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5 Christmas Advertising Ideas to Improve your Real Estate Marketing

By Mark Cirillo | No Comments | 19th December 2018

The Christmas season is fast approaching. It is time to develop effective Christmas marketing ideas for your real estate marketing. The truth is, there are lots of competition online at this time of the year and you will require effective and efficient real estate marketing ideas to beat your competition. The fact is 44% of real estate buyers use the internet to start their house hunting. This shows the need for thoroughly planned real estate marketing ideas.

Although the Christmas period is a somewhat slow period for most real estate agencies, it is not the time to fold hands, watch and enjoy the season. It is the perfect time to promote your business to past clients and prospects because it might be an opportunity to get the best leads and even make few sales here and there.

To do this effectively, you need top-notch Christmas marketing Ideas and that is what you about to learn in this article.

Below are 5 Christmas marketing ideas to improve your Real estate marketing.


1.Christmas marketing idea: Participate in your local community’s Christmas event

The first Christmas marketing idea you can incorporate into your real estate marketing in this season is to participate in your local community’s Christmas event.

One of the best ways to engage your local community is by taking part in the events they care about such as the Christmas event. It shows that you support important community causes.  This may mean even sponsoring the Christmas event. Taking part in the local community Christmas event is an effective Christmas marketing ideas that can help you promote your brand and grow your community. It will give you a name in the community and prospective customers will see and know you care for the community.

Christmas marketing ideas

Below are ways you can take part in your local community Christmas event.

a.Christmas marketing ideas – Provide giveaways

Giveaways are the best way to say thanks to your community. One real estate marketing ideas you can incorporate here is a gift card giveaway to a grocery store, a staycation offer, etc. This will help you build brand awareness for your real estate business.

b.Christmas marketing ideas – Run a contest

You can run a contest to engage both the adults and children in the community during the Christmas event. Real estate marketing ideas you can use include organizing a contest for best decorative cookie or Christmas bauble.

c.Christmas marketing ideas – Collect donations for a charity

If you sponsor the Christmas event, you can use it as an opportunity to collect donations for a charity in your community. The donations can be in cash and kind. You can also make financial donations to a local charity or provide toys for children.

The second Christmas marketing idea is “Advent calendar giveaway“


2.Christmas marketing idea: Advent calendar giveaway

The second Christmas marketing idea is the use of advent calendar giveaway. Using the advent calendar giveaway as a Christmas marketing idea is not new. It has been in existence since the 19th century. The real estate marketing idea started in the 19th century in Germany. People were counting down on the holiday with chalk marks and pictures. There is a gift for each day before Christmas. Currently, a lot of people are using it as part of their Christmas marketing idea.  

Christmas marketing ideas

Today, you can use advent calendar giveaway designed for the social media, especially Instagram. You can share a gift or a prize for each day to build an engaged and a vibrant community of followers.


Christmas marketing ideas

Below are tips you can follow to create an effective advent calendar giveaway for your real estate business.

a.Christmas marketing idea: Use relevant giveaway options

To get the best out of the advent calendar giveaway Christmas marketing idea, you need to choose the giveaway options. Actually, there are three options you can use viz: run a different giveaway for each day, giving a final prize draw for users who commented on the post on each day and running daily giveaways with final prize.


b.Christmas marketing idea: Free resources as giveaways

Use attractive and original giveaways for each day. Make it a habit to let your fans know the giveaway for each day to whet their appetite.

The third Christmas marketing idea is “renovation pictures contest“


3.Christmas marketing idea: Renovation pictures contest

The third Christmas marketing idea you can use to grow your real estate business in this season is to encourage your fans to show their renovation pictures. It can be before renovation and after renovation pictures. People are proud of their achievements, especially task where it involves creativity like renovation.


Christmas marketing ideas

A great way to grow your business with this Christmas marketing idea is to run the best renovation contest on your social media networks such as Facebook and allow users to post pictures of the recent renovation they did on their homes or property. You can then offer the winner a special gift. Usually, the winner will have lots of comments or likes on their pictures. This Christmas marketing idea is great as it generates awareness for your brand.

The fourth Christmas marketing idea is “Display current property listing pictures“


4.Christmas marketing idea: Display current property listing pictures

The fourth Christmas marketing idea is to display current property listing pictures. Real estate business thrives on pictures of property listings. It helps to spark up interest in prospective buyers. A popular saying is a picture is worth a thousand words. There is no way you can describe a real estate listing without the photos. It makes your job easy. This is why pictures drive a lot of engagement on the social media network.

This Christmas marketing idea works because people love images. All you need do is to host a voting contest on your property listing. Ask your fans and followers to vote on the property they love the best. Pick the winning picture and give the winner a relevant gift. Use the winning picture to create real estate adverts on your social media campaign to help you drive more interests.

The fifth Christmas marketing idea is “host a holiday contest“.


5.Christmas marketing idea: Host a holiday contest

The fifth Christmas marketing idea is to host a holiday contest. Christmas is a season of giving. Therefore, this is the best time of the year to give back to your fans and followers. It is the perfect time to host a different holiday contest.


Christmas marketing ideas

Below are Christmas marketing ideas you can implement for your holiday contest.

  1. Christmas marketing idea for holiday content: Tell your followers to share their best Christmas decoration picture and give the winner a gift.  You choose the winner by picking the follower that has the most like or comment on their picture.
  2. Christmas marketing idea for holiday content: Encourage your followers to share the best Christmas recipe.
  3. Christmas marketing idea for holiday content: Ask them to share the pictures of their Christmas tree decorations. Choose the best decorated Christmas tree and give the winner a gift such as an Amazon gift card or a voucher to shop locally.


There you have it! 5 Christmas marketing ideas to improve your real estate marketing and beat your competition to the game. What are you waiting for?  It’s time to put these Christmas marketing ideas to work.


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