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Typeform integrations to boost lead generation

typeform integrations

Online forms have quickly become an integral aspect of acquiring prospects, with over 49.7% of businesses considering them to be one of their highest converting lead generation tools. 

However, creating a form that inspires action and maintains efficacy in prompting submission is a multifaceted process. This is especially true as the consumers that populate today’s online landscape turn toward convenience. 

Therefore, it is important to understand the characteristics of a successful online form, as well as the tools that can be used in conjunction with it to skyrocket performance. 

Throughout this article, you will discover the value of Typeform, as well as related use cases to inspire you. In addition to this, we will take a closer look at the various Typeform integrations that you can employ to generate leads, all of which are available through LeadsBridge. 

What is Typeform?

You may be asking yourself, what is Typeform and how can it be of benefit to my business? 

Typeform, an SaaS (software as a service) company, is an application designed to create and build captivating, interactive online forms. 

Typically used for surveys, this software can be used to create sign-up and report forms, quizzes and polls. 

Having revolutionized the interactivity of online forms, Typeform aims to present their questions in an animated, conversational style, asking one question at a time to inspire more thoughtful responses, keeping the audience engaged and achieving higher completion rates. 


Offering customizable layouts and themes, businesses can present their audience with a refined interface, featuring video and photo to capture their attention. 

Typeform’s mission is to help users grow closer to customers by inciting conversation, asking the right questions in the most engaging way. It is their aim to ensure customers feel more heard, and less like a number on a conveyor belt.  

After all, an organization can increase its revenue by 10-15% by improving its customer experience.

How to integrate Typeform 

If you are wondering how to integrate Typeform with other applications, and you are unsure of how to go about this, look no further. 

We have compiled a list of the four pathways you can take to integrate Typeform, which are follows;

Importing a Google document

You may have a particular Google document that you wish to transform into a Typeform. In this case, you can do the following;

  • Login in to your Typeform account
  • Select the New Typeform option in your workspace
  • Click the Import Typeform option
  • Click Run beside the Google Docs application

Browsing applications in the Connect panel 

You can browse the variety of partner applications that Typeform offers within the connect panel. 

To do this, you can;

  • Go to your workspace and click the three dots that appear in the right corner
  • Choose Connect

You can then view the entire list of available integrations, exploring specific categories to find your preferences quicker. 

Creating a Calendly question

By adding a Calendly question to your Typeform, you can give respondents the opportunity to schedule meetings with you within your Calendly calendar from within the form itself. 

To do this, simply;

  • Open a Typeform, and click the + sign
  • Scroll until you find the Calendly option and click to connect it

Using LeadsBridge 

It is also possible to integrate Typeform with the help of LeadsBridge, which offers a smooth and frictionless set up that can be achieved in a matter of minutes.

You can take a deeper look at the guide on how to perform this integration here.

How to create a Typeform: A step-by-step guide  

To help you create your very first Typeform, we have created this easy to follow, step-by-step guide.

To begin this process, you must first create an account or login into your Typeform account, where you will be brought to the default workspace.

Step 1

Once you have logged into your account, you will enter your workspace. From here, you will begin to build your form.

To do so, click + Create Typeform

Step 2

You will then be presented with a menu.

To create a brand new form, select Start from scratch.

It is possible to create a form using the pre-made templates provided by Typeform. You can learn more about  how to do this here

Step 3

To begin building your Typeform, select the + symbol.

From the menu, you can choose your first question.

You will have the option to choose between short text, long text, multiple choice questions, etc. 

Typeform offers question recommendations based on the answers you provided within your welcome questionnaire. These questions are geared toward your intended use of the form.

Once you have selected your option, you will be able to type your question and view how it will appear.

Step 4

To select the next questions, click the + symbol. 

You also have the option delete or duplicate questions by clicking the icon with three dots.

You can change the question settings using the Question panel on the right side of the screen. This includes marking questions as required or randomizing answers. 

Step 5

If you wish to change the design of your typeform, you can choose from a range of templates in the Design bar on the right. 

 To finish your Typeform, select an option from the Endings table in the bottom left corner. 

Before publishing, you can preview your Typeform by selecting the View button. 

When you are happy with your creation, click Publish.

How to embed your Typeform

The next process you must carry out is to embed your Typeform. For the purpose of this example, let’s say you wish to embed your Typeform to WordPress.

You must start by logging in to your Typeform account.

Step 1

Create your Typeform following the guide mentioned above. 

Step 2

Install the WordPress plugin, available within Typeform.  

Step 3

Once you have activated the plugin, access the page that you wish to add your form to.

From here, add a Typeform block.

Step 4

To retrieve your form’s URL, you must return to Typeform.

Open the form you would like to embed and select the Share tab that appears at top of the screen.

On the next page, you will see a URL. You can use this to grant public access to your form.

Step 5

Copy the URL and paste it within the Typeform block in WordPress.

Your form will then appear on your website once you have saved your changes.

There are other options to avail of when embedding your Typeform, which you can discover here

Typeform use cases

There are a variety of ways in which businesses across a breadth of industries can benefit from Typeform integrations.

The following two examples pertain to the health and wellness, and education industry. 

However, companies within any sector can apply the same principle and experience the advantages brought about Typeform automation with additional softwares. 

Use case 1

You are the marketing manager of a fast-paced digital marketing agency that specializes in helping clients expand their reach online, build brand awareness and increase sales.

You have acquired a new client that wishes to increase their online presence by leaning into social media advertising and enhancing their lead acquisition. They have an upcoming webinar that will host in-depth masterclasses with experts related to their industry, and they would like to acquire as many attendees as possible.

However, this client has given strict budgeting guidelines.

