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The Best Strategies for Facebook Retargeting Ads in 2021 

By Lizzie Davey | No Comments | 5th April 2021

Visitors rarely buy the first time they visit your site

At this point, they don’t know who you are or what value you can provide. But the last thing you want is for them to check out your site, click away, and never come back. 

Luckily, Facebook retargeting ads let you re-engage people who have visited your site or interacted with your brand in the past. These people are essentially “low-hanging fruit” because they are already brand aware. 

They know who you are and probably have a good enough idea about the value you can offer since they’ve visited your site before. This makes it easier to convert them than brand new, unaware customers who are just landing on your site for the first time. 

To find the best Facebook retargeting strategy, you have to be strategic about how you set up and run a retargeting campaign on Facebook. If you’re wondering how to retarget on Facebook, here are some tactics you can use this year to reap the best results. 

How to Retarget on Facebook in 2021

1.   Recapture Abandoned Carts

The average abandoned cart rate is already high, and it’s only getting higher. 

Right now, it sits at just above 75%, which means less than 25% of people that put your products in their cart actually make it all the way to checkout. It’s depressing, but it makes sense.

People will add items to their cart, get distracted, find a better offer, or something else will crop up which means they never make it to checkout. 

Facebook retargeting ads are great for capturing customers that have items gathering digital dust in their carts. You can show them the products they were originally interested in and entice them back to your site by jogging their memory with Facebook engagement retargeting. 

Elton shirt

Eton Shirts does this with their ads. They serve up a carousel of products that a  customer has added to their cart and then gone on to abandon. 

Seeing an item they put in their cart yesterday show up on their Facebook feed is a great reminder for forgetful or distracted shoppers and the best Facebook retargeting strategy for bringing back potential buyers. 

And you can take it further by adding a discount or a limited-time offer for people that come back and purchase. 

2.   Lookalike Audiences

Facebook’s Pixel is great for gathering the information of your website visitors and creating custom audiences (here’s a guide to doing that). It can track who’s visited what page and when so you can serve them personalized ads based on their browsing behavior.

However, if you don’t have a huge amount of web traffic to draw from, it can be tricky to get the data you need to serve relevant Facebook retargeting ads. 

Likewise, if you have a small list of subscribers, it’s hard to get the data you need to run Facebook retargeting to your email list. 

Tackle this by using Facebook’s powerful Lookalike Audience feature

It shows your retargeting campaign on Facebook to customers that are similar to people who have already visited your site. They’re more likely to be interested in what you’re offering because they have the same job, live in the same area, or are interested in the same things as your actual customers. 

Lookalike audience

Sync up your customer list or subscriber list and Facebook will use the information it has to find other similar people to serve ads to. 

3.   Test High-Value Audiences

High-value audiences are people who have bought from you in the past or have made a high-touch interaction with your brand, like getting in touch, adding products to their cart, sharing your social media posts, or leaving a review. 

These people are some of the easiest to re-engage with Facebook retargeting ads because they’ve already made significant contact with your brand. Because of this, they’re quite receptive to a variety of different ads and Facebook engagement retargeting methods, so it’s worth testing out a few different kinds such as: 

  • Brand awareness ads
  • Product reminder ads
  • Social proof ads
  • Retargeting video ads on Facebook


E-Gmat has a retargeting campaign on Facebook that serves social proof ads to existing customers and high-value audiences. This cements trust and continues to nurture the brand-buyer relationship. 

4.   Share Special Offers

Everyone likes to feel special. Bolster your relationship with existing customers and website visitors by sharing special offers, like discounts, referral rewards, or a free gift for people that re-engage via Facebook retargeting ads.

Only do this for people who have already visited your site, otherwise, the intention behind the ads becomes meaningless. 


Waterwell Winery serves ads to existing customers around their birthday, offering them a free birthday dinner if they claim the deal. 

5.   Dynamic Facebook Retargeting Ads

Dynamic Facebook retargeting ads are personalized to the consumer’s own experience. They show products the shopper has already looked at (even if they haven’t put anything in their cart) to create a unique experience

This is the best Facebook retargeting strategy for leveraging the power of personalization to drive conversions. This guide on our Facebook Conversion API dives into more detail, showing you how you can use LeadsBridge to generate full-funnel visibility, including tracking off-site conversions. 

Yumi kim

Yumi Kim targets past website visitors and shows them the products they’ve already engaged with. A Google report revealed that customizing the shopping experience through dynamic Facebook remarketing ads can drive a conversion rate up to 5x higher than standard ad formats and Retargeting video ads on Facebook.

To run dynamic Facebook remarketing ads, you need a Business Manager account and a freshly-updated product catalog. Facebook will use tracking Pixels to pull the right products into the right ads for each individual shopper. 

Read our guide on dynamic ads to learn more. 

6.   Keep Messaging Consistent 

It’s important that you provide a cohesive experience for customers, which means ensuring your Facebook retargeting ads and their messaging are consistent. 

When a user clicks on your ad, where are they directed? Does the page make sense and reflect the message of the ad? 

The landing pages (or product pages) you direct shoppers to should be highly relevant to the ad and branded with your colors and logos to establish trust. 


PandaDoc maintains its strong branding elements across their Facebook retargeting ads so that users recognize who they’re dealing with. 

Sometimes, you might want to reach people who haven’t visited your website yet, but who might have interacted with your brand in another way, like on social media. 

A link retargeting campaign on Facebook lets you serve Facebook retargeting ads to people who have engaged with a shared link on social media or another third-party platform. You can add these users to your Facebook retargeting email list since they’ve engaged with your brand in the past.

Once they’re on your list, you can serve them Facebook retargeting ads that:

  • Remind them about your brand
  • Showcase some of your best products or services
  • Align with the links and content they have already interacted with 
  • Feature retargeting video ads on Facebook to build connections


Claire Pelletreau directs retargeted users to blog posts to maintain their interest in her brand and to continue to serve value. This is the best Facebook retargeting strategy for building brand awareness and visibility. 

8. Target Based on Behavior

Facebook retargeting ads let you target customers that have taken action on your website, whether that’s visiting a specific page, signing up for your newsletter, or making a purchase. 

You can take it one step further and target visitors on increasingly detailed behavior, including: 

  • Visitors who’ve viewed more than one post
  • Visitors who’ve viewed a post and your pricing page
  • Visitors who’ve read a blog post and gone on to sign up for a freebie
  • Visitors who’ve used a certain device 
  • Visitors who’ve interacted with emails via a Facebook retargeting email list 
  • Visitors who’ve engaged with retargeting video ads on Facebook


The more granular you get with the behavior you target, the easier it is to serve up highly-personalized Facebook retargeting ads geared for conversion. 

Synchronize Leads From Your Retargeting Campaign on Facebook  

The people that engage with your Facebook retargeting ads are high-value consumers – that is, they are already warmed up and primed to buy. Sync up your leads from your Facebook retargeting ads with your CRM to continue to nurture buyers throughout the sales cycle and leverage your Facebook retargeting email list. 

LeadsBridge uses powerful integrations and lead automation to bridge the gap between Facebook ads and sales funnels so you can create a fluid customer experience between your website and ad platforms. 

If you’re keen to streamline your advertising activity and create the best Facebook retargeting strategy, you can integrate our marketing technology stack with Facebook ads to build out trigger-based campaigns on Facebook and other social media channels. 

With more than 370 out-of-the-box integrations available right now, you can easily connect your chosen software with Facebook to seamlessly sync data for your marketing workflows and leverage Facebook engagement retargeting.

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