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How to download leads from facebook lead ads: easy 3 steps

By Mark Cirillo | No Comments | 31st July 2019

Facebook leads ads is a tool you can use to generate cheaper leads for your business through mobile ads. It has a lower cost per lead of less than half of usual spend. Apart from generating cheaper leads, it also helps you to build brand awareness when you feature your ads regularly before your targeted audience.

But there is a pertinent question that most marketers ask regarding Facebook lead ads. It is “How to download leads from Facebook lead ads”.

When you have finished setting up your Facebook lead ads, users will click and carry out the required action (e.g. sign up, download, subscribe). At the end of the campaign, the next step is to determine how to download leads from Facebook lead ads. Knowing how to download leads from Facebook lead ads is important because you need to quickly connect with your leads to nurture them.

But before we look into how to download leads from Facebook lead ads, let’s look at Facebook leads ads and its benefit to your business.

What is Facebook lead ads?

Facebook leads ads are promoted forms you can use to capture the details of your customers as they subscribe to your newsletters, demo requests, quote e.t.c. When users click on the lead ad, the pre-filled form populated with the user’s information taken from their Facebook profile comes up. Once they fill the form, they are added to your list.

A study revealed that 1 in 5 minutes of all digital media time is spent on social media apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn. Coupled with Facebook’s 2.07 billion monthly users, use this golden opportunity to create ads with Facebook lead ads to generate more leads for your business.

Below is an example of a Facebook lead ad from Leadsbridge.

Facebook lead ads

Why should you use Facebook lead ads?

Below are benefits of Facebook leads ads

1.Facebook lead ads are optimized for mobile.

Facebook lead ads are just perfect for mobile users. It will interest you to know that about 96% of Facebook users access it on mobile. This makes it a perfect tool to reach your audience. With Facebook lead ads, they don’t have to leave the platform to fill the form on a landing page on a different website. They can fill the form right on Facebook.

2.Facebook lead ads are cheaper than traditional ads.

Using Facebook lead ads helps you to save money on advertising. It is cheaper than most type of ads on the internet. It reduces the cost per lead to less than half of usual spend.

3.Facebook lead ads offer pre-filled forms

Facebook lead ads pre-filled forms enables you to request for the user’s details, in fact up to 18 fields. Most of the data are available on Facebook and they are pre-filled for the user when they click the call to action button. This makes it easy for users to fill the form. But be careful not to ask for too much information so users will not be too hesitant to over-share their details. Keep your forms short and simple.

4.Facebook lead ads offer different call to action buttons

With Facebook lead ads, you can use the different call to action buttons for your lead generation campaign. There are different call to actions for different campaigns. Check them out below:

Screenshot 2019-06-27 at 00.28.56

The call to actions will help you reduce the path to generating leads and it will increase your conversions.

5.It is easy to download leads from Facebook lead ads

After your Facebook lead ads campaign, you will need to download leads from Facebook lead ads so you can quickly contact them. It is easy to download leads from Facebook lead ads provided you use the right method. There are two ways to do this – it’s either you download it manually or automatically. You will learn more about this in the second part of this article.

So, back to the main question. After setting up the Facebook lead ads and users click to carry out the required actions such as to sign up or subscribe and the campaign ends, how do you download leads from Facebook lead ads?

How to Download Leads From Facebook Lead Ads

You have two options to download leads from Facebook lead ads. The first one is the manual method provided by Facebook while the second one is the automated method.  First, let’s consider the manual method you can use to download leads from Facebook lead ads.

How to download leads from Facebook lead ads (Manual method)

To download your leads from Facebook lead ads, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your Facebook Page, and click on “Publishing tools”.
  2. Click on “lead ads forms”

Here you will see a list of your active Facebook leads forms with the download button.

  1. Click on the “download button” to export your leads.

The Facebook leads are stored in a CSV file. As you click on the download button, it is exported manually. You can use Excel, Apple’s Numbers or LibreOffice to open it. You can also import it into Google Sheets. Then you can manually import them into your CRM.

The problem with this method is that you cannot send an automated email sequence to your leads immediately they sign up. You have to first download the leads as they come in and then import it manually to your CRM before you can send messages to them. That can be time-consuming and tedious.

You need to download the leads before 90 days, which is the expiry date. These imply that you have to download your leads from Facebook lead ads after your campaign to prevent loss.

The second method you can use to download your leads from Facebook lead ads is by using Leadsbridge (Automatic).

How to download your leads from Facebook lead ads (Automatic method)

The second method you can use to download your leads from Facebook lead ads is the automatic method.

Downloading your leads from Facebook lead ads manually can be tedious and time -consuming. With Leadsbridge Lead Ads Sync, you can download your leads from Facebook lead ads by connecting your Facebook lead ads to any CRM of your choice and sending your leads straight to it.

This method is great because most users will expect an immediate response from you. For instance, if your Facebook lead ads campaign is about signing up to receive a free e-book, users will be expectant. Keeping them waiting could mean losing them.

Syncing your Facebook leads with Leadsbridge Lead Ads Sync will make it easy for you to quickly send your offer to them before they get cold and lose interest in your offering.

The Leadsbridge Leads Ads Sync helps you to manage the Facebook leads from your ad campaigns by importing the contacts into your preferred customer management tool or CRM.

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Facebook leads ads are profitable, less expensive and easy to set up. However, you must know how to download leads from Facebook lead ads.  Above are two ways you can download leads from Facebook lead ads. You can either download it manually or use the automatic method through Leadsbridge lead ad sync tool. The tool makes it easy to quickly download your leads from Facebook lead ads, send them to your preferred CRM and send your email series before the leads get cold.

If you want know more about Facebook lead ads topic and learn more tips to improve your performance with this Facebook’s feature, don’t miss out our step by step guide here.

Pss.. don’t forget to watch our video to learn how you can sync your Facebook ads leads instantly with Leadsbridge:

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