

Below is an example of a home valuation landing page.

  Home valuation landpage

Below are the elements that can help you create an optimized landing page for your real estate business.

a.   An attractive, concise, and clear headline that shows your value proposition

b.  A brief and captivating subhead

c.  The benefits of your offerings

d.  A single call to action

e.  Strong visuals

f.   Social proof.

For detailed blog posts on landing pages, read – A step-by-step guide to increase your landing page conversion rate and Anatomy of a Landing page that converts over 60% of traffic.

20.    Put a sign on a building

House-front signage and banners are great ideas of lead generation for real estate agents. You can use the property you want to sell, or even your own personal house to advertise your real estate business. This is especially effective in a place where there are lots of foot traffic. This allows you to effectively position your business in front of more people.

Find an example of this real estate lead generation idea.

storefront signage

How to qualify your real estate leads

It is one thing to generate real estate leads, it’s another to qualify them. After generating leads, you need to qualify and score them into different categories to know which lead is ready to decide soon and know how to nurture them to convert to clients. There are four things you need to do to qualify marketing leads, they are:

a.    Track and qualify the content consumption patterns of your website visitors. This will show you the actions they took to become a lead. For instance, a visitor comes to your website and downloads an e-book or requests a quote.

b.   Once you track the actions that make them convert to leads on your website, you can track the conversions using the Facebook Conversions API or Google Offline Conversions if you use one of the two platforms for lead generation.

To learn more about how to qualify your real estate leads, read this post – The complete guide to Marketing Qualified Leads.

Real Estate Lead Management

Generating and qualifying your real estate leads is a great idea, but what if you have a real estate lead management system in place to help nurture your leads until they convert? That is an excellent idea. A research carried out by Forrester, and Gartner research revealed that companies that excel at lead management generate 50% more sales-ready leads at $33 lower cost per lead and they also see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in 6-9 months. This implies that lead management helps to reduce the cost of lead acquisition and increase revenue. A lead management system helps your agents to know who to call, email, or text on autopilot. Learn more about Real Estate CRM integrations here.

Two of the most effective real estate lead management systems are Folllowupbox and Fivestreets.

a.   Fivestreets: 

Fivestreets helps you to build a relationship with your leads and convert them to customers. With Fivestreets, you can send out emails and text messages to leads as they opt-in. One significant thing about the software is that you can integrate it with your autoresponders or CRM such as ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, MailChimp, etc through Leadsbridge.

b.   Followupboss:

Followupboss is both a lead management system and a follow-up service created for real estate businesses and agents. With the software, you can import your leads from over 200 digital sources in order to nurture them and close more deals. You can integrate Followupboss with autoresponders and CRMs like HubSpot, MailChimp, and ActiveCampaign through Leadsbridge. Learn how to integrate Followupboss with your CRM here.


The real estate industry is evolving and so are the strategies for generating leads. Gone are the days when real estate agents spend most of their budgets on TV adverts, radio adverts, billboards, and newspaper adverts to generate leads. In recent times, real estate lead generation ideas are everywhere. This includes using Facebook ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, Referrals, optimized landing pages, cold callings, real estate lead generation services, blogging, and networking.

As you generate real estate leads, you also need to manage and nurture them until they convert to clients. Two of the best real estate lead management systems are the Fivestreets and Followupboss. It is time for you to generate real estate leads and manage them like a boss.

Discover our real estate integrations here.

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