Connect, Automate and Sync leads and contacts with your favorite Marketing Agency tools

Numerous marketing agencies rely on LeadsBridge for their integration and tools synchronization needs. Marketing agencies, in fact, need to manage a large amount of their customers’data, who often use very different tools. That's why, thanks to LeadsBridge, marketing agencies have the possibility to centralize their operations and better manage their customers by improving their performance, the ROAS of their campaigns, simplifying the management of their work. The transfer of data between different software is entirely managed by LeadsBridge in a safe and stable way. For example, many marketing agencies choose LeadsBridge to generate leads for their customers through lead generation campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google and to bring important results to their clients. Or, they use LeadsBridge integration to connect their customers' CRMs to Google, LinkedIn and Facebook to streamline their retargeting campaigns or track conversions that occur offline.

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