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The right social media Christmas campaign to grow your brand awareness

By Mark Cirillo | No Comments | 21st December 2018

Christmas is here! It is a season of love, giving of gifts and a lot of merriments. It is also a season you can use to build brand awareness through your social media Christmas campaign. Therefore, it is important to keep your social media Christmas campaign in top gear. It is an effective tool for building brand awareness.  A research revealed that one of the top reasons businesses use the social media platform is because of increased exposure.

social media Christmas campaign

As you build your brand awareness with social media Christmas campaign, you will also attract a number of sales to your business. Statista predicted a whopping 246.15% increase in worldwide e-commerce.

The question is:

How do you create a profitable social media Christmas campaign to grow your brand awareness?

Below are 4 ideas you can use to create a profitable social media Christmas campaign.

Let’s get started.

1.Social media Christmas campaign: Decorate your social media profile with themed images

It’s the Christmas season!  This means it is time for your brand to wear the Christmas look.

How? Simple!

Decorate your social media profile section with themed Christmas images. What a better way to show the mood of the season! This is a great social media Christmas campaign idea because your cover page is like a billboard. It is the first thing social media users’ see on your page which makes it the right place to reinforce your branding.

Branding your social media profile is a very important social media Christmas campaign idea because 50% of social media users say a brand social media presence will influence their purchases during the holiday season.

The Christmas season is the time to let people know more about your brand and you can do that by transforming the look of your social media profile. Decorate your social media profile with different images such as using the image of your Christmas decorated office or using your products or service image and branding it with your business logo to create an attractive look for your business during the Christmas season.

Most businesses have more than one social media accounts, so it will be great if you can upload the same Christmas themed images on all your social media networks to enable social media users to identify your brand easily on your social media networks.

Below are tips that will help to create an effective social media Christmas campaign profile images.

a.Use the colour that depicts the Christmas season such as red, green and white.

The color should also blend with your brand colour.

See Target’s social media profile colours below:

social media Christmas campaign

b. Use several images that show your products or office and arrange them in row

c.Use images that show emotions.  Find an example from Kodak below.

social media Christmas campaign

The joy on a child’s face on Christmas morning is indescribable.

d.Create appealing and attractive images that engage your audience’s senses.

The image of the product will want to make your fan touch or taste it. Find an example below from Coca-cola.

social media Christmas campaign

The second social media Christmas campaign idea is “leverage on the seasons’ emotion”

2.Social media Christmas campaign: Leverage on the seasons’ emotion

The second social media Christmas campaign idea you can use to grow your brand awareness in this season is to leverage on the seasons’ emotion.

The Christmas season is a season of joy and love. Leveraging this emotion to create social media Christmas campaign posts on your social channels will get your fans excited about your brand. There are different social media Christmas campaign posts you can create for this purpose. Let’s look at a few below.

a.Social media Christmas campaign: User-generated content campaign

The user-generated content campaign is an essential social media Christmas campaign where you ask fans to create content related to your brand. You can ask them to add Hashtag to their post when submitting the content.  Find an example below from Sun-Maid.

social media Christmas campaign

Sun-Maid asked its fans to share a family favorite Sun-Maid holiday memory which can be a story, a photo or both using the hashtags #12DaysOfSunMaid and #Sweeptstakes. Winner gets one of the 12 daily gift packages.

b.Social media Christmas campaign: Create posts on Tips

Another social media Christmas campaign idea you can use is to teach your audience how to do something fun during the holiday season such as decorating their home and wrapping gifts. Make it brief and use bullet point to show the tips as shown below:

social media Christmas campaign

The third Social media Christmas campaign idea you can use to grow brand awareness is to “create a comment and win contest”.

3.Social media Christmas campaign: Create a comment and win contest

The third social media Christmas campaign idea you can incorporate in your holiday campaign is to create a comment and win contest.

Brands that create contest during the Christmas holiday see an increase in engagement during the season. A research study revealed that 63% of Facebook users say they are likely to share a link to a holiday contest. This social media Christmas campaign idea is great, especially on Facebook because the Facebook algorithm loves comments over likes. If you can get up to 20 comments, the post will appear in the news feed.

The comment to win social media Christmas campaign idea boosts engagement, build brand awareness, especially with a branded Hashtag, builds credibility and gives you a loyal audience. It also allows your fans to help you promote your brand this Christmas period. For best result, incorporate your product into the contest.

There are different comment to win posts you can create such as:

a.Social media Christmas campaign:  Fill in the blank comment post:  This kind of post can get up to 182 percent more engagement than other status updates. Ideas you can incorporate include:

* My favorite Christmas song is ____________  Post the title of your favorite Christmas song and winners will be selected shortly.

* I know the truth about Santa Claus at age _______ Fill in the age when you know Santa Claus is human. Winners will be selected.

b.Social media Christmas campaign: Ask an open-ended question

You can ask your fans an open-ended question about a popular Christmas story, food, fun activities etc and reward the winner with a gift.  Find examples below from a local church.

See an example below from Starbucks.

social media Christmas campaign

And another one from Xpelair At Home.

social media Christmas campaign

c.Pick an option: This involves providing different options (usually 4 to 5) and asking your fans to choose the one they like best. It is a great way to get to know what your fans like and also increase engagement.

4.Social media Christmas campaign: Holiday gift guide

The fourth social media Christmas campaign is the holiday gift guide.

The Christmas season is a time where people buy and share gifts in the season’s spirit. Many people also search for the right gifts for their family and friends.  Creating gift guides with your product or services will help your fans make the shopping process easier.

The gift guide is easy to share, hence giving your brand more exposure. If the products are on discounts, you can let them know. With a creative gift guide, you can stay on top of a prospect’s mind throughout the season. Increase your conversion rates by segmenting the products into different categories of product types and prices.

Below is an example from Zara Home.


Above are four ideas you can use to create the right social media Christmas campaign to grow your brand awareness. Have you tried any of the ideas before?  Share with us in the comment section below.

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