Your marketing team can create an interactive registration Typeform in a matter of a few simple clicks, that collects the vital information of a prospect and automatically adds it to the database upon submission. This form can be embedded in your client’s social media posts, email communications or within their website.

Use case 2

You are the owner of a gym that offers a variety of services, ranging from traditional workout settings and HIIT classes, to holistic activities such as yoga, pilates, etc.

You are looking to reach a larger audience, targeting people who tend to quit training after a short period of time as they lack interest in a particular activity and it begins to feel like a chore. 

You create a Typeform quiz, attached to your social media ad campaign on Facebook, and embedded within your email to help people decipher which type of physical activity is best suited to them. This is based on certain characteristics including age, personality, injury, occupation, interest, etc. 

Once the user has completed the quiz, you can present a section of your services that is best suited to their lifestyle and results, encouraging them to sign up to your newsletter to discover more about your facility,  pricing plans or to book a consultation with a team member.

Use case 3

You operate an online English teaching agency, and you are looking for a group of students to sign-up to your boot camp, traveling to Asia to teach English as a second language.

However, you want to ensure that you find dedicated students who are passionate about teaching.

How do you get your positions seen by a large audience whilst communicating the intense learning involved? You can start by making the full curriculum available to download.

Firstly, you can begin by advertising on social media platforms where your target audience holds a presence. Within these ads, you can attach a sign-up Typeform, where users can submit their email addresses in exchange for a curriculum download. You can do this by initiating one of the many available Typeform integrations.

By implementing one of the many available email and Typeform integrations, you can create an application using Typeform templates and send it to users within your database who wish to interview for the position.

Typeform integrations to accelerate lead generation activity 

Typeform HubSpot integration

Establishing a Typeform integration with HubSpot helps businesses of all sizes connect with their customers more effectively and enhance the efficiency of their workflows. The conversational nature of Typeform combined with HubSpot’s data collection and contact management capabilities help teams build stronger, longer relationships through their campaigns.

Connecting these two platforms eliminates the need to manually gather, input and organize user data taken from submitted forms.  All the Typeform data lives within the HubSpot CRM,  and can be incorporated into workflows, sequences, lead nurturing, marketing analysis, and customer success initiatives.

Additionally, this integration enables automatic syncing, allowing for the mapping of Typeform questions from HubSpot properties. This reduces the level of manually property mapping. 

A Typeform HubSpot integration affords you the opportunity to build segmented audiences, which drive better results. By adding your UTM parameters into Typeform, you can decipher exactly where your leads are coming from and have tracking info feed directly into your HubSpot CRM.  

You can fully automate your CRM records, which are consistently updated when a customer submits their Typeform. From here, you can establish a workflow within HubSpot that is triggered based on submission. This can include email sends, scheduling meetings, etc.

Typeform Klaviyo integration

By initiating a Typeform Klaviyo integration, you can embed a form anywhere in your customer journey, including landing pages, pop-ups, emails, and SMS communications

You can then use the information collected from within these typeforms to segment and personalize your marketing activity in order to achieve more relevant, timely conversations with customers.

Joining these applications allows you to sync your Typeform responses, including name, email, to Klaviyo. Klaviyo’s automated marketing tool enables you to sync to your email and segment your audiences, sending emails at the right time. 

You can also use Klaviyo conditional split features to send different emails to specific contacts in an established flow. This can be dependent on their response to a typeform question, such as their interest in a specific product or service.

Typeform Zoho integration 

Creating a Typeform Zoho integration allows you to collect user information, including name, company name, and email addresses from within a Typeform and sync them to relevant fields within your Zoho CRM system.

By integrating Typeform with Zoho CRM, you can automatically map fields included within your form as tags. This can also be carried out in relation to campaigns.

Typeform Salesforce integration 

With a Typeform Salesforce integration, you can automatically create new contacts and cases in the Salesforce system when someone completes your form and mark them in specific stages that are based upon on the fields that exist within your form.

Sales teams that use Salesforce will have these contacts in their queue based on these fields.

This in one of the most prominent Typeform integrations that can make it easier to effortlessly interact with your customers and keep track of their activities and behavior, enabling you to improve your Sales & Marketing strategies based on multiple insights.

You have the opportunity to create lead generation typeforms and collect the data within your CRM. From there, you can use analytical tools, like Salesforce Einstein Analytics, to analyze this user data and curate informed strategies.  

How LeadsBridge can help

All of the above Typeform integrations can be facilitated by LeadsBridge in real-time. Aside from those already discussed, we have a selection of over 380 available applications that can be seamlessly integrated with your marketing stack. 

LeadsBridge can help you to find your ideal lead generation solution to achieve accuracy and efficiency in conjunction with Typeform. This means that you can set your campaigns on autopilot and make better, more targeted decisions thanks to the frictionless automation of your operational activities. By doing so, you can create your very own marketing ecosystem and get a bird’s-eye view of your sales funnel.

We offer email capabilities that enable you to send a welcome email to every lead that enters your funnel, as well as an email notification to your sales team to notify them of this activity.

Aside from having developers with years of experience and expertise, we are official partners with platforms including Meta, TikTok, Google, and LinkedIn. Therefore, by employing advertising on these platforms and embedding your Typeform, you will have access to direct partner support, consistently updated insights and a variety of other unique benefits. 

Key takeaways

Now that you have gained insight into the benefits Typeform as a platform can have as a lead generation tool, you can begin to strategically plan how to utilize this tool in a way most suitable to your business.

Additionally, the aforementioned Typeform integrations work to reinforce the advantages of the platform itself, and double the capabilities by uniting features and driving greater acquisition efforts.

Discover the full range of integrations available through LeadsBridge here.

Charlotte Odwyer

